This is the final part of the Cyber Louis triology, check both out before reading. After years of torture and distress Reiss has finally made a better life for himself, with his sister Rae and Louis. But even he can't escape his darkest thoughts and his unforgettable past. Rae has found love and he wants so badly to let go and be free, but is it really that simple, is he too lost to be found?


15. Chapter 15

Meet me at the park tonight at midnight, she whispered to me before she went with Kyle. It's funny to think I thought things were finally working out. My eyes fluttered open as my alarm went off, it was 11.30 time to get up. I know it's bad that I want to sleep instead of meet her, it's just I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Rae has been on and off the phone all day to various people, when she mentioned our mum I left the room. She doesn't feel the same towards her as I do, sure she made both of our lives a misery, but it affected us differently. Rae sometimes talks about her almost as if to say she misses her, or how she used to be. But even thinking about her makes my skin crawl, it's only a matter of time until she's let out again. 

Lily was sat on the swing when I opened the gate, she had her head down as she tried to read her phone. I smiled sitting down on the swing beside her and she looked up "I thought you weren't coming" she breathed heavily. 
"I'm here now" I said softly, "I'm surprised Kyle even let you out."
"It's Monday he always goes out on a Monday, even when we were little."
"What time will he be back, it's pretty late."
"He won't be back until Tuesday don't worry" she patted my hand. 
I took hold of it and squeezed my hand over her hers. "We'll get away from all of this soon, I promise."
She raised her eyebrow "what about Rae and Louis?"
"It's like you said, they're happy, and they will always be there."
She hummed for a while staring at the broken seasaw, I sat silently beside her as I watched her. It had been 10 minutes until she stared back at me "why are you looking at me?" she questioned tilting her head. 
I shrugged "you amuse me I guess, I've never met anyone quite like you before."
"That's funny a lot of people have said that to me, and then they all vanish, poof" she made a movement with her hands and I lent over and kissed her. 
"People go that's what happens, but sometimes, just sometimes they stay."
"But why you? You could have anyone Reiss, and not because you are close with Louis, because you are hot, and I mean smoking hot" she laughed.
"Looks don't bother me, what's inside is what really counts."
"So you're not attracted to me?" she raised her left brow, a smile playing at her lips. 
"You being hot comes with the package, but I would have gone for you anyway."
She moved off the swing and wrapped her arm around mine leading me to the floor. "You know no one comes here at night" she suggested playfully.
I shook my head "sex is sex, right now it's me and you, we need to sort this mess out."
She groaned "there isn't a way to sort it out don't you get that, we need to leave."
"Give me one week" I told her, "play along to whatever Kyle has to moan about and next monday I will be here."
"You promise?" she said looking at me pleadingly. 
"I'll give you more than a promise, I love you Lil and if you think for one moment you're going without me, you're wrong."
She blushed hiding her face "I love you too Reiss."

Once I got back I was suprised to find Louis and Rae up. Rae shrieked when she saw me, running over to me and squashing me with her hugs "where have you been?" she huffed.
"I went to meet Lily" I said to her and she let the tension release from her shoulders. 
Rae never seems to care where I am, not in a bad way, but she likes to give me as much freedom as possible. So why now, at 1am does she suddenly care 
"I need to talk to you" she said pushing me down on the sofa, Louis was in the corner of the room, his arms were crossed and he had his death glare on show.
"What's going on?" I said pulling my eyes away from Louis.
"It's about mum" she said shakily and my heart collapsed. 
I shook my head covering my ears, this can't be happening. She pulled my hands away and knelt down in front of me. "Reiss please, this is important. She's been let out, and she wants to see you." I pushed her away from me "and tell me Rae what in your right mind makes you think I want to see her?" I shouted. 
She sighed "I don't want to see her either Reiss, but she needs to tell us something, and then she will go for good."
"When?" I asked even though I didn't want an answer. 
"Next monday" 
"Rae I can't on monday, I'm leaving with Lily" I said cautiously.
"Excuse me?" she asked backing away from me.
"You and Lou are happy aren't you? Well I'm not I hate it here, and so does she. We can get away from Kyle and I can finally find peace."
Tears fell from her eyes and she left the room in a strop, I sighed leaning my head back on the sofa. Louis came over to me and patted my head "Rae's in her own bubble right now, she thinks everything will be okay and the past forgotten" he sighed.
"But that's not how this works" I told him, "I don't want to ever see that bitch again."
He nodded in agreement "then you don't have to, leave on monday but promise me something,"
"If you have any doubts about leaving don't, we can find a way out of this without you leaving."
"I wanted to leave before Kyle even came into the picture."
"Why didn't you say anything to me?"
I shrugged, the truth was I don't know why I didn't "I didn't want to leave you both, but I have to go."
"Will you come back?"
I smiled at him "nothing could keep me away from you guys, you are my family and you mean everything to me."
He laughed half heartedly "I love you bud, I'll talk to Rae."

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