Royals: Book 1

What if you found out your whole life was a lie? What if you found out your birth parents are actually the King and Queen of an enchanted forest where magic exists, fairies are real, everyone is immortal, and you're next in line for the throne.
Welcome to the life of Cameron Ashton.

© November, 2013


1. Chapt 1

On the morning of her seventeenth birthday, Cameron Ashton woke up with a killer headache and nausea. She groaned as she turned to shut her alarm off and stumbled out of bed, nearly falling down in the process. She was expecting her parents to smother her by now, like they do every year, but the house was silent. She stumbled down the steps, rubbing her head and walked to the medicine cabinet to grab some ibuprofen for her headache. 

"That's not gonna work." A voice said, with a slight British accent. The surprise made Cameron jump and nearly spill the medicine. 

"What? Who are you?" She asked the shadow. The person behind the voice came in to the light. He was tall, muscular, and wore a black hoodie, beanie, and dark jeans. Black leather fingerless gloves covered his hands.

"My name's Kian. And you're coming with me."

"Excuse me?" Cam crossed her arms over her chest and examined the guy even more. His eyes were a deep brown and had a little sparkle.

"You're Cameron Ashton, and today's your seventeenth birthday, right?"

"Yeah? OK, whatever where are my parents?" She quizzed. Kian looked around nervously before he gave her an answer.

"Uh, vacation." Cameron stormed out of the kitchen, ran up the stairs two at a time and entered her parents' bedroom. On the bed there was a package and a letter. Cam walked over to the bed and grabbed the letter, sighing as she read.


Happy Birthday, darling. we're really sorry  we're not there. We 

had some business to attend to. We don't know when or even

if we'll ever see you again. Please do not be stubborn and do 

everything you're told to do today. You're going to be okay. 

Come straight home from school and wear this tonight.

Have fun and good luck.


Mom & Dad

Confused, Cam opened the box and pulled out its contents. Inside was a beautiful strapless blue gown that was absolutely breath taking. 

"Wow." Cam ran her fingers across the front.

"Birthday present?" For the second time this morning, Cam was startled. 

"Yeah, from my parents." Cameron turned around to face the voice. Her best friend Lily Romano extended her arms for a hug and Cam gave her one. 

"Happy birthday. How are you feeling?"

"Not good. I have a killer headache and I had nausea when I woke up. But I'll be fine, I guess." She omitted the fact that a stranger was in her kitchen and told her she was going with him.

"Ah!" Lily squealed and gave her friend another hug. "You're finally seventeen! This is huge!" A confused look spread across Cameron's face. For some reason it seemed Lily was more excited for Cam's birthday than Cam herself. 

"Okay then... Well, I should get changed."

"Don't worry about that, I already picked one out." Cameron went to her room and began to get ready. The outfit Lily picked out for her consisted of pastel blue jeans, a navy blue over-sized sweater, and navy blue converse sneakers. Blue was Cam's absolute favorite color and the majority of the clothes and objects she owned were a wide variety of different shades of blue. 

Cam changed and stared at herself in her full length mirror. Cameron was naturally pretty. She had rosy cheeks, piercing blue eyes with dark full lashes lining them, and perfectly clear complexion. She has never had a single blemish in her entire life and has never worn a drop of make-up. Her hair was a pretty dark brown color that was pin straight and reached the small of her back. She never applied any products to her hair for fear of damaging it.  She was also tall for her age, standing about five-foot-seven., but she didn't mind one bit. One would say Cameron Ashton was flawless.

"You're so lucky you're naturally gorgeous. Nothing looks bad on you and you're just perfect." Lily came up behind Cam again.

"Thanks." Cam grabbed her Jansport backpack, blue of course, and slung it over her shoulder. On the walk to school and for the rest of the day, she forgot all about Kian and how her parents left her without a word. 

The day passed and Cameron received countless "Happy Birthday's" from anyone and everyone. Throughout the day, her headache and nausea came and went and she kept feeling faint. By the time lunch rolled around, she nearly passed out twice.

"So are my parents, like, throwing me a surprise party or something?" Cameron asked Lily as she sat down at their usual spot by the small pond. 

"Yeah... Something like that." Lily looked down at her plate of food. Cam studied her best friend for a moment. Lily was small, not taller than five- foot- one. Her dark brown hair reached just below her shoulders and fell in tight ringlets. For the first time since the two girls have known each other, Cam noticed how Lily always wore a flower in her hair and a silver key-shaped necklace. Cameron looked back down to her own food and the two girls sat in silence and ate their food.



cam's outfit :

the dress:



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