Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


13. Start,

They walked slowly up the steps of the porch and into the hallway. It smelt much like a perfumery, an over-powering stench of Flowers and spices, laying in the back of their throats.

“At least this is nice,” Xyla smiled, chucking her bags on the floor and wandering around the room, aimlessly. Noah, Alec and Alicia, also abandoned their own bags, walking about outside.

“We’re just going to take a stroll, talk stuff out. You guys make yourselves at home.” Alec beamed, shouting over his shoulder. The three Elders found themselves strolling casually through the forest, muttering about current affairs.

“You know, If Scarlett really isn’t looking for the Ice lance, maybe we should? I mean it saves the Rebels finding it and we at least know what we’re doing.” Noah Started.

“But what if she is still looking? Huh? What then? And how would we know where it is” Alicia retorted, unsure.

“Then we’d have to get there before she does, before anyone does.” Alec said, backing up Noah’s valid points.

“We can ask around there are about six maps dotted around, one will turn up.” Noah smiled.

“Turn up? Turn up! Were pinning all our hopes on it just ‘turning up’ god help us! Look, I’m in if you find some hard evidence.” She sighed. “But I’m in.”

“Hey guys, I’d get in quickly if you want a good room.” Serge said, walking past them, an axe in his hand. He began to walk up to the outhouse, further up the forest, ready to collect wood for the fire that was meanwhile blazing inside the main living area.

“Scar,” Tobias whispered, loud enough for only her to hear. “We start looking tomorrow, 9 am. Convince Miles it’s just a leisurely trek.” Scar nodded, taking in two warm cups of tea, handing one to Miles and the other to Xyla. She perched upon a stool, taking in the warmth of the fire.

“What are we going to do tomorrow then?” Miles asked, smiling towards Scar. “We could go for a walk?”

“Yes! Nine tomorrow morning?” She grinned back. He nodded. She looked up at Tobias who smiled back at her, impressed, his hair windswept from the cold wintered air.

“What ever you want,” Miles sighed, pulling his sleeves up and taking her hand is his. A burning sensation began to brew within Tobias one that seemed to leak from his heart, one that seemed to anger him. The sound of an open door snapped him out of his trance, unable to quite piece together the feeling that had just overwhelmed him. The word jealousy seemed to ponder on his lips but that couldn’t have been right. He was there to betray them all, he was above them all, he was in power over all of them or so he thought.

“Shall I make dinner?” Alicia offered. They all nodded in agreement, Xyla and Scar promising to help. This left Tobias, Miles, Ombra, Alec, Noah and Serge sitting awkwardly around a chess board, staring at each piece as if they were all telepathic. Tobias leant forward studying the board carefully, he’d already mapped out 5 moves ahead of everyone else but his mind was brought to one of them suddenly. Miles sat, head in his hands, unsure of any moves.

“May I?” Tobias asked, leaning forward over his shoulder. Miles nodded slightly. Tobias hesitated before making a vital move. “Check…Mate” He breathed, backing away.

“You’re kidding me? Is there some sort of magical chess potion in Italy?” He exclaimed, sulking slightly. A smug sort of grimace was now placed upon Tobias’ face. Miles thought quietly to himself. He didn’t want Tobias there but he couldn’t help that but he could use it to his own advantage.

“I suppose there is,” Tobias finally said. Scar returned back into the room.

“What happened?” She smiled.

“Did you teach him to play that well?” Noah asked. She nodded smiling, sitting beside Miles. He kissed her gently on the cheek, taking her hand. She didn’t want to brag about teaching him or brag about anything if she was completely honest but that’s what people seemed to expect from her. She began to be overwhelmed by a whirlwind of her own thoughts. She couldn’t help wanting the sword within her grasp, the sharp blade upon her fingers and its power surging through her veins. But Tobias brought a dark and mysterious element to their quest; one that she feared could end in danger and some what, chaos.


The next day was once again brought around by another early start, which once again Miles did not greet with open arms. He stepped one leg after the other into his Calvin Klein jeans, slipping into his Ralph Lauren polo shirt. He wasn’t used to getting up this early, the sun wasn’t even rising and to him it seemed alien.

Scar sat on the window bench, staring out at the sky. It was still dark but just bright enough to make out the elegant silhouette of the deer that stood behind the trees.  Miles strolled in watching her look out of the window.

“Beautiful,” He smiled.

“Isn’t it,” She whispered, motioning towards the fawn.

“I meant you.” He whispered back. She turned around to him, brushing her red mane from her eyes and walking towards him. She looked up into his eyes. They were wide and alive.

“What would I do with out you, huh?” She smiled, wrapping her arms around his torso.

“Be unaware of your powers and safe.” He sighed.

“Not quite safe.” Xyla said darkly, showing them the computer screen. Upon its brightness lay their names and a missing person’s poster. We didn’t really think this through.”

“They don’t have any photos of you and we have these sorted…for all of you.” Noah said, passing them a pile of fake I.D’s. Scar’s heart that had previously been beating like a drum, had now slowed down to its usual rate as she let out a sigh of relief.

They began to make their way out into the opening, Scar and Tobias left at the back, Miles making his way to the nearest shop to collect supplies.

“Scarlett.” Tobias smiled. She turned to him. He reached inside his pocket taking out a small packet.

“Since when do you smoke?” She blurted out, snatching them from his grasp.

“Since I got stressed out by this whole thing!” He retorted, trying to take the cigarettes back.

“You’re sixteen Tobias, you don’t need this,” she sighed, shaking her head and disintegrating the packet in the palm of her hand. He shook his head back at her.

“Do you have the map?” He asked her, trying to ignore what she’d just done. She nodded, showing him the corner of the map within her rucksack.

“Where are the other two?” She asked again, still curious “You said they would meet us out here?”

“They decided to get their own accommodation in the end; they like to keep to themselves. I don’t know when we will get to see them.” He exhaled loudly.

The rest of the group began to surround them.

“Are you ready? To go hiking?” Alicia asked, smiling at them both. Scar jumped up, nodding her head and wandering over to Miles. Tobias followed.

“Where are going then Scar?” Ombra asked. She took a quick glance at her map before looking back up at them, she pointed in a north-wards direction towards the mountains. They all nodded and began to walk. It was tiring, even Scar couldn’t deny that but this was important, too important maybe. She grasped Miles hand, whilst taking another look at the map quickly.

“You look really tired.” He said, concerned. She assured him she was okay and it was just the morning air, misting her eyes. She kept glancing towards Tobias, who loomed silently beside her.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” She asked Tobias, nudging him with her elbow.

“I’d be much more up to it if you’d not burnt my lively hood,” He glared.

“Don’t be annoying and pathetic. You’re more than a measly cigarette.” She sighed back at him. Miles could sense the tension between them, clearly something he’d turned a blind-eye to before. “We have about another 2 miles in this direction and there should be a small resting area,”


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