Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


7. Elder.

“What is that holy racket?” Muttered Mr Stimpson, opening the door, accompanied by the whole governing board. He stopped, looking up at the roaring flames... But not only the flames from the box were in sight but each of the children’s flames was exposed. Xyla stepped forward, the innocent old teacher, edging back, scared out of his wits with a look of horror upon his face. The governing body scrambled forward, panicked and afraid.

“Fire! Fire!” They screeched fumbling for the extinguisher however Mr Stimpson began to notice the light radiating from the hands of each of the children

“Dear god, put them out, put them out! They’re burning! The children!” He screamed back, his hands placed over his mouth in sheer terror, cursing loudly.

Each of the dragons discarded their powers as they were drenched with foam and water. Mr Stimpson scarpered off to phone an ambulance, creating an opportunity for the perfect escape, well an escape at least.


 “Where?” Asked Ombra helplessly.

“Wherever is safe,” Replied Miles, “I think I know a place,”

An hour long taxi drive was all that was needed to get to the so called place that Miles seemed to recall.

“It could just be a legend, I wouldn’t know. My father mentioned it and that if we were ever caught we would go there anyway it’s called, ‘La casa di Bellissimi dragons’ whatever that means.”

“The house of beautiful dragons” The four siblings whispered smiling, an Italian based society.

They jumped out of the cab in front of an old building, one that seemed to be from an old movie, Victorian maybe? They knocked on the door, scar taking her place. A small window opened at about arm length.

“Hand.” Said a voice on the other side. Scar, as if instinctively snapped her fingers as she placed her hand through the small opening. The sound of unlocking soon followed. They opened the door further, stepping down a long hallway. On the walls were pictures of old figures, ones none of the five recognised but they still paid their respects by edging through the corridor, not brushing past any of them. There was a door at the end of the small passage.

“Enter,” Said a warm and inviting voice. Serge barged ahead, opening the door softly. Inside the room sat 3 dragons, two boys and one girl, the elder dragons. Each of the siblings bowed before them, as well as Miles, who shook their hands, already knowing the royalty.

“Leonardo’s Meet, Alicia, Alec and Noah, The three known Elders. Elders Meet, Xyla, Serge, Ombra and Scarlett,” Miles said his voice proud. The eight sat round a large table, beaming wide smiles at each other.

“Welcome, as you may know we are the three Elders of the Dragons. We are still searching for our 2 brothers or sisters but still do not know as our kind is only revealed in battle. When we burn and heal. We assume you would wish to join the Bellissimi Society and keep the conflict with Rebels at bay,” Smiled Noah, his voice soft like a gentle melody. The siblings nodded, “Very well then, you may stay as long as you like, in fact we are honoured to have such Dragons of different origin in our company until the ceremony, then this may be your home”

The next day Scar awoke earlier than usual. She couldn’t stand the blazing heat in the house so decided to take a gentle stroll in the hustling streets of London. She tied her long hair back into a sleek ponytail and raced through the wide door. The chilling air met with her pale face, stinging her eyes and drying her lips. She looked over to her right to see a familiar face in the street. Tobias walked confidently towards her, his lip curled into a smile.

“What are you doing out at seven in the morning?” He asked, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

“I could ask you the same!” she replied laughing, brushing his hand away.” I really don’t know my way around here, think you can help?”

“Let’s go!” He smirked, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. In the near by distance, sheltered by a satin curtain stood an envious Miles Carter, watching the two walk away.

“Are you alright mate?” asked Serge, walking up behind him.

“Yes, quite adequate,” Miles muttered, not turning to face him. He listened until Serge’s footsteps had made themselves to the next room. He sank into a large arm chair. Why? Why him? What had he done to make Tobias want Scarlett, want to hurt him? He didn’t know, but all he did know what he had to put an end to it.

“It’s so cold!” Scar complained; she always felt the cold. Tobias whipped off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders, pulling her in tight.

“You didn’t need to do that,” Scar smiled.

“I wanted to,” He replied, looking her in eyes, leaning towards her. Scar pulled herself away, giving him his coat back.

“We are just friends. I have Miles, I want Miles.”

“No, no of course!” Tobias started, “You like him, not me. I will see you around, yeah?” and with that he walked off into the busy crowd.

Scarlett made her way back to the house, taking her time. She was still shocked by Tobias’ reaction. Did he really care for her that way? Had he always? But she needed Miles and Miles needed her right? Without Miles she wasn’t her...was she? She opened the door, closing it quietly behind her.

“Scarlett, you’re back! We missed you” Exclaimed Alec, guiding her into a dining hall. As she walked through, she watched as a hundred eyes stared straight at her. “This is where we eat and do most of our meetings; the smaller room from yesterday was only for special guests”

Xyla motioned Scar over to a table, where Miles and her brothers were sat. She briskly walked over and sat beside them.

“Where were you?” Ombra asked, leaning over to grab the orange juice.

“I was just going for a walk and I bumped into a friend and they just showed me around a little.” Scar smiled, taking a plate of food and placing it before her. “It was getting too cold though so, evidently I’m here.” Miles smiled at her halfheartedly; she exchanged that smile.

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