This is the final part of the Cyber Louis triology, check both out before reading. After years of torture and distress Reiss has finally made a better life for himself, with his sister Rae and Louis. But even he can't escape his darkest thoughts and his unforgettable past. Rae has found love and he wants so badly to let go and be free, but is it really that simple, is he too lost to be found?


2. Chapter 2

I concentrated on the board trying to make out the words. I can read, that's not the issue it's the fact I have a hard time putting the words together. Years I spent never muttering a word, it's easy to get back into that habit, but that scarred me in a way that I didn't think possible. The words I want to say never come, it's a lot easier to think them and it go no further. 

"You're Louis' bro right?" a boy similar to my age asked me, his eyes wide summoning me up.
"Something like that, he's married to my sister" I said cautiously. I never see why people need to know everything about one another, there's no privacy anymore. 
"Ah Reiss, the boy who has everything" a girl from the back smiled. 
I scowled at her and bit my lip "depends on what you define as everything" I argued back to her.
She approached me and dumped her bag on the desk beside me "tell me, what is it like having Louis as a kind of brother?" I instantly thought she was one of those, using me to get to him. 
"It's great but no I won't take you to meet him, or get you an autograph" I said sarcastically. 
She pouted her lips "I was hoping for a picture actually" she smiled and rolled her eyes. "So how comes you've only just started you're what 17?"
"You seem to know a lot about me" I observed.
"It's just a guess, considering we're in the same year" she laughed and pushed her bag on to the floor. 
"I've been home schooled" I told her, she doesn't need to know why. 
"Yeah I get it, why go to school when you don't need to right?"
I sighed "something like that"
She scraped her fingers through her hair and drummed her pen on the desk "I am determined not to fail this year" she spoke to herself. 
I took the opportunity to answer, as a blank space wouldn't "keep a positive attitude and maybe you won't."
She looked at me from the corner of her eye "I never really have the time to revise, you see there's this thing called a job for people with no money, it doesn't give me an awful lot of free time."
Ignoring the insult I continued to speak "where do you work?"
"there's a bar down North street, I work there"
"Aren't you a little too young to be working there, I mean don't you have to be 18?" I asked out of curiosity. 
"Yeah but haven't you looked around, people don't care how old you are if you have a pair of tits."
Unfortunately I let my eyes fall down to her chest making her laugh, I flushed and looked away.
"If you ever feel like hanging around with ordinary people, come down some time it isn't that bad."
I nodded and she stood up collecting her things "this is me, I'll see you around."
"You haven't even told me your name" I called out to her. 
She turned around "Lily" she said before leaving the classroom. 

After school I walked home listening to my music, my mind was still on Lily. Crazy how one moment can change a persons perspective on everything. I thought about her long dark red hair, her manic outfit choice which hurt my eyes, and her smile covered with dark red lipstick. It was gone 6oclock I had to stay behind to catch up, seems I will be doing a lot of that. My teacher disgustingly saying I was way behind, he suggested I stay behind every day until I've caught up. That goes my social life, not like I had one to begin with. I came to a halt when I noticed a group of guys walking in my direction, but what really caught my eye was her. 
"Reiss" she smiled as the boys stopped in front of me. 
"Hey" I said awkwardly. 
"Can you give us a minute?" she said to the others and pulled me away from them.
"Who are they?" I asked curiously. 
"Nobody you want to know, what you doing?"
"Going home?" I asked curious to know why she cared.
"Of course" she rolled her eyes, "why so late?"
"Mr Graham kept me behind, says I have a lot of catching up to do."
She covered her mouth "you didn't say yes did you?"
I shrugged "what was I supposed to say?"
"I would have told him to go fuck himself" she shrugged.
"Yes but I'm not you, and unlike you I have a hard time confronting people."
"Lily hurry up" one of the guys shouted at her.
"Yeah Reiss reminded me, we need to study for our science project, I'll catch you guys in a bit."
With grunts and groans they left and I stared at her confused.
"Thanks for that I better go, see you tomorrow" she walked away from me and I caught her by the arm. "Can I help you?" she asked looking down at her arm,
"What was that about?" I asked.
"Nothing" she shrugged. 
"Do you want to know something about me?" 
"Sure" she said uninterested. 
"I don't like liars" I said coldly and she sucked in an intake of breath.
"I'm not lying I swear" she moaned. 
"Then maybe I should call them back?" I looked over in their direction and she pushed me into the ally, tripping over my foot in a daze and pushed me back against the wall. Seconds we stood pressed against each other before she pulled away from me.
"You shouldn't do stuff like that, you don't know anything" she spat at me.
I began walking away from her and shouted back to her "I know a lot of things, and for one you are a liar" and with that I continued to walk home.

Rae kissed me on the top of my head as I sat down at the table "how was it?" she asked.
"It was fine" I said not giving much away.
She sighed and dropped the plates back in the sink and sat opposite me "when did we change Reiss? You used to tell me everything, and now barley even a sentence?"
"It's hard for me you know that" I groaned rubbing my face, "I'm going to bed it's been a long day" I rubbed her arm and ran up the stairs. 
Louis was out late tonight with Harry and the rest, he calls it boys night. I threw open my laptop and stared down at my blog, new entry...

I'm starting to push Rae away from me, that's not fair to her, not after everything. I love her more than anything, which is why I want to protect her from myself. How could I tell her how I felt, knowing it would only hurt her?

I stopped typing and added the entry, closing my laptop. I heard Rae downstairs faint whimpers came from her. I closed my eyes and stopped the tears from coming, I can't put her through this again, I won't. 

Downstairs Rae was lying down on the couch a blanket covering her. I made room for myself and lay next to her wrapping my arm around her "don't be sad" I whispered and she turned to face me. "I just don't want you to be unhappy Reiss, that's all I've ever wanted is for you to be happy" she said quietly. 
"I will be, it will take time but I will I promise" I assured her and sent Louis a quick text.

Come home now, Rae needs you R.

Within 10 minutes Louis came shooting through the door looking from me to Rae. I nodded towards the kitchen so we could talk privately.
"What's wrong?" he asked me in a panic. 
"Nothing I just think she needs you tonight, it's been a lot for her to take in, me going to school and all" I whispered so she couldn't hear.
He looked over at Rae and nodded, before he went over to her he looked back to me "how was it, really?"
"It was fine, nothing special" I shrugged.
He nodded and picked Rae up off the sofa "come on Mrs" he kissed her and carried her to their room. I spun my glass on the table and decided to call it a night, quickly popping into see Rae.
"She's asleep" Louis whispered to me.
I nodded going over to her and kissed her forehead "night" I said quietly and patted Louis on the arm "have a good one."

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