Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


6. it's not goodbye. it's see you later

Rebecca's P.O.V 

I woke up in Beaus arms coming to realization of what today was.i rolled over so i was facing Beau not realizing he was already awake and staring at me. I was looking into his eyes when tears started to threat the corners of my eyes, he hugged me close and whispered in my ear "its ok baby shhhhh i promise it's going to work ok im not giving up". i nodded and kissed his soft pink lips "im so lucky to have you" i whispered back "im lucky to have you to beautiful".

We stayed in bed for a while till we heard banging on the door "ya'll better get up and ready breakfast is on the table" that was my dad, i laughed and then heard thumping sounds indicating everyone else had heard which then lead to doors opening and closing. we got dressed and went outside to see that's were everyone else was and made our way over to the main house.  

As we got closer to the house i could smell the cooked breakfast my mouth started to water and my tummy growled. We all grabbed a plate and helped ourselves to breakfast then all went and sat on the deck outside. 

"this week has been amazing" i smiled to everyone "yeah who knew two of us would end up with girlfriends" Jail laughed rubbing Ashlees back "agreed its been awesome" Beau laughed lightly punching Jai and giving me a kiss on the cheek. 

"don't worry knowing us we will be back soon i can't get enough of this place" james replied smiling at everyone "but i dont think i really wanna ride another horse again" skip said rubbing his butt. we all laughed poor skip "we will defiantly be back and that's a promise" Luke yelled putting his glass in the air so everyone could cheers him. 

After breakfast we packed all the boys bags and they said their good byes to my mum and dad and we headed for perths airport, everyone was pretty quiet on the trip there as we arrived at the airport i parked the car and everyone got out, we could hear fans screaming behind us all the boys grabbed their luggage and made our way to the gate. 

My hand was tightly in Beaus the whole time he would give me small smiles when i would look at him. "so what will you be doing for the rest of the week without me then" i nudged Beau "well probably make some more videos of random stuff and yeah that's about it i think" "well lucky for you i have my last term of school to complete which means exams." Beau laughed at my pouted face. 

"flight 1134 is now boarding to Melbourne" we all heard over the speaker which sadly was the boys flight, we all stood up and exchanged hugs with everyone my last hug was for Beau i promised myself i wouldn't cry for him because that would make things harder "ill see you soon Beau im really going to miss you" " i know baby ill miss you to ill text you when we land ok". 

we walked over to the gate and i gave Beau one last hug "goodbye" i said giving him a squeeze he looked down at me and shook his head "its not goodbye baby it's see you soon" i smiled as he gave me one last kiss and he turned and walked with the other boys out the gate door, they all waved goodbye as me and Ashlee stood there waving like idiots. 

"im gonna miss Jai so much" Ashlee spoke quietly besides me "i know you will Hun im gonna miss the goofball of mine to".


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