Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


1. Introduction

 Another day of having to get up and get on with life...

Hey my names Rebecca lee Young or (becky,becca,beckz for short) i'm 17 and my best friend lives with me and my parents. I have long brown hair that reaches just above my bum im fully tanned, ya know living in Austraila you get really tanned anyway i have green eyes and a full set of dark long eyelashes. I'm not tall but im 1m53cm tall so shortish. I have no sibblings im an only child and i have lived on my parents Horse ranch from the day i was born. My mothers name is Elena Young and my father is Jakson Young the most amazing parents in the world i don't know what i would do without them.

My Friend Ashlee nicole parker is 16 and has lived with me and my family since we were 5. Her parents moved over seas to America and she didn't want to move with them so my parents suggested to hers that she moves in with us so thats how shes always with me now. Ashlee is the beautiful one out of both of us. She has amazing natural long blonde hair, the type people would die for. She also is naturally tanned like me but she has blue eyes some say we look like sisters. Ashlee is taller than me by 7cm so thats 1m60cm shes really lucky.

So like i said we live on a horse ranch in a town that goes by the name Kalgoorlie-Boulder since the two towns have now joined. We live (595 Kilometeres) so (370 miles), east-northeast of the big city Perth. Ashlee and I travel the great Eastern highway everyday at summer break to our summer job in Perth. We work at a Holiday resort to earn more cash, your proberbly thinkning well why can't they work on the ranch?

Well my parents already have people who work on the ranch to keep all the horses healthy and strong and to move them around the ranch once and a while. Ashlee and I would get poor pay if we worked on the ranch so we decided to just find a job in Perth that would give us more money, I mean we love working on the ranch with our own 2 horses but thats just for fun we also enter in events such as (Barrel racing,rodeos and other western shows) .

So when it's not summer break Ashlee and I attend college (Eastern Goldfields College) yes it's just like any other college full of girls and boys, the diffrent groups pepole have like the (cool kids/ popular ones and then they use the term "not so cool") well me and Ashlee are pretty much the inbetween we have a couple of "Popular Friends" and the "not so popular friends" we love them all. Schools boring but we need it for the education although Ashlee and I just want to work on my parents farm when theyre to old and can't manage it as well as they used to.

So now let me begin the story on how two normal teenagers get to meet the 5 boys who they would of never thought they would meet in a million years...




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