Royals: Book 1

What if you found out your whole life was a lie? What if you found out your birth parents are actually the King and Queen of an enchanted forest where magic exists, fairies are real, everyone is immortal, and you're next in line for the throne.
Welcome to the life of Cameron Ashton.

© November, 2013


2. Chapt 2

When Cam got home, the nausea and headache hit her worse than ever. As she tumbled in, she didn't notice Kian standing in her living room.

"I told you, you're coming with me."

"Like Hell I am. Who are you." Cameron reached for another ibuprofen tablet.

"I told you, those don't work. Now listen, I'm not going to ask again."

"And neither am I. What do you want from me? Money? Jewelry? Advice?"

"No, Just come on. Don't make this harder than it needs to be." Now Cameron was getting mad. She was tired and frustrated and all she wanted was a nap. 

"Get out of my house before I call the cops." Cameron warned as she reached in her back pocket for her iPhone.

"Now, now, Cameron, is it?" Kian inched towards her and she nodded her head. "I suggest you don't call the cops." Cameron lunged forward and punched him in the guy. Kian doubled over and let out and "oof". 

"And I suggest you don't get me mad!" Just then thunder began to roll. Kian straightened up and lunged at Cam but she dodged as the rain began to fall.

"So it's water."

"What's water?" Cameron asked angrily as more thunder rolled. Kian and Cameron began fighting and throwing punches at each other. Suddenly Cam just stormed out side. It was raining harder now and Cam was getting soaked.

"STOP." Kian yelled. Cameron stopped and faced Kian.

"I don't get it, what do you want from me?"

"Get in the car." Kian replied simply.

"No." Cameron stood angrily with her arms crossed and shifted all her weight to her one leg. Her sweater was starting to feel heavy as it clung to her and she could feel her hair getting heavy with the rain, too. No matter how uncomfortable she felt or how attractive Kian was, she refused to go anywhere with this stranger.

"I said, GET IN THE CAR." Kian raised his hand as his voice boomed. Before she could muster up a laugh, Cam fainted. Kian caught her just as she was falling and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her to his car. The road was long and bumpy, but he finally got to his destination. When he drove up the long driveway, Cameron stirred and groaned; she was waking up.

"What the Hell?!"

"Don't curse." Kian helped her out of the car and led her up the steps. Cameron looked around to her new surroundings. She was in what seemed to be a forest. Small cottages were spread out across the ground. From where she was standing, in front of a palace atop a tall hill, she could see everything. Animals roamed freely and several glowing lights littered the air.

"What is this place?" She whispered as Kian led her to the palace.



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