Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


10. Maps.

The next day crept up quickly for Xyla, who awoke with a startling headache. She hopped down stairs, cautious not to wake any one as it had only just passed dawn. She fumbled her way through cupboards until she found what she needed. She carelessly poured a glass of water down her throat, swallowing the much needed tablet. “Up again? It’s the third time in the past 8 hours,” sighed Alec, “Are you alright?” Xyla nodded, which probably wasn’t a bright Idea as her head was still throbbing. She wasn’t alright though. The guilt of knowing about Tobias’ Rebel secret was causing her mind enough strain without a head ache to add to the torment. “I think you need to rest Xyla; you look awful, well as awful as the most beautiful girl on earth could” Alec whispered. Xyla rolled her eyes at him, before thanking him for his concern. She decided to give sleeping another try and headed back up to her room.

The Bellissimi dragon Society house was well hidden within the city. A derelict old building that on the outside seemed to be crumbling by the minute yet on the inside held the wealth and class of that of a manor house. It hadn’t always been this way. The society had been founded hundreds of years before and this was just a secret hiding place. There were no official rebels back then but the thirst for blood was ever growing from the Humans and the Dragons held this feud together. They would often sacrifice there own people, to keep the Humans at bay, this is how the rebelling began. Noah, being the eldest of the Dragons could remember this time well. He remembered the darkness and the constant torture as if each step was on the burning ground of hell.

“Noah!” Shouted a voice, distant from his mind. He looked up to see Alicia on the other side of the road. He shook his head, perplexed but strolled across the road none-the-less.  “What was all that about, your miles away,”

Noah wasn’t quite sure what he was meant to reply with, what he was meant to say. He was first Elder, which made him the most notorious to the Rebels. He kept a watchful eye on the street often pausing to scan the crowds, despite the Bellissimi Guards, who protected the surrounding area. He was often partial to blacking out or staring for hours on end, focusing, which drew in its own crowd. He was different and he knew it. He didn’t like people, not the way other people did. Other people were an inconvenience to him and he would let them know it, often. It wasn’t that he tried or wanted to be passionless, it just came naturally.

“Noah, you can’t keep yourself switched off forever, one day you will feel something.” Alicia sighed.

“And until then I will not.” He retorted. Alicia in his books was alright, she wasn’t quite as infuriating as the rest of the Human race but then again, she wasn’t quite human. “Anyway, who are we meeting?”

“Me,” Said a voice in front of him. He looked up from admiring his new leather shoes to see an older face, defined with deep lines and wisdom.

“And who might you be?” Noah Questioned. The man raised his eyebrows at the confident young man before him. “I am Sebastian Dawes, President of the High council of the Dragons.” He said. Noah couldn’t quite believe the man who stood before him in the flesh. The ‘Ghost’ they called him. The one always spoke of but never seen.

“Well I am truly honoured to meet you finally,” Noah Beamed, shaking his hand. “I am...” “Noah List, I know who you are, you are our Original Elder of course. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Sebastian smiled back slightly. “Shall we go discuss in my Office?”

“Yes Of course Sir,” Alicia chimed, following him down the street. She had been alerted by the High council earlier that week, they had spotted unusual behaviour from the Rebels, and probably the show down between Miles and Thorn but hopefully that wouldn’t crop up in conversation.

" I hear you have some new Dragons under your wing. No pun intended." He laughed, leading them into a large office, inviting them to sit down.  "Tea? Coffee? " Noah and Alicia shook their heads in unison as they leaned back into to suede arm chairs.

"Yes, a whole family of Dragons. We're not quite sure of them yet but they are strong and reliable and that's what we need at the moment. We are taking a small trip, at our own expense and leaving one of our most trusted undercover Dragons in charge," Alicia smiled, examining Sebastian's desk. It wasn't how she had imagined him. He desk was cluttered with paper and documents, each piece stained with its own coffee ring.

"Are you sure it's wise, running away with newcomers at such a time? The rebels are at large and on a never ending killing spree." Sebastian grumbled, clearly not keen on the Idea.

"We feel that keeping the new Dragons away from all the upset would be best," Noah stated. He wasn't keen on telling Mr.Dawes where they were going because in all honesty he didn't quite know why or where. The question seemed to loom in the air, but it stayed there for the rest of the meeting.

"How is Alec?" He asked.
"Why don't you ring your son and ask him yourself?." Noah spat.
"Because I gave you two the Job of keeping an eye on him, Mr.List. He can't know who I am. Him knowing puts him in even more danger than he already is in being an Elder." He snarled back.

"He's fine, sir." Alicia added.
"I have another appointment. I will see you after your trip." He said, dismissing them. Alicia dragged Noah out of the office bitterly.
"Keep your mouth shut about Alec and him."

Meanwhile Scar and Tobias found themselves sat around a table, the map to the Sword lay before them.

 “It’s so intricately drawn.” Scar breathed slowly.

 “Yeah, its not quite AA Road map standard but it sure is beautiful” Tobias said smiling whilst tracing his fingertips lightly over the blue and green tones of the land and sea.

 “How are we going to do this Tobias? It’s such a risk...” Scar asked, beginning to doubt herself.

 “It’s been two days Scar, don’t give up hope yet.” Tobias reassured her. “We could maybe all go together...all of us.”

 “What to Norway?” Scar asked “Were already in enough mess I doubt taking it somewhere else is going to help!”

 “We need to find that sword and Id rather start a Dragon war in another country, with out peace, London would fall.” He sighed. Scar nodded at him in agreement, taking a closer look at the map.

“I have to go, I have arrangements.” Scar started, glancing at her watch.

“We hardly see each other anymore Scar,” Tobias interrupted, taking a step towards her.

“I need go,” She said bluntly, walking back into the streets. She kept her head down as she went, bringing her hood far over her head. Her thoughts were a whirlwind of confusion but she managed to collect enough sense to keep her sane. Tobias sat down on his bed, bewildered. He picked up his phone, dialling a number into key pad.

“We need to meet soon.” He said, bluntly. “The side street beside the Ritz, Half an hour. I don’t need messing around.” He threw his phone at the wall in pure frustration. His eyes burned with anger as he stood up, straightening out the pockets of his blazer and fixing his hair in the mirror.

“Miles!” Scar exclaimed, running into his arms. She plastered a false smile upon her face but it seemed to fool him well enough.

“Where have you been?” he smiled back, kissing her forehead.

“Never mind that. I was thinking, maybe we should all go on holiday, only for week, all of us.” Scar said, looking hopefully into his eyes.

“And where would Madam like to go?” Miles mocked, spinning her around.

“Norway,” She muttered.

“Norway…Really?” Miles asked, raising his eyebrows. Scar nodded. “Very well then, I will see what I can do.” He pulled her in close kissing her once again, but this time on the lips, gently. “Why Norway?”

“Hmm…Just a change of scenery… for a week…an adventure!” Scar rambled. Miles placed one finger on her lips, smiling.

“Okay,” Miles said, wrapping his arms around her. “An adventure.”

“Get a room…” Serge sighed. Scar and Miles turned to see him, his face masked with disgust. “Please, it’s weird when she’s my sister”

“Sorry, Sorry,” Miles laughed, placing his hands behind his back.

“Thank you,” Serge sighed, walking into the next room.

“How are you related to him?” Miles laughed.

“I have no idea,” Scar sighed, “No idea.”


“Tobias,” Said a husky voice behind him. He turned to see Thorn stood behind him.

“I said half an hour,” Tobias hissed, spitting on the ground.

“And I said I’d see what I could do. I did my best,” He replied.

“Well your best just doesn’t seem to be good enough does it Thorn!” Tobias retorted, grabbing his collar and throwing him against the wall. Thorn pushed him off of himself, dusting himself off.

“This is an equal partnership, Tobias; you do well to remember that.” Thorn spat, his eyes glowing silver. “You’re so highly strung. You know that? Do you want to help them find the sword? Or will the guilt of knowing that you will have betrayed them so cold-bloodedly eat you alive? Because if it will you better ruddy give up because I will not be made a fool of, Tobias.”

“I am quite fine, not that it’s anything to do with you.” He sighed. “It’s just her.”


“Scarlett! I can’t hurt her. Can I?” Tobias muttered, sitting down on an old scrap of wood, his head buried in his hands.

“Man up Tobias. She doesn’t want you. If nothing else, use that to drive you.” Said Thorn, interrupting his thoughts. Tobias nodded. Thorn was right. She didn’t want him; she couldn’t even bear to look at him these days. Why should someone who cared so less about him, mean so much to his fragile, pathetic little feelings?

“Thorn, how long does it take to walk from the left side of…?” Emerged a voice from behind them. Tobias turned to see the blonde figure that was, Autumn.

“No…You? You!” Tobias shouted, “You’re a dragon?”

“Tobias, Darling. You’re just not very intuitive.” Autumn Smirked, tossing her blonde hair behind her shoulders, her eyes sparkling gun-metal. “Just deal with it Tobias and stop shrieking like a banshee, for goodness sake.”

“She’s right. Just make sure that we all have tickets to Norway by tomorrow.” Thorn seconded.  Tobias walked off cursing under his breath, just loud enough for them to hear.

“Oh and Tobias…”

He turned around slowly, weary of what may follow.

“Don’t you dare let me down” Thorn continued, his lip curled into a smirk. Tobias rolled his eyes, turning around once again to walk away.

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