Royals: Book 1

What if you found out your whole life was a lie? What if you found out your birth parents are actually the King and Queen of an enchanted forest where magic exists, fairies are real, everyone is immortal, and you're next in line for the throne.
Welcome to the life of Cameron Ashton.

© November, 2013


8. Chapt 8

Nearly a month has passed since Cameron arrived to Fertrucia. It was filled with countless history, magic, manners, and royalty lessons. Whenever there were parties or dinners held in Cameron's honor (which were nearly every weekend), a jealous little sister would do anything to sabotage it. Cam pushed it all aside and focused on her kingdom and her powers.

"What are you thinking?" Charlotte sat on Cameron's bed, along with Lily. The three girls were surrounded by books, just another history lesson for Cam.

"I just... This is all great and all, but I miss home."

"Lily can get you home and back," Charlotte looked at Lily and she nodded in agreement. "But... There is a loophole." Charlotte took a deep breath and Cam pushed aside her books and sat up. "If a Fertrucian was to be given up at  birth and return, they have a choice once they come back. Two months after their return, they can either stay or go back and have their memory erased."

"How do you know this and why don't they tell anyone?"

"I don't have any other friends. When you're all alone in a huge palace, you find things out. And, they don't tell because they don't want to lose anyone. Especially a royal."

"So wait, if in one month I wanted to leave, I could?"

"Well yeah, but your mind will be erased, powers gone. You'll resume life as it was but with no recollection of this place."

"That's an awfully huge price to pay." Cam stayed silent and debated. She was beginning to enjoy herself here, but she didn't ask for any of it. Just a month ago she was a regular New Jersey girl, and now she was a princess with extraordinary powers. Charlotte had become, not only her roommate and teacher, but almost sister-like. Lily had helped her adjust to her new surroundings and had introduced her to all the other fairies. Ariana, her real sister, remained a brat.

"What are you thinking?" Char broke the silence lingering in the air.

"That I want both lives. I don't want to be stuck here forever, but I don't not want to be here, you know?"

"Well you can technically go back to Jersey whenever you want, but if you stay there for too long, your powers will fade."


"Just think about, okay?" Lily placed a hand on Cam's shoulder.

For the rest of the day, the girls planned for Cam's dinner for later that night. Cameron's heart felt heavy and Charlotte's words rang in her head. It was all too much. She liked being here, but she missed her life in Jersey; she hated knowing that while she lived her life, everyone else was frozen. She made a mental note to find ways time in the real world wouldn't be affected by time in Fertrucia.


"Huh?" Cam snapped back in to the conversation.

"Did you hear me?"

"What?" Cameron questioned tiredly with a hung of confusion.

"I asked what dress you wanted to wear?"

"Oh. Um, the navy blue strapless."

"Which one, though?"

"Yeah that's like, half your dresses." Cameron got up and pointed to the dress. Lily and Charlotte made a disapproving face. "Ooh, simple...."

"Yeah the queen's not going to like that for this dinner."

"Well it's my party and I'll wear whatever I want!" Lightning flashed and Cam's eyes glowed a deep, dark blue. Her friends jumped, startled.

"Char, I think this is our cue to leave." Lily and Charlotte got up and left, leaving Cam alone in her room with only the sound of rain.

"You really need to learn to control your emotions." Kian came up behind her and made her jump.

"Don't do that!" She exclaimed and rain fell slightly harder. She say down on her bed and Kian followed.

"So... What's bothering you?"

"The fact that life back home is frozen. I feel like I'm keeping my friends from graduating and living their lives..." Her voice broke and a few tears fell. Kian sighed and put his arm around her shoulders.

"It's going to be okay. I promise you'll be fine, your friends are fine. For now, you must focus on controlling your powers." Cam sobbed and rested her head on Kian's shoulder. He wiped her tears and helped her up. She nodded her head and let out a deep breath.

Tonight was the first of many coronation rehearsals and Cameron didn't know if she had the energy. She had to have a new name picked out and she had nothing. If she didn't think of anything fast, she would be stuck with Amelia and that just wouldn't do. She sighed and headed to the bathroom to get a shower and get ready.

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