Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


3. Meeting the janoskians

next day..

Ashlee's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in the back ground i was a moring person so i could get up early and feel fine, i shut my alarm off and went to the bathroom to wash my face and do my hair and make up. Rebecca was always the one who struggled to wake up on time even though she had an alarm she was not at all the morning type.

I got dressed into my work clothes and cow girl boots and packed my work bag for the day. I walked through the bathroom and opened the door that lead into Rebecca's room i ran and sat on her bed to wake her up, i ripped the covers off and tickled her "ok ok im up im up" she yelled. I just laughed and walked downstairs to get breakfast. "good morning mum and dad" i giggled they let me call them that since i was 5, "morning Ash and how are we this fine morning" dad said looking up from his paper.

"oh brillant i just woke Becca up, she should be down any minute now" thats what ive always called Rebecca since we were little. dad just nodded and went back to reading the paper. I sat down at my usual place at the table and ate my pancakes just as i was finishing Becca was comming down the stairs, she'd had a shower already and she was dressed in her work clothes with her hair and make up all done. She sat at the table and started at her food, "hey do you want me to quickly go feed Clyde and Pally then come back and pick you up after im done".

Becca nodded and i quickly ran upstairs and cleaned my teeth i ran back down brabbed my bag said goodbye to mum and dad and told Becca to hurry up, i jumped in the jeep and drove to the barn. As i got out and opened the door to the barn Pally saw me get the food buckets and he nayed at me i laughed and got on with the horses food.

I gave both the horses there food then quickly took there covers off and patted them goodbye after opening the back gate to the barn so they could go into there paddock, i left and went to pick Becca up she was sitting on the porch waiting for me. She jumped into the jeep and i drove off towards the high way, this was the one thing that i hated was having to drive 2 hours everyday to work and back home.

When we arrived at work i parked the jeep, and we hoped out locking the doors then went inside, we put our bags down in the locker room and picked up our cleaning products and went to the apartment up the very top of the resort to clean. The other apartment was booked out by the 5 boys that we dont know yet, we opened the door and what a mess. The beds were messed up there was food scraps all on the floor "wow this was going to take a while" Becca siad as she started to pick up bits of food.

As i was making one of the beds in the apartments room i could hear all these voices in the apartment next door the walls were thin so i could hear them talking, it was the boys that were in there i could here someone yell "hurry up james were going into town" then it must of been the james guy who shouted back becasue he said "shut the fuck up ok im hurrying". Then i heard a door slam and everything went quiet.

I quickly finished making the bed and vaccumed the room then went to see how far Becca was through with her cleaning she was done and the apartment looked clean again 'hey so i heard the guys in the next apartment leave wanna snoop there room" i asked looking at Becca with a huge smile she laughed and bolted for the door i guess that was a yes then.

Rebecca's P.O.V

I ran to the next doors apartment and waited for Ash to open the door, she swiped the card that lets us have acess to any room in the resort and she pulled the handle down and swung the door open. My mouth flew open there were clothes food boxes and stuff everywhere, "holy tileeto" Ashlee said besides me "what pigs are staying here" she laughed i just looked around i couldn't beleive it.

We walked around the rooms this place had 6 rooms in it  and there were 5 people staying here so each room was a complete and utter mess except one. we were standing in one of the rooms of one of the guys when we heard a whole lot of voices "shiiiiit hide" i said to Ashlee. We made a quick dash into the nearest wardrobe in the room  we hid in there. We heard the voices enter the apartment were so busted i thought to myself.

"shit this is so bad" Ashlee wispered next to me "i know shhh be quiet i think someones in the room" i wispered back, i was right there was deffinatly someone in the room they were on the phone. Suddenly i felt something crawling up my leg i quickly got my phone out to see what it was because it was pitch black. I shone the light to my leg as i looked down there was a huge as mother of a spider on my leg, and what would my only reaction be to do... SCREAM my lungs out.

I flung the wardrobe door open screaming and jumped out and onto the bed looking at the wardrobe, Ashlee jumped out of the wardrobe screaming as well. Then the spider came crawling out "squish it" i yelled jumping up and down on the bed screaming at Ashlee. She was still screaming at the top of her lungs, she jumped on the spider and killed it "oh my god that was massive" all of a sudden we heard a door fly open and people running into the room,  Ashlee and i turned to be faced by 5 boys that we would of never imagined to see in our entire life.

"we heard screamimg so we rushed in what's going on Beau and who are they" Jai said to Beau, " i have no clue i was on the phone to mum then all of a sudden these two start screaming and jump out of my wardrobe and she jumped onto my bed ". Ashlee and I just turned to look at eachother with wide eyes,i quickly got off the bed and stood next to Ashlee, i was the first to speak.

"we are so sorry we work hear and we didn't realise you are the guys that are staying here. We just came in to snoop we wern't going to steal anything i promise then you guys came back we freaked hid in Beau's wardrobe then a spider was crawling up my leg and that's what all the screaming was about again iam so sorry for this it was so wrong of us please don't report us we don't want to loose our job." i said to those handsome 5 boys just standing there gawking at us i still couldn't get over the fact we were standing in a room with the Janoskians.

Then all of a sudden Ashlee blurts "ohhh it all makes sense now the last name Brooks duh" she Laughed i turned to her and gave her a oh my god look she quickly apologised and went to leave when Beau stopped us.

"so where do you think you to are going we don't even get any names or anything" he said winking at me holy shit i think i just about fainted. I sort of just stood there really awkwardly then Ashlee saved me "Oh well Im Ashlee and this is Rebecca and this is were we work and we are really sorry for what we have done and we should leave now so we arn't disturbing you anymore".

Beau looked at all the other guys and smiled then turned back to us "ok well it's nice to meet you Ashlee and Rebecca but what about you stay for a bit so we get to know you to better ae. Ashlee and i just nodded then we all walked out into the lounge and sat down, it was awkward at first because no one was talking.

Then Daniel spoke first "well as you proberbly know were the um Janoskians and yeah were staying here at the moment on holiday and yeah" he said scratching at the back of his head, "oh yes we both love you guys heaps we watch all your videos all the time and we follow you all on twitter" i said blushing looking at Beau he has always been my favourite from the start and i also think hes the hottest maybe it was  because he was the oldest.

"wow so you two girls are pretty deticated fans then" Luke said lauging "yeah we are" Ashlee replied back. "so where are you two from and are you sisters" James asked looking at us both i looked at Ashlee then spoke "well we live in Kalgoorlie and no were bestfriends but Ashlee lives with me and my family on the biggest Ranch in Kalgoorlie" "ahhh so that would explain the cow girl boots" jai said laughing while looking at our shoes "haha yeah" i replied back "well we should be going we need to get back to work now" ashlee said while grabbing my hand and pulling me up with her.

we said goodbye to the boys and walked out "oh my god" me and Ashlee said at the same time we carried on walking down the corridoor when i heard my name being called out i turned around to see Beau running towards me Ashlee walked off and i walked over to Beau "i almost forgot can i get your number" Beau asked looking down at me my eyes went wide and my palms started to sweat "but youv'e only just meet me today'' i laughed.

"i know but if i have your number i can get to know you even better please" he begged i mean how the hell how could i resist this is beau brooks asking for my number ''ok then" i typed my number into his phone and he did the same to my phone. he said thanks and gave me a hug and walked back to the apartment he was staying in.

I ran to the lobby i knew that's where Ashlee would be waiting for me and i was right, she was standing there talking to dave our boss she was smiling and so was he Ok we must not be in trouble then i walked over to them smiling, "so i hear you meet the Janoskians then" Dave said laughing. I looked at Ashlee who was smiling and Laughing as well, well i thought to myself better get it over with. "uggh yeah i did im sorry it was so wrong of us to do what we did" i said looking at dave.

he just laughed even harder and so did Ashlee "No it's ok Rebecca i understand and plus you know what you did was wrong but when Ashlee told me about the spider oh that was just hilarious" "so were not fired then" i asked Dave "no way of course not you and Ashlee are my best cleaners id never fire you to." "oh thank god" i breathed out "well ill let you to get home now and i will see you both tomorrow good bye". we said good bye to Dave and grabbed our bags then made our way to the Jeep parked outside.

I then felt my phone vibrate in my pocket it was a text from Beau..

From Beau: Oh Nice jeep we should go for a ride oneday if ya know what i mean. xx

i looked at the message and burst out laughing Ashlee looked at me i gave her my phone she read it and she to burst out laughing "oh my god" she yelled i looked up to where the apartments where and sure enough there was Beau leaning out one of the windows waving hard out i waved back and tooted my horn then drove off.

When we got home it was late so we didn't have time to ride the horses tonight because we had left Perth alot later than yesterday. we parked up at the barn got Clyde and Pally back into there stables and feed them then went back to the house for dinner. We sat at the table and told mum and dad what had happened today at work Mum and dad thought it was absolutly hilarious about what had happened with the spider.

we finished tea then went upstairs for bed we said goognight to mum and dad then Ashlee went to sleep while i had a shower when i got into bed that night i looked at my phone i had a message from Beau..

From Beau: Hey beautiful i hope you have a good sleep and i hope to be seeing more of you tomorrow ok sweet dreams beautiful. xx

i texted back quickly then went to sleep i still could not beleive what my day had just turned into i mean meeting the Janoskians is a dream come true but to have THEEE BEAU BROOKS TEXTING MEEE oh my god that's just awesome and that one of them called me beautiful aggh best day ever.





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