Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


9. Event day


 A few weeks had passed and our event day was slowly on its way we had a week to practice in our home made area, the Barrel racing comp would be held in town many riders from across the globe would come and watch and also compete. 

"I'm super nervous" Ashlee said riding up next to me while i was busy tightening Clyde's girth. "hey we will be ok lets just hope we get in on the 13-14 second mark and we will be up there on that podium" Ash smiled at me and rode into the arena to warm Pally up. "are you freaking out" Jai said coming over to me "um a little but practice makes perfect right" "Right" Jai said smiling he was busy watching Ash ride, "hey babe" Beau said walking over with my bridle he was such an awesome boyfriend. 

"hey babe thanks for getting that for me" i smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek "no problem" he said smiling so whats the whole aim of barrel racing" he asked giving me a puzzled look well i began.

"Barrel racing is a timed rodeo event, where the fastest time is what matters most. all of us cowgirls compete in the arena against each other and the clock. It's also about cooperation between the horse and us as their rider. For the barrel racing event, the arena is cleared and three barrels are set up at different marked locations. 

The riders (us) then enter the arena at full speed, quickly rounding each barrel in a cloverleaf pattern as you can see that's how we set up our barrels so we can do it precisely how its meant to. Then we exit where we entered. A stopwatch or timer is used registering down to a hundredth of a second.

Speed is what it's all about in this event. we have to steer the horse as close as we can to the barrels trying to shave precious seconds off the clock. For each barrel we might knock over (which happens sometimes) a 5 second penalty is assessed to our total time which we don't want to happen at all. So leaving the barrels standing and ripping through the course and not knocking over a barrel is every barrel racers goal.

13 to 14 seconds is generally the winning time in this event, but this will vary according to the size of the arena, as all the rodeo arenas are not created equal does that all make sense" i laughed looking at both boys "yeah" they both said "good well i need to go and practice". I hoped onto Clyde with the help of Beau giving me a leg up. 

I slowly warmed Clyde up so he would do any damage or strain to any of his muscles and ligaments that's not what i would want right now.


Ashlee was up first with Pally "GO ASH" Jai yelled making me laugh and Ash to blush in the face Beau was holding the gate for Ash so she could enter and exit the arena as fast as possible. Mum set off the buzzer and of Ash went she rounded the first one careful not to knock it raced to the second one still careful not to knock it and then finally rounded the third barrel and back to the exit/entrance. "whoo" i yelled smiling at Ash. 

"what did i get" she yelled over to my mum "15.5 seconds" she yelled back "fudge so close" Ash said "good job though babe" Jai called to her. 


I was up next i lined Clyde up and sat ready to go "you can do this" Beau said holding the gate "thanks" i said and the buzzer went off, Off i went kicking Clyde in his sides (which wasn't hurting him) i rounded the first barrel "careful" i told myself we rounded that and galloped to the next one quick as possible we rounded that and off to the last barrel Clyde was pretty quick and we rounded the last barrel and headed for the exit. 

I jumped off Clyde and walked over to mum "how'd i do" i asked smiling at her "well you got 13.8 seconds" she said smiling "YES" i yelled "good job" Ash said coming over to high five me "Polly and i are going to have to work at it a bit more aren't we" she said patting Pally. 


After our ride we went and rode the horses down to the river the boys drove the 4 wheel motor bike down in front of us, it was a really hot day today. Beau and Jai were already swimming in the river by the time we had gotten there those boys were crazy. I rode clyde into the water and let him cool down he loved the water Pally didn't so much but Ashlee pushed him to go in. 


After the horses had had a swim we let them go up and eat some grass while we had a swim with the boys, Beau was on the rope swing swinging across the water then let go and did a bomb "WHOOOOOOOOO" Jai yelled as he jumped off the big rocks also doing a bomb. "Beau won" i yelled to both of them "what no way" Jai yelled back Ash and i just laughed Beau and Jai always loved a good competition. 


"Lets go back and have something to eat ae" i called out to everyone, they got out of the water the Jai and Ash drove the quad back and Beau said yes to riding Pally back alongside me, i was still shocked that he wasn't actually that bad of a rider. 





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