This is the final part of the Cyber Louis triology, check both out before reading. After years of torture and distress Reiss has finally made a better life for himself, with his sister Rae and Louis. But even he can't escape his darkest thoughts and his unforgettable past. Rae has found love and he wants so badly to let go and be free, but is it really that simple, is he too lost to be found?


7. Chapter 7

I sat uncomfortable on my bed thinking about tonight. I don't know how protective Rae will be over me with others, and how Lily will react to them. A comment from my recent blog caught my eye, it must be the same person.

Two people who are damaged can be together, it's not forbidden. Have you ever considered that you could help each other face their fears and problems? Think about it, they could be the only one that understands you. I hope you find what you're looking for. Left anonymously. 

I disagree with that, surely two damaged people is a recipe for disaster. Lily doesn't seem like the girl to be in a relationship, and to be honest I don't think I matter to her much. 
"Your girlfriend's here" Louis shouted at me followed by a laugh.
I pushed my laptop off my lap and ran down the stairs so she wouldn't be left alone with Rae. Unfortunately I was too late as Rae and her were sitting down in the living room talking quietly.  
"Hey" I announced when I was in the room with them.
Lily smiled at me and patted the seat next to her "come sit."
Rae stood up "I'll let you know when dinner's ready" she said.
I raised my brow "since when do you cook?" 
"Who say's anything about cooking?" she laughed and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. 
"You're sister's nice" Lily whispered to me.
"She is" I said with certainty.
She took a deep breath "look we've both avoided this, but the other night..."
I closed my eyes "It's fine it was a mistake I know" 
"Yeah" she said quietly, "that's what I was going to say."

I sat back in my seat feeling a little sick as I finished the last mouthful of my curry. I'm surprised we're not fat by the amount of takeaways we eat. I should have known we'd have a curry tonight, it's Indian night. I should have asked if Lily even liked curry but then again she seemed to have eaten it all, and that would have been beyond lame. 
"So Lily tell me about yourself" Rae lent her chin on her hands leaning forward. 
Lily thought for a second "my parents died when I was young leaving me and my brother Kyle. Not long after he left and I moved in with my aunt and it's been me and her ever since" she said quietly and I felt my stomach drop. "You never told me that" I whispered to her.
"Yeah well it seems we don't know much about each other" she told me as she looked at Rae waiting for more questions. 
"I'm sorry" Rae frowned "life's pretty shit, you just need to find an anchor."
Lily smiled "that's what my mum used to say when I was young, my brother took the mic, he wasn't a nice person."
"How old is he?" Rae asked curious.
"About your age I would say, although I'm not too sure."
This seem to hit a nerve as Rae and Louis looked at each other. Louis joined in "do you know where he moved to?"
Lily shrugged "I didn't even get a good bye, let alone his address."
"What did he look..." Rae began to say when I cut her off "cut out the questions Rae" I said harshly and she bit her lip. "Sorry I didn't mean to be too forward" she looked sincerely at Lily.
"It's fine I suppose it's nice for someone to ask once in a while" she looked down at her hands. Louis took in a sharp intake of breath as he pulled his phone out his pocket. I glared at him as he held out his phone to Lily "is this him?" 
Lily's expression showed nothing as she nodded her head "you know him?"
"I did, until we moved" Louis said.
Lily stood up awkwardly "where's your bathroom?" 
"Up the stairs by Reiss' room, he has a sticker on his door" Louis answered, Rae seemed to have gone into shock. 
"I can show you?" I said to her.
"No it's fine, I'll find it" she said before excusing herself. 
Once she was out of hearing range I turned on Louis and Rae "what the hell was that?" I shouted.
"Nothing" Rae said but she forgets I know her, she began to fidget and play with her fingers - something she does when she's nervous. 
"What is it that you're not telling me?" I asked them.
"Reiss I think it's best if you drop it, I don't want you knowing what a complete psycho your girlfriend's brother is."
I spat out the remains of water in my mouth "what are you talking about?"
Rae shook her head "don't worry about it Reiss, it's over now."

Lily's POV
I don't want you knowing what a complete psycho your girlfriend's brother is. I wanted to leave once those words came out of Louis' mouth. Instead I ran up the stairs pushing open the nearest door. I'm guessing it's Reiss' room, it seems much darker than I would have thought, no posters, or light or anything except his laptop. I recognised the page he was on, curious I lifted the laptop screen up and peered at the page. My heart raced as I read what was written on it Two people who are damaged can be together, it's not forbidden. Have you ever considered that you could help each other face their fears and problems? Think about it, they could be the only one that understands you. I hope you find what you're looking for. Left anonymously. I wrote that this morning, how has he gotten it onto his computer? Has he been the one I've been writing to? I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and I jumped back. Reiss looked at his laptop and then to me, his posture in defeat. "What have you read?" he asked.
I shook my head "Reiss you don't get it, this is you, do you realise how weird this is?" I asked.
Reiss' pov
"What are you talking about?"
She sighed typing in something on my laptop and showed me her previous comments to me. "Oh" was all I could say. "Do you realise how much your blog has inspired me?" she asked somewhat excited. "Some day's I thought fuck it, but then I read your blog and it helped me carry on" she said shakily. I sat down on the bed with her my hand resting on her leg, she held my hand with hers and closed her eyes. "Nothing can happen between us" I told her, "I'm not ready for anything, I need to sort out my problems before I can focus on something else." 
Seeming not to listen she asked me "what happened to you Reiss?"
"It's a long story" I said avoiding the question.
"Then tell me one thing about it, that's all I'm asking" she said softly.
I sighed "until I was 11 years old I never spoke to anyone, not even my sister. People took the piss, bullied me for it, but I couldn't speak."
"Why not?" she asked tilting her head.
"You said one thing" I told her, feeling the tears appear in my eyes. She frowned and pressed her hand to my face "okay" she said. I held one of her hands and looked down at her "I'm sorry I just can't." My past is a painful subject something I couldn't bare anyone to know. "Don't apologise to me" she said "never apologise, it's your life never get pressured into doing anything you don't want to do."
"Tell me something about you" I asked crossing my legs. 
"When I heard what Louis said downstairs it broke my heart" she said not looking at me. "I miss him so much, and I will never get him back."
I pushed a piece of hair away from her eyes and looked at her "don't think about him, if he left you that's his lost."
She smiled and lent her head closer towards mine, I felt myself give in as I kissed her. "We really shouldn't be doing this" I whispered. 
"I know" she murmered as she kissed me back.

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