I have serious problems making friends and being able to keep them. It's hard for me to have and keep a social life and this is my story...


4. Toni Casey

Toni smoked. Toni was also very two faced. Toni was not trustworthy. This girl was someone I stuck by to help me get through hard times as she had also been the same kind of relationship like I had with Ollie. We stuck by eachother for over a year and then things started breaking apart.

Every time I saw my boyfriend on a weekend, Mark, she fell out with me. It was the only days I could see him but she didn't like that.

The last time she fell out with me was Sunday 10th November 2013. Which was 5 days go to me. All because my boyfriend currently, Joe, doesn't like her as she is two faced. Which I understand so I just ignored her pathetic immature ways and moved on.

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