Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


5. Run

The eruption of flames was enough to rid anyone of their hearing but the sound of screaming and heavy footprints was the most overwhelming for Scar. The smoke that had once been behind her was now wrapping itself around her lungs, forcing her to the ground, helplessly. She felt strong arms lifting her back up as she struggled to meet the fresh air that was battling with the darkness. She was sure she had blacked out for a moment as when she opened her eyes all that was left of the fire was scorch marks.

“Scarlett,” Said Miles, scooping her up in his arms. “You’re alright don’t worry.” Scar Sat up, her hair tangled and teased by the ground. She wrapped her arms around him, ensuring she was safe. The rest of the Dragons had gone back to the empty boarding house, trying to identify the rebels.

“What is a Rebel Dragon?” Scar asked, perplexed... “What makes them so bad?”

“They’re an ancient organization....of Dragons born to kill other dragons, ones who hate their own kind. Traitors. Scum.” Miles spat, turning away from the scorch marks in distaste. Scar nodded in agreement before standing up slowly.

 I’m going to go get some fresh air, well, fresher.” She whispered, walking along the path to a near by bridge.

“Scarlett Leonardo?” Said a Familiar voice behind her. She turned around, smiling to see her Childhood friend, Tobias North. His eyes were as green as her own and his hair, chestnut in colour, spiked into a loose quiff.

“What are you doing here T?” Scar smiled, embracing his hug. Tobias explained how he had managed to secure a place in the College just down the road from St. Clermont. “Yeah I think I got in on my good looks and all” he laughed

“Ah it’s good to see you Scar! How’s your sister and Brothers?”

“Ah they’re fine...Just dealing with regular Dragon stuff...”

Scar said before stopping dead in her tracks, cursing multiple times under her breath. She had just slipped up on her second day of knowing a pretty big secret...She was dead.

“Scar its fine...I already knew.” He smiled, clicking his fingers to reveal a pillar box-red flame dancing upon his palms, he swiftly put it away. Scar snapped her own fingers revealing her Blue flame.

“Well you’re a shoe in for being and Elder with that flame.” He Said. Scar smiled slightly. Everyone seemed to say that about her or about blue flames but Scar was sure she was just a regular Dragon.

“You got anywhere to stay?” She asked. He nodded. “Alright then. You want to come meet everyone?” He nodded again, and began to walk with her back to the boarding house. Scar would never tire from walking her route back it was so beautiful and breath taking.

“T?” Shouted Xyla and Serge in unison, bounding over to greet him. As they were reacquainted Scar took the time to tend to her other brother’s wounds.

“He’s bad news Scar” said Ombra, wincing as Scar tightened his bandages. She shook her head. Tobias was just about as dangerous as a blind kitten wrapped in cotton wool...if cats had a very muscular build.

“Stop fretting,” she laughed watching her brother smile at her. Ombra was a lot easier to talk to than Serge. Serge seemed very quiet but in an ignorant fashion. 

“I’m not fretting. I just don’t trust that boy...” Ombra defended himself, looking at his now bandaged wounds.

“Thanks Scar,”

“I’ve missed you guys,” Tobias exclaimed, turning to Serge “So she found out then....” Serge nodded, his face, expressionless.

“Yeah, that told her” he muttered, motioning subtly over at Miles. Miles was unaware of the two dragons, which were meanwhile critiquing his every move. “But his family basically owns this town...Dragon royalty.” Xyla invited Tobias into the dining room, taking out a glass and some grape juice.

“It’s been along Time you still hate me?” Tobias teased...” When I left you...I just left...No good bye? We were quite the cute couple”

“Are you looking for a Slap? And I swear you’ve rebelled...I can see it in your eyes, they’re dull” Xyla started. “And your hair...It’s darker. All signs of a Rebel. Now...What are we going to do?” Tobias rose from his seat, walking slowly towards her. He seized her arm.

“Your not going to tell anyone...Or else” he spat, letting her go.” Let’s go Xyla...let’s mingle.”

Xyla stormed ahead, a fake smile plastered upon her face. Tobias sat beside Scar, smirking at Xyla. Miles wrapped his arm around Scar, shooting a look of curiosity at Tobias.

“Look at the time! I better be going...Good bye Scar...Xyla” Tobias snarled, walking out slowly.

“He makes my skin crawl!” Ombra sighed, taking out his ancient pocket watch. “Should we try and make it into the assembly hall for the last assembly of the day or not?”

“No...There’s no point.” Said Serge, walking up the stairs, taking his laptop with him.

“He really is a ray of sunshine, your brother is.” Miles smiled. This smile was exchanged.

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