This Is Me

This is the story of a girl who got lost along the way. Her journey is one threaded in between that of thousands of others and fate will take its path. Follow your yellow brick road.


1. Chapter 1

They tell you that you will slowly heal. That you will never forget but you can move on. Right now, it feels like I won’t ever move on. Maybe never.

It won’t always feel like this. But for now, I feel like a massive black hole is opening up in my stomach, numbing everything surrounding it and reaching out with and icy cold that makes me shiver even in the warmth that England call a ‘heat wave’. They got that wrong too.

I just want to curl up in a ball, to lose myself in the sea of pain, maybe just for a while. I want to forget but I know I never will. It will always be on my mind, haunting me and a lion stalks his prey. I have to stay strong, if only for my family. No giving up now.

So I paint another smile on my face, share another laugh, pretending so much that everything is okay that it even becomes real to me. That the initial feeling was just a blip, that no tears will fall. I’m okay. It’s okay. We’re going to be fine.

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