Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


16. Time

"Hello?" Spat Thorn harshly down the microphone of his phone. " where's Autumn? I'd like to know that too. She just disappeared. She's loyal but she just walked away. I want you to find and watch her, like a hawk or your life won't be worth living and your last breath won't be worth taking. Got it? Good." He placed the phone furiously into his pocket, wiping his brow and running his hand through his golden hair. He sat on the floor taking out the rocks that Tobias had handed him the previous day. He rubbed his hand over the smooth surface before looking at the residue that lay upon his fingers. He turned back to the rock glaring at its forged and now smudged pattern. He whipped out his phone once again angrily punching the numbers into the dial pad.

“And when you have found Autumn,  I want you to find Tobias North and I want him back at my feet with the lance pierced through his heart. Do you have a problem with that? Didn't think you would." He whispered in a deathly quiet tone, one that frightened the receiver.

“But wait Sir, where am I meant to get this blade? They don’t just appear. In fact…Isn’t there only one in the world?” The quivering voice echoed through the phone.

“Just find him and it will follow.” He spat. He didn’t have time to deal with his companion over the phone thus he cut the call short with a simple press of the red button. He set out for the group of dragons; he could never trust the ‘help’.

Noah led the group out of the Cabin and towards the woods, pulling his hood over his head.

“It’s a 6 mile trek this way and then another 6 miles up the mountain.” Noah sighed. “It’s a long way but we need this,”

Miles and Scar walked silently beside each other, mostly because there was nothing to say and partly because the trek was already reaching a steep incline. They distracted themselves by taking in the essence of the forest itself. The canopy lay low in the air, blocking out a large percentage of sunlight and cloaking the ground below it. The gentle chorus of birds sung softly through the air, creating a sense of moral. They each grasped the others hand keeping a tight grip.

“Miles,” Started Scar, “ If this all goes wrong…” Miles stopped and manoeuvred himself so his was now facing her. He softened his gaze, placing a stray lock of hair that lay on her cheek, back behind her ear.

“Scarlett, nothing is going to go wrong and even if it does, nothing will ever happen to you if I have anything to do with it. I would do anything to change the position were in at the moment Scarlett. I would sacrifice everything just to have you back to normal because it’s all my fault Scarlett and I cant fix it.” He said choking back tears that he desperately tried to hide.

Scar looked at him, understandingly, kissing his cheek lightly. Meanwhile, Tobias stormed ahead, shunning any attempt of Autumn’s to try and speak with him. He instead set to the task of trying to find the so called ‘bright side’ of this situation.  He mentally created his ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list using a startlingly still cloud to separate them. He supposed he might as well start the obvious downfall of being killed, tortured or worse knowing Thorn and the obvious plus side of hopefully destroying the rebels for good. But then he began to delve deeper into his thought process. They could all turn on him at any moment and with the sudden arrival of Autumn it did all seem like some sort of set up except this was something that he had to learn to deal with, he’d made some bad decisions and this was the consequence, uncertainty.

“Tobias! Can we stop here for the night, its almost pitch dark and were practically sleep-walking.” Ombra managed to breathe out. Tobias thought to himself for a moment before eventually nodding and walking off into the distance.

Alec sat beside a nearby stream, once again looking at the picture of his mother. He rubbed his finger tips against its creased finish, his tears softening the paper. He noticed that the paper seemed to come apart in his hands; in half. He noticed a short note, of scribbled writing, one from the same shaking hand. He squinted to read it.

‘To my dearest Alecsander,

                          I don’t know whether you shall ever read this or if you will ever forgive my absence. My heart shatters every time I comprehend I wont be there for you and that neither will your father. If I had a alternative Alec I would sacrifice anything to be with you. You be the greatest you could ever be Alecsander. I love you.

Your most-loving mother, Willow.’

“Alecsander…I didn’t know Alec was short for anything,” Xyla smiled to some extent, sitting beside him, resting her head on his shoulder.  He jumped slightly but calmed at her presence.

“Alecsander Isaiah Hall, well Dawes I guess” He exhaled, looking at her before leaning back onto the grass, pulling a handful of it from the ground.

“Don’t worry about Sebastian being your father and keeping it from you. It was all to keep you safe Alec. He wanted to protect you,” Xyla said, trying to encourage a smile upon his face.” And your mother clearly cared for you with all her heart,”

“I still can’t quite figure out who called me though, the number was blocked but I remembered the voice it was so distinguished.” He sighed once again, taking her hand in his. “I was seven when my mother left, she got in some trouble with a local dragon low-life. The ones who deal in drugs and other filth but my mother wasn’t like that Xyla, she was just…she couldn’t cope. But my mother wasn’t filth” He struggled, choking hard on tears “and then I woke up and she was gone,” Xyla, with tears of her own streaming down her rosy cheeks, leant her forehead against his.


Meanwhile Tobias sat on a small ledge, mulling over his thoughts, Scar sat beside him, dangling her legs over the edge.

“Scarlett,” He started, she shook her head, signalling him to not carry on. She still couldn’t look at him the same away, and even if she blamed him or even Miles, if she hadn’t been so obsessed with finding this Ice lance she never would have gotten everyone in this mess.

“Do you remember,” He started, not looking at her and concentrating on the horizon. “Back in Italy we wrote our oath of friendship?”

“Tobias, we were seven. I hardly doubt that thing means anything now it was nine years ago and look what’s happened in the mean time.” She spat back, a little more harshly that she intended whilst hugging her knees to her chest. Tobias fumbled around in his coat pocket in an almost desperate manner before taking out a crumpled, aged piece of paper. He straightened it out to reveal the Oath that their messy, seven years old hand-writing had managed to put together. Scar smiled slightly. She wasn’t sure what the smile was, if it was in a desperate manner or that a thought had suddenly come to her mind. She scrambled to her feet.

“Round everyone up, tell them each to choose one object from their belongings. Nothing too expensive and nothing too sentimental, something from the heart” She called behind her, quickly, strolling off into the distance. Tobias rolled his eyes before scrambling to his feet and following her.

A small while later, everyone was stood in a large circle, each an object in their hands. Scar placed a small box in the middle of everyone.

“What is this Scar?” Serge and Noah in unison before both looking at each other and muttering ‘jinx’ under their breath.

“It’s a time capsule, a memory box. We all place something inside and in years to come we, or someone else will dig it up and see all about our lives,” Scar smiled.

“Sounds Cliché…” Autumn mumbled.

“Well I think it’s a great idea.” Alicia said, pushing lightly past her. She placed a letter from a distant friend in the box before stepping back and admiring it. Scar went next, untying the necklace from her neck and dropping it into the box. There was something sort of solemn about this event but then again something quite warming. Miles stepped forward placing a blue handkerchief in the box, Xyla, Ombra and Serge all deposited their Dragon Bracelets into the box, half smiling as if nothing felt real anymore. Noah went next, placing his beaded wristband in the box. Tobias bounded up behind, placing the oath in box before returning to his place. Alec was the last to go, and the most hesitant. He reached inside his pocket taking out the picture of his mother and stepping forward to place it in the box. His hand shook slightly. Xyla took his hand.

“ You don’t have to do this,” She smiled but he shook his head, placing it in the box before him, steadying himself and retiring to sit on a nearby log. It was a small and insignificant thing to place a couple of belongings in a box and burying it but everyone felt a huge weight being slowly lifted of their shoulders even though they knew what dawned upon them.

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