I have serious problems making friends and being able to keep them. It's hard for me to have and keep a social life and this is my story...


5. Joseph Robinson

He is my current boyfriend. I've been on and off with him since 17th of December 2012. But the last time we split was around July 2013 and we got together again on 23rd of August 2013.

Lately every problem I have, he understands.

Every emotion I have, he understands.

Everything that bothers me, he is there.

He has changed since last year as he was known to be the biggest player in Halifax, where I live. I got with him knowing this but hope the for the best. He spoke to other girls like he did with me, met up with them and to this day I would never know what will have happened. But it has took me over 11 months now to make him understand I love him and I think he has finally understood that he loves me. I think he understands what love feels like. I class him like a best friend as he is the one that understand me. You know there's a connection when you say the same thing at the exact same time. You can just feel it.

I'm finally happy in a relationship with a boy, which I could call my best friend. I think he calls me his best friend, but daren't admit to his other friends as he doesn't like spending time with them much anymore.

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