Royals: Book 1

What if you found out your whole life was a lie? What if you found out your birth parents are actually the King and Queen of an enchanted forest where magic exists, fairies are real, everyone is immortal, and you're next in line for the throne.
Welcome to the life of Cameron Ashton.

© November, 2013


4. Chapt 4

The words rang through her head and Cam backed into a chair and sat.

"No, my birth parents died when I was a baby..." Cam said in a shaky voice.

"No, that't what we told the Ashtons to tell you."

"They knew?" The tears were starting to form in Cam's eyes and her voice cracked.

"Yes, we told them about you and gave them orders to raise you until your seventeenth birthday. Then Kian was to bring you back."

"Why now? Why'd you give me up seventeen years ago and ask for me back. I don't get it." A tear streamed down Cam's face and rain started to fall harder outside.

"We couldn't take care of you, we were young. After we gave you up, we realized we had a responsibility so we aged twenty years and had your sister." This just got Cameron even more upset and confused. The rain was falling harder and harder now. Cameron turned and watched the droplets fall against the window. 

"I don't get it."

"You will soon. In time, you will know all there is to know about us and Fertrucia."

"For now, get changed into the dress Anna and Rob gave you. We have a celebration."

"Where are they?" Cameron asked silently.

"They're fine."

"I said: Where. Are. They?" Cameron was getting angrier and thunder rolled once more. All she wanted to do was go home, crawl under her sheets, and sleep for the rest of eternity. She had enough excitement and frankly wasn't up for a party. 

"Amelia! Watch your tone! Don't speak to your parents that way!"

"Parents?!" Cam nearly shrieked and the storm was becoming worse. "What parents give their kid up then bring them back seventeen years later? No, you may have given birth to me, but you're NOT my parents." Cameron got up and angrily stormed out. "AND MY NAME IS CAMERON." She slammed the door shut and ran off. Except she didn't know where she was going. Eventually, she found her way into her room. 

"Get up, we have a party to get to." Cam heard a familiar voice and thought she was back home in New Jersey and had a terrible dream. When she woke up, though, she was back at the palace.

It wasn't a terrible dream- just a terrible reality.

When she looked around, Cam couldn't see anyone.

"Lily?" She called.

"Well, over here I'm Lilianna." A tiny figure landed on Cam's shoulder. She looked like Lily, just older and smaller, a glowing pink light surrounding her.

"You're a-"


"Oh my God." Cam felt nauseous again and fell backwards on the bed. It was too much to take in. Cameron was bombarded with so much information she didn't know how to handle it. The only thing that seemed to sooth her was the rain.

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