Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


5. "Mum Dad this is my boyfriend.... Beau"

Beaus P.O.V

I woke up to the most beautiful girl in the world and she was mine, from that moment i saw her screaming and jumping out of my wardrobe i knew i wanted her. i know im 3 years older than her but that doesn't matter, she's amazing and i like her alot. I rolled over and grabed my phone i wanted to take a picture of her while she was sleepong she was so cute.

I took the picture and saved on my phone to the lock screen and my home screen i hope she finds it later and looks at it, im thinking she maight get a little mad but oh well. I quietly tried get out of bed but my foot got tangled in the sheet and blanket, so when i went to stand up i triped and pulled all the blankets with me and i fell into the wardrobe door which made a huge banging noise "ow fuck"

Rebecca's P.O.V

I was happily sleeping untill all of a sudden i felt things being ripped off my body, my eyes flew open at the sound of a huge banging noise i thought there was someone having a shoot off in the room so i jumped off the bed screaming and hid besides the bed.

Beaus P.O.V

As i was lying on the floor in a heap tangled with the blankets. Becs jumped out of the bed screaming and hid behind the bed i had no clue what the hell she was doing. I cracked up laughing at her she was so funny she really did get frightened so easily, i stood up and walked over to where she was hiding. "what are you doing" i asked laughing at her. "where are they" she asked me i was so confused about what she was talking about.

"wheres who" i asked back puzzled, she looked at me with a WTF look "the people who are having a fucking shoot down in the apartment we need to hide" that's when i lost it i was on the floor laughing so hard. Becs thought me falling off the bed and into the wardrobe was someone who was having a shooting spree in our apartment. "no no no sweetie" i said once i gained myself back together.

"that was just me who made that loud banging noise. I was trying to get out of bed when my foot got tangled in all the blankets, then i tripped and all the blankets came down with me. In the process of all of that i fell onto the wardrobe which made that huge banging noise."

"oh hahaha um well this is awkward, i seriously thought we were being under attack by people with guns" she laughed man she can think up some hilarious things. "oh hunny" i gave her a hug and a kiss on the head "come on lets go get some breakfast ae" i grabbed her hand and lead her to the kitchen. She sat her self in one of the red chairs at the island and watched me cook, "enjoying youself there babe" i asked throwing a tea towel at her.

"always" she said back i just laughed and carried on cooking breakfast then i realised it was our last day here tomorrow then were going home. I looked at Becs who was smiling at my phone she must of seen the picture, "cute ae" i said kissing her on the cheek. "yes but it's sort of creepy how you take pictures of me while i sleep" she giggled, man i loved her giggle it was so cute.

"so um i have something to tell you babe and you might want to stay seated ok" she nodded and had a really worried look on her face, "well it's our last day here tomorrow then were going home" tears started to pour down her face i turned the gas off and walked over to her and hugged her. "hey it will be ok babe we can work this out, i will call everynight and text you everyday, there's face time and skype, and when your not working or at school we can visit eachother" i said while rubbing her back.

She sniffled and nodded "ok i guess so" she said looking at me. Seeing her cry like that was so heart breaking iv'e only known her for a week and i think i love her my heart and head have never felt this kind of feeling towards any girl before.

Rebecca's P.O.V

When Beau told me it was his last day tomorrow i instantly broke down in tears, i liked him so much i was going to miss him alot but then he said all the ways in the world how we could stay together i just hoped that was going to be enough. "hey Beau i just had an idea'' "what would that be geourgus" i smiled at him. "Well why don't you and the boys come stay at the ranch tonight we have a house on there that's not being rented out and then you can see where i live and what i do on the ranch" i was getting really excited now.

"hmm that's actually a really good idea then you can drop us all off at the Airport tomorrow after noon since your jeep has enough seats." "ok sure ill just ring mum and ask" "ok ill dish up breakfast then" i gave Beau a kiss on the cheek then walked into his room and called my mum.

ring, ring,ring..

Mum: hello Becca

Becca: hey mum so i was just wondering is it ok if the 5 boys that we meet came and stayed in the old farm house on the ranch just for tonight, so they can see what where i live etc

Mum: hmmm i guess so Becca but no funny buisness ok

Becca: i promise mum thank you so much we will be there in about 4 hours ok love you bye

Mum: ok sure love you to sweetie bye

I ran back into the kitchen and everyone was in there eating breakfast they all turned and looked at me i was smiling from ear to ear "so what did she say" beau asked coming up and kissing me on the lips, when we pulled apart i looked at everyone i had forgotten that no one knew yet about us. Everyone's mouths were hanging open but Ashlee's eyebrow was raised and she was smiling hard out, she knew i had always liked him.

"wait, wait, wait so are to together now or are you just friends with benefits" James asked looking super confused "i asked her out last night and she said yes" beau said wrapping his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead "oh Becca you've had such a major crush on him forever and now your dating him that is just the cutest thing" my eyes went wide and my cheeks flushed bright red. Beau laughed and hugged me dragging me to the table so i could eat my food.

"so anyways what did your mum say" Beau asked with a mouthful of food, "she says your a pig when you talk with your mouth open" i said laughing Beau swallowed his food "ha ha funny but no seriously did she say yes or no" "she said yes as long as there is no funny business" i laughed Beau laughed to. "what did mum say yes to" Ashlee asked looking confused.

"oh that the boys can stay tonight on the ranch then we will take them to the Airport tomorrow and drop them off" all the boys cheered i think they were all really excited about coming to the ranch "oh cool this should be fun" Ashlee said laughing. I knew what she meant we were taking a group of 5 city boys to the biggest dirtiest muddy dust ranch in Kalgoorlie this was going to be alot of fun.

After the breakfast was done we cleaned up the apartment packed all the guys stuff and went to the lobby to check them out. We all said goodbye to Dave and said we will see him next week but he then told us that it's not going to be busy enough since it's the last week of summer so he said we could have it off. Ashlee and I said thank you and our goodbyes then we left to pack all the boys bags into th jeep thank god it was an 8 seater jeep.

We finally got the door shut with the bags piled in the boot and James and skip in the back. then it went Jai Luke and Ashlee in the middle seats then Beau and I in the front. "so boys sadly its a 2 hour drive to Kalgoorlie so hold tight ok" they all moaned and i just laughed, i turned the radio on so we could listen to some music. An hour and a half later we began to play eye spy it was so funny.

20 minutes later we were driving through the town of Kalgoorlie boulder, "wow this is a cool wee town" Beau said looking out the window i laughed and kept driving "theirs only 10 minutes left till were at the ranch guys" all the boys cheered and started singing along to the music, i could tell they were all getting a bit restless. ''yay we are here" Ashlee screamed which made all the guys really excited.

"holy shit" Beau said breathing out "this place is massive" "well yeah we do live on the biggest ranch in Kalgoorlie babe", we all hopped out of the jeep and were instantly greeted by my mother and father "hello boys i'm Rebecca's dad Jackson young and this here is my wife Elena young". he went round shaking all the boys hands and all the boys shook his hand, when it came to Beaus turn Beau looked really scared i laughed " Mum dad this is my boyfriend Beau" "well it's nice to meet you son" dad said shaking Beaus hand "it's nice to meet you to sir" Beau said smiling and shook my dads hand mum gave Beau and all the boys a hug.

The boys picked up there bags and we showed them into the farm house that they would be staying in for tonight. "well we will let you all settle in and then ill call when lunch is ready" my mother said smiling, "ok thanks mum" "thanks mrs young" the boys called after her. The boys all picked a room each i would be sleeping with Beau tonight which was exciting i was hoping to maybe go all the way with him tonight.

After the boys were settled in my mother called to say lunch was all ready for us so we made our way over to the main farm house for lunch. What a laugh that was everyone got to know eachother alot better and mum and dad really like Beau, which made me happy. Also some exciting news happened at lunch Ashlee and Jai finally told everyone that theyre a couple now which was so darn cute they were ment for eachother soul mates you could say.

After lunch we all cleaned up and i went to the bathroom to wash my hands when Ashlee came in with a huge grin on her face maybe with a little evilness in it to.. "what's up with you" i asked laughing, she quickly shut the door behind her then turned to me. "lets make the guys ride the horses it will be such a laugh plus we can show them round the farm and we could go to the river for a swim since it's still so dam hot".

I burst out laughing this was a perfect idea the boys were going to be hilarious on the horses i grabbed Ashlee's hand and made our way out to the lounge where my parents were the guys were all out side sitting on the deck having a laugh. "mum dad" i whispered "yes hunny" mum replied "well i was thinking would it be ok if me and Ashlee took the guys out on the horses" mum started laughing and so did dad "well ok darling but be careful none of the guys have much experiance so dont push them ok".

I thanked my parents and went outside to tell the boys to get there swimming stuff on since we were going to the river and i told them all to meet Ashlee and I at the Barn in 30 minutes they all agreed and off they went. Ashlee and i ran upstairs to change into our bikinis shorts and singlet tops to swim in and 2 towels, i shoved them in a bag then Mum dad Ashlee and I got into the jeep and i drove to the barn.

We had to saddle up 7 horses Ashlee and I were going to ride our own and the boys had to ride the other horses we kept on the ranch, all the horses were well trained and always calm we got 5 out of 16 horses into the barn and started to saddle them all up it did take a while but we had finally finished saddling up. We heard all the boys coming towards the barn they all walked in and saw all the horses saddled up.

Beau walked over to me and kissed me on the head "what are we doing babe" i laughed and smiled at him "well you boys are going to learn how to ride the horses and were going to ride them down to the river". All the boys stopped talking and turned to me "were going to what" Jai said looking wide eyed at the saddled horses then back at me.

Ashlee started laughing and we both started to name off the boys with the suited horse this is how the order went.









The boys all went up to there assigned horse Peanut was besides Clyde so Beau was standing besides me. Beau gave me a huge surprise he put his leg in the sturp and hoisted himself up onto Peanut and just sat there looking down at me, "holy shit Beau how did you even know how to do that" he just laughed and rode Peanut outside i stood there shocked.

I quickly got up onto Clyde he was the biggest horse out of all the horses on the Ranch only because he was the only horse that had Clydestale in him. I rode outside to see Beau in the Arena on Peanut trotting around i rode up to him and he stopped besides me, "so you can ride huh" i asked leaning over to kiss Beau.

"yes i used to have lessons as a kid" He laughed "huh i would ahve never picked that" i said laughing.

 (ok hey guys i know Beau proberbly doesn't actually know how to ride a horse and proberbly never has but i just put that in there for something interesting :) anyways on with the story).

All the boys and Ashlee finally made it out of the barn, the boys were all doing really well on the horses they all made it to the arena but skip fell off flicka coming through the gate we cracked up laughing it was only a small fall so it didn't hurt him much but he got back on and rode back over to us all. "ok guys before we go to the river on the horses we need you guys to have a little more experience and confidence ok" they all agreed so we ended up teaching them how to trot properly and what to do if the horse plays up etc.

finally we made our way down to the river, we let the horses go and do ther own thing while we were going for a swim. i walked over to the swimming hole and took my clothes off and stood there in my bikini, Beau came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my kneck. "wow you look so sexy in that bikini" he said whispering in my ear. I turned around to face him and kissed him on his lips he picked me up wrapping my legs around his waste then he started walking.

Then i found myself hitting the water still wrapped around Beau, we came up gasping for breath Beau kissed me of the forehead while we treaded water. "your so beautiful" beau said kissing the tip of my nose i gave him a hug then swam off to see the others jumping off the rocks and having a blast. I got out and sat on a rock near the edge of the water and watched everyone with a huge smile on my face.

"hey what are you doing" Jai came up and sat besides me smiling "hey Jai" i said giving him a playfull nudge he was pretty much a brother to me know since he was my bfs actual brother. "so what's up then" he asked nudging me back, "well i was just sitting here looking at everyone smiling at the fact at how much has changed in this last week that Ashlee and i have meet all you guys its been so much fun, it just sucks that you guys have to go back home tomorrow and then Ashlee and i have school to go back to next week as well" Jai juat patted my back and smiled.

"yea your right this would have to be the best week of my life lets get back to everyone and go back to the house ok", i nodded and we dove into the water and swam over to everyone else. Beau came up behind me and hugged me "your so beautiful babe you know that" i giggled and turned around to face him " and did you know that your beautiful as well babe" beau burts out laughing and smiled "yes i know babe im so beautiful arnt i" i laughed and splashed him he picked me up and carried me out of the water and onto the rivers bank.

Everyone else decided to hop out as well and go back to the house we were staying in on the farm, it was still hilarious watching the boys ride the horses they had a little amount of balance but when it came to trotting well hell it looked like they couldn't even rise properly they just kinda bounced everywhere like something had bitten them on the butt or something.

When we arrived back at the barn we untacked the horses and put them all in the paddock by the barn for the night and gave them some hay and drove to the house, we lit a bomb fire out side on the sand and all sat around singing silly tunes it was nice to see everyone so happy and enjoying themselves.

" you guys are my best friends" skip yelled out at the top of his lungs "my fucking best friends". No one could contain their laughter, it was their last night here and we had to drop them at the airport tomorrow who knew a week could fly so fast. I still didn't know when id be seeing Beau again i had school on Monday as well last term so exams oh how i hate school.

"hey guys we should all head off to bed ae, you have to be at the airport tomorrow and its getting really late". yeas and ks came from everyone, we put the fire out and headed inside for bed.

Beaus P.O.V 

My last night with Becca i wasn't even sure if i had the heart to say goodbye to her tomorrow shes here in Kalgoorlie and im all the way in Melbourne 8hrs distance away from each other. We were both in bed me topless her in her bra and undies just cuddling both falling asleep.   


























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