Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


8. Serge


“Did you have a nice time?” He asked. “With your ‘friend’?”

Scar stuttered for a moment.

“What? Oh yeah, we had a great time.” Scar smiled, she wanted to tell him that she was with Tobias but she couldn’t help feeling guilty about it…Really guilty. Alec joined them, his usual beaming smile absent from his face.

“You Okay?” Xyla asked, “Alec?”                                      

He shook his head, muttering.

“The Rebels are well…rebelling…again…big time” He sighs. “Nothing to concern your pretty head” Xyla smiled, once again thinking back to Tobias and poured herself another drink.

“Some things are unavoidable,” Miles said, standing up, “Would you please excuse me,” He walked off, untying his tie.

“What’s his deal?” asked Serge, raising his eyebrows. Everyone shrugged there shoulders, finishing off their meal. “I don’t like him, too up himself for my liking.” Scar looked up at him scowling. “Oh come on, it’s not like were all thinking about throwing him off a cliff.”

“That doesn’t mean you had to say anything!” Scar whispered sternly, storming off.

“Oh Well done!” Ombra said, following her out, cursing under his breath. “Scarlett, he didn’t mean what he said, he’s just...Serge. We don’t expect anything else.”

“Why is he like that?” Scar asked, sitting in an arm chair and sipping at her tea. “He’s always just so…Miserable.”

“I wasn’t meant to tell you but I think you should know. Four years ago, when Serge was 12, when we were both 12, Rebel dragons were only just starting to come about. And they were looking for people to convert, children. Serge had decided to go to the beach with a friend; I was bed-ridden sick. He was taken, by the rebels and…you know when people choose to rebel. It wasn’t like that. He didn’t sign any papers; he had the chemical forced through his veins. Mother and father noticed as soon as he got home, tears streaming down his face. Ever since that, happiness just seems to have slipped away from his grasp.” Ombra sighed, choking back tears.” We used to be so close,”


“Hey, hey. Don’t get all upset. There must be a way to say…reset?” Scar asked, hopefully. Ombra shook his head before placing it in his hands. Scar pulled her elder brother into a hug. She’d never seen him cry before, not properly and not over something so important. But at least she now knew how to go around Serge, how to treat him.


“I need to go, just ignore Serge if he says anything again, it’s not worth it. He’s not himself.” Ombra smiled, grabbing his coat. “Oh and Scar? Stay safe.”

“Where you off to?” Scar questioned. “

 Oh nowhere important...” he lied.”

 Can I please come?” She asked again. He nodded reluctantly, throwing her coat at her, playfully. He didn’t really want her coming but he couldn’t really upset her anymore. Scar stepped out into the busy City, diverting into a cab, that had meanwhile been called for. She looked down at the bracelet up on her wrist and smiled, she had often wondered why there was a dragon, and now she knew. Her thoughts were then brought to a cold realization, what if Serge was called forward in the next rebellion? They had clearly done a good job of hiding him but could they keep it up much longer?

“Scar?” She heard Ombra say, but she couldn’t find the words to reply to him. What she needed was fresh air. She unwound the Window, the cold winter air blowing quickly through, stinging her eyes.

“I’m fine, I just went dizzy for a moment” She laughed.


She wasn’t quite sure why she laughed, maybe a lack of oxygen? She didn’t know. The car pulled up abruptly onto the curb. In front of them lay a short building, one that old men with tattoos and motor bikes might meet at.

“Is this the place?” Scar asked, unimpressed. Ombra grinned at her face before nodding. He knocked upon the wooden black door. Silence. He knocked again. The door creaked open. Ombra entered first. Beckoning Scar to follow behind.
” What is this place?” She asked, using her flame as a source of light. The carpet was a rusted Orange colour which clashed horribly with the dusty blue wall paper that was shredded and torn. “It looks like a... No there are no words”
”Shah...Ah hello, I have that package.” Said a voice. Scar could no longer see the face of her brother or the other figure, concealed by the shadows. This was shady business, even for Ombra but Scar knew it would be for a good cause. Ombra appeared back into the light, an envelope clutched with in his hands. He shot a darkened look at Scar before softening to a slight smile.

”I need you to take this to know I don’t trust him but someone wants him to have this.” He said, “Don’t open it just give it to him. He lives just there” He pointed to a grand house across the road “He’s such a show off. Anyway I will see you later.”

Scar watched him walk into the distance before crossing the road and walking up the steps to the door way. She rang the door bell, stepping back slightly.

In the door way was an old woman, dressed in uniform, the maid.
” Are you here to see Mr North?” Scar nodded “This way please.” She lead her up a spiralling set of stairs leading to a wide corridor “Just through there” she smiled walking away. Scar knocked once again onto the door.

Scar pushed the door open slowly, the envelope, secure in her satchel. He seemed startled by her entrance but stood   to greet her nonetheless.
”Scarlett, second time today. What do I owe the pleasure?” He smirked, sitting back at his desk. Scar fumbled in her bag, taking out her envelope and handing it to him. He snatched it from her grasp, placing it on his desk. “Anything else?” Scar went to shake her head before stopping herself.

”Is there anyway to get a rebel Dragon, you know back to normal?” She blurted out. She sat down on the chair next to him.

”Why do you ask?” He questioned.
”Curious,” she shrugged. She didn’t know whether he knew about Serge or anyone else around these parts but she couldn’t chance it. “I just feel like no-one will tell me anything”

”You wouldn’t ask without reason,” he said in an almost whisper.
”Like I said I’m curious,” she repeated. The tension in the air was suffocating, causing even stringing a basic sentence together a strain.

“There’s one way...but it’s not recommended...” He said, sincerely.

”Care to tell?” She asked, leaning closer towards him.
” No, not really. You’re still only a newbie Scar, you don’t want to get involved with this” he said. Scar rolled her eyes at him.

”Unbelievable,” She laughed bitterly.
”Look, Rebels are...dangerous Scar. One burn from a Rebel, you’re done for.” He said.
”Forget it,” She sighed, standing up and walking out. She sat on the curb outside of the house. Why was her life this way? If she hadn’t had known she would have still been living a normal life in St. Clermont’s boarding house, unaware. She watched the cars pass, making the same wish on everyone...just make me normal. She pondered on that wish for a couple of moments before hailing a near by cab.

”St. Marks avenue please,” she smiled, sitting in the back. She took her phone from her back pocket. 22 messages 35 missed calls. She checked them, her heart beat quickening. They were all from Xyla and Ombra...this was important.
She quickly threw herself from the cab and into the boarding house. Alec and Alicia hurried her into the smaller meeting room. Her brothers and sisters sat around the table, heads down, silent.

”What’s going on?” Scar whispered, her voice panicked.

”Sit down,” Noah Smiled. “We don’t want to worry you because there is still hope....Rebel dragons have slaughtered over Three hundred Dragons in Italy alone. We are not yet sure of your families current state but should know more soon.”

Scar sat, barely breathing. She placed her head in her hands for a couple of moments.
”Keep me informed.” she said, expressionless.

”Where are you going?” Serge asked as she got up to open the door. She ignored his question, slamming the door behind her. She didn’t quite know where she was going, but what she needed was Crystal clear in her mind.



Scar Slumped against the bookshelf. No, she couldn’t let anything get to her. Her parents, they were strong. She had to find a cure for Rebels...She had to. Where was she going to get information? A library! She raced out the door once again, the sign for the library in sight. She pushed the door open gently, a familiar face already sat, buried in a book. Tobias. Was he stalking her or something? Well it seemed like she was stalking him in all honesty. She walked past him, head down, trying to be unnoticed.

“Scarlett,” He said behind her. She carried on walking, until she reached a computer. “Scarlett!”...”Scar?”

“I’m not in the mood right now.” She scowled at him. “So why don’t you walk away,”

He didn’t move.

“Fine. Just keep quiet!”

She sat at the computer. Now for the tricky part, she thought. She began to write in the words ‘How to kill Rebel Dragons’ before hearing a sniggering behind her. She turned around scowling, expecting to see Tobias’s smug face at a grin. It was not. She widened her gaze to see a tall, blond and willowy figure in front of her, her mouth curled into a sly smirk.

“Look girls, we have a Dragon geek…” She snarled, tossing her blond mane behind her. She leaned over Scar’s shoulder, taking a closer look at the screen behind her. “A right freak...”

“Back off, autumn.” Hissed Tobias. She turned to see where the voice had come from, his harsh glare softening.

“Tobias, I hadn’t seen you there.” She said her voice soft and song like. “Well, she must be with you so… I’ll just go…see you around Tobias!”

Scar watched as the Barbie doll knock-off strutted into the distance. Tobias always had that effect on girls, well people in general. It may have been his dark, smouldering good looks or his husky smooth talk, either way, everyone around him swooned.

“I thought I told you to keep quiet,” Scar smiled slightly. She turned towards him.” Any way…help me?” she motioned towards the computer screen

He shook his head,
” I can’t tell you Scar, like I said. You’re too young to get involved with rebels,”
Scar sighed. A flash of blue caught Tobias’ eyes. He clasped at his arm which was now scorched and burned.

“Tell me?” She asked once again. He nodded at her.
” We need to go somewhere less...public.” He said, his expression darkening. They strolled out of the Library, turning up the collars of their coats in unison.  The busy streets were now lit up back dim lights, the sun lowering in the sky.

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