Are you danisnotonfire? A danisnotonfire and amazingphil fanfic.

The story of a girl who happens to meet Dan Howell, they become best friends, oblivious to the fact they both like each other. Their friendship leads to adventures, sad moments and a friendship like no other.


2. the butterflies.

Still Caitlin's POV

Be walked to our seats and sat down. I was kind of scared, what if he was only friendly on camera? I reassured myself, remembering how nice Marcus Butler and Alfie days were at their meetup.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Caitlin!" I replied.

"That's a beautiful name! He said. "Do you make videos yourself?" He asked.

"Yeah, but there're rubbish! My editing skills are below zero."

"I'll have to show you how I edit sometime! In fact, why don't you come around to my apartment and meet phil and we can chat for a bit?" He asked.

Asdfghjkl was all that was going through my mind. I loved Phil's videos, i'd seen a couple before!

"Sure! That would be lovely!" I replied! He stood up and I copied as we walked out the door to the outside world *shivers ugh.

We strolled along the street laughing at funny posters or strange people walking along. Suddenly I jolted forward tripping over something and I was about to fall on my face when to strong arms held me back. I looked up to see two dark brown eyes. I stated into his eyes of hollow madness, he leant in towards me and I noticed what was happening.....

I didn't know what to do! I had only just met him! Should I lean in or carry on walking. I quickly stood up, brushed myself off and carried on walking. You could see the disappointment in his face, I felt bad, but I had only just met him!


Hope you liked the chapter! Would you've leaned in! Let me know in the comments!

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