Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


3. reality

“Wait what? Oh how.... Are you out of your mind? Are you actually not quite there? Are there a few screws loose in you head or what? What your problem? Don’t you think I’d know some fake magic trick?” Scar asked, jumping back slightly. Any way, Dragons are mythical creatures with wings right? Scar wasn’t quite sure what had just happened but she suddenly felt a little less safe in Miles’ company.

“Scarlett it’s okay. Just listen to me. There is a family of dragons in nearly every town. But dragons have evolved into taking the form of humans and losing their wings and transferring their powers.” Miles whispered softly. Scar Sat down on a near by tree stump, breathing slightly heavier, she snapped her fingers again, the flame reappearing. What Miles said wasn’t exactly believable but nothing was these days.

She had to tell her siblings, she had to tell her parents, they had to know about all this. Wait, family of dragons? Did they already know? She stood up suddenly and made her way back to the boarding house, pushing past Rosa as she did. Miles ran after her, leaving his bags in the woods. Scar burst into her dorm to find her brothers and sisters sat attentively on her bed.

“Now, this is going to sound crazy but...” Scar started, Miles signalling behind her.
”Scar we know we’re Dragons.” Ombra finished, looking at her apologetically. They knew too? Was she really seen as too young to know the truth? Scar sighed deeply. She really wasn’t sure what to say. Why had they kept this from her?

Scar stormed back out of the room, and out into the dark and coldness of the evening. She wasn’t sure where she was meant go, what she had to do but she couldn’t just deal with this.
”Scarlett?” Asked Miles, coming up behind her. Scar shrugged slightly and stared up at the black sky above her.” I know you’re in shock but everything will be fine,”

“Everything will be okay? Are you kidding me?  I’m some kind of freak!” Scar shouted, walking briskly away from him. Miles ran after her, taking her hand so she was facing him.
”You are no freak, and even if you were, you’re the most beautiful one I’ve ever met. Your unique and beautiful” He whispered, his voice deep like the song of a cello. Scar felt a feeling of happiness wash over her as he took her hand, the way he had the first time they met. This time though it meant something, a sign of friendship, a sign of love. Miles lead her back inside to the dorm room.

“So does anyone else know?” Scar asked, sitting in the arm chair, opposite everyone. Xyla shook her head, looking at the ceiling. Scar nodded at her, taking in the information. 
”Also, there are three elders but they’re still searching for two more,” Miles continued. Scar thought about this, it was obvious that Miles was sure he would be the newest elder, bit self obsessed really. She snapped her fingers gently, watching the blue flame emerge from her palm. It seemed to have thoughts of its own. She blew in gently, watching it change shape into a bright blue Dragon.

“It’s beautiful,” she breathed, watching it fly around before closing her hand, putting out the flame. Ombra smiled at his younger sister, as did Serge.

A week later they sat at their usual table, eating there usual meals. Scar couldn’t help wondering why she hadn’t seen Miles before that day.
”So do you actually board here?” Xyla asked Miles.
”God no.” He replied, coldly laughing slightly. Serge narrowed his eyes at the well-spoken boy before him, whilst Ombra raised his eyebrows.

“Why is there something wrong with boarding here?” Xyla questioned, just as coldly as Miles had answered. Miles shot a glance at Scar. Why was she letting them question him that way?

“No of course not.” He said quietly, sipping at his drink. The rest of the meal was silent with occasional glances shared. Miles stood up slowly and walked out of the dining hall. Scar stood up just as slowly, following him.

“Miles?” She asked, quietly. He was stood outside, staring out at the city before him. She walked beside him, taking his hand.

“Your sisters very protective, I see.” He spat, taking away his hand.

“Yeah, I’m so sorry about that,” She replied, looking down at the floor.
”No it’s fine. I shouldn’t have been so rude,” he smiled, taking her hand back. “I need to go now but I will see you tomorrow” he continued, kissing her cheek, before walking off, into the darkness.

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