Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


10. seeing the boys again


 Today the other boys were flying up to see us Beau and Jai had no clue. It's been a month and a bit now that Beau and Jai have been living with us, Barrel racing was just around the corner well this weekend to be exact its Thursday so we have until Saturday to prepare ourselves. 

Daniel James and Luke wanted to watch us compete as well as see there brother/friends, Mum and dad were going to pick them up from the airport. Dad gave Beau and Jai heaps of jobs today to keep them busy, which one of the biggest jobs was cleaning up the other house on the farm so we could all live in it and not be cramped up in the main little house. 

Beau,Jai, Ashlee and myself set ourselves busy with painting the outside of the house first, Dad and mums excuse was that they were going to look at some new cattle for the ranch. We all waved good bye and set to doing our job. "Far out this is going to take years" Jai moaned while painting, "it wont take years Jai maybe we could find some extra help" I said smiling Ashlee knew about the other boys coming up, she smiled at me "ok who are we possibly going to get to help us with this" Beau said taking his top off... Dam did that boy have an amazing body or what, "AHHHHH my eyes" Ashlee screamed pretending to be blinded, Jai cracked up and i just giggled "what i didn't want to get paint on my top" He said winking at me. 

"PFFFT what ever Beau you'd give any excuse just to take your top off to show off" Ashlee said flicking paint at him "oh na ah you did not just do that" Beau said sassily and flicked paint back at Ash "WAIT NO GUYS STOP" i yelled. They both turned to look at me "the paint is expensive ok and if we waste it we have to go all the way back into sydney and i really don't feel like wasting 4 hours of my day doing that alright" i gave them both a stern look "ok sorry sorry" Ash said and got back to work i looked at Beau waiting for him to say something "yes mrs" I lifted my eyebrow at him and he laughed. 

As i was busy painting i was thinking about mine and Beaus relationship, we hadn't said the L.O.V.E word yet it's not that i don't love him i just don't know when the right time would be. I mean i didn't even know if he even loved me maybe he doesn't i thought, this made me worry what if i was just another girl Ok stop i mentally screamed to myself i turned to see Beau was looking at me with a confused look on his face. I must of been deep in thought, "what are you thinking about"  he said walking over to me. Shit i had to think of something fast, "I ummm was just thinking about the um barrel racing this Saturday, there's ahh going to be some stiff competition on the day" Beau looked at me as if to say Ah huh im sure that's what your thinking about but instead he gave me a hug and said "it'll be ok i bet you and Ash are going to nail it out there ok". 

I smiled up at him and gave him a kiss on the lips "eww get a room you two" Ash said making kissy noises "shut up" Beau and i said in sync. "hey guys im hungry we should stop and get something to eat" Jai said rubbing his tummy i looked at my watch it was nearly 1pm Mum Dad and the boys should be back soon. We all made our way up to the main house, you couldn't see the other farm house from the main houses view so hopefully when the others turn up that's where they will go. 

We ended up on making sandwiches and sat inside in the air conditioned house it was a super hot day today we might have to go for a swim in the river when the other boys get here.

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