I have serious problems making friends and being able to keep them. It's hard for me to have and keep a social life and this is my story...


3. Sommer Lodge

I looked up to this girl. Sommer was amazing until we started high school and we got split up. We was perfect, well we was more like sisters or peas in a pod. I started smoking at this point because of an ex boyfriend, Ollie, who literally kept me like a prisoner, abused and tore me away from family. I struggled to get out the relationship but I did. I started smoking to release pain and forget about times with him.

Sommer also started when I did and I constantly give her cigarettes, which I paid for. I give her at least 10 a day which cost me a fortune. When I didn't give her one, POOF, she was gone. She ran to a girl names India, which I've never liked as we just have never got along but we are civil.

After making and breaking with her I moved into her form to get away from holly and the grief she gave me. But when me and Lodgey fell out I was alone. I started to slowly become depressed as I had no one. No family because we didn't get along because of what Ollie did.

I got sick of falling out with people and didn't make friends with her again, but we still have the odd gossip once in a while. Well that's when Toni came along...

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