Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


14. Confession.


 Everyone but Scar sat around a picnic, whilst she picked up a rock from behind a tree. Engraved upon it was the next clue for the map, something to do with unlocking, that she couldn’t she quite get her head around. She rolled it slowly towards Tobias, who placed it discreetly into his pocket. She didn’t want to keep all this away from every one but she couldn’t bring herself to speak of her actions, and Tobias’ pressure was to blame. He didn’t even have to use words to keep you under his little wing, you just somehow did.

“Scar, if you don’t come now all the food will be gone!” Ombra laughed, calling her over. She rolled her eyes, running over to sit beside Miles and Xyla. She removed her jacket, brushing out her hair with her fingertips.

“See, Xyla, its not that cold.” Serge started.

“I suppose not,” She sighed, taking a handful of grapes. Something caught Scar’s attention, a rouged patch within the blindingly white snow. She leaned towards Miles, pointing toward it. He jumped up slightly, cautiously strolling towards it. Lay in the white dust was the limp body of the Deer they had encountered this morning, a strange carving etched into its torso. A Dragon. Scar fell to her knees beside the animal, tracing her hand across its face.

“I have a feeling we have an enemy,” Noah whispered, placing his hand upon Scarlett’s shoulder. Scarlett didn’t know who exactly could have done it but the word ‘Rebel’ sprung promptly to mind. Someone knew her plan. They returned back to the log cabin shortly after collecting three more rocks and burying the sacrificed Deer. The sky began to absorb an inky blue colour, the sun no longer present. Everyone made their way to bed leaving Scar and Tobias sat on the front porch, silent.

“I don’t know whether this was a good Idea, Tobias. I really don’t.” She said deathly quiet. “Maybe this life isn’t for me, daring and…different.”

“But you are different, we all are.” He sighed, trying to reassure her.

“I wasn’t, until I found out all this. I was normal!” She cried out, softly. “This…this curse has ruined everything.”

“Your gift.” He corrected her smiling. She smiled back. She made her way up to bed, hugging him good night. He waited a couple of minutes before heading down the road, into the forest.

“Late.” Said a voice behind him. He turned around to see Thorn and Autumn sat together on a fallen tree-trunk. He threw the four rocks at them, each of them catching two.

“Good work,” Autumn smiled, flipping her blonde hair behind her.

“Two more to get then its complete. Oh by the way, did you like Deer, nice touch wasn’t it!” Thorn laughed, patting Tobias on the back.

“It was cruel.” Tobias spat, bluntly, taking a step away from him.

“Ugh, you’re no fun.” Autumn whined

“No, I’m not, you’re right. But when all this goes south, which we all know it will, I’m taking no blame.” Tobias stated.

“Oh but Tobias, you’re the only one to blame. You tricked Scar into helping you find something you intend to use for all the wrong the reasons. You made up two friends to make yourself seem less to blame.” Thorn snarled.

“I don’t follow, you guys are here, and I didn’t make you up?” Tobias asked, mystified.

“You have no proof we exist, no-one does. Which means when this all blows up, you are the only one to convict. See my plan? You’ve been playing a game in which you will always lose.” Thorn continued. “Now, you’re going to get me the next two rocks or Scar will be next in line for the same fate as the Deer.”

 Tobias shook his head. This couldn’t be happening, he was sure he had the upper hand. Maybe there wasn’t an upper hand at all. He walked away, breaking into a run.

“Bye!” Thorn sung after him, laughing loudly. Tobias lay, spread out on the bed. He’d been so blind to Thorn, he couldn’t even get himself out of it, or Scar and he’d buried them in to deep. He needed to tell everyone, everything.

The next day, they all awoke later than usual, and filed into the living- space one by one, Tobias stood at the front of the window.

“You said you needed to talk to all of us?” Alec asked, sitting down. Tobias Nodded, nervously.

“It was my idea to bring us all here. I became the owner of one of the six Iced Maps. I needed to find some sort of cure for what I’d become.” He started, anxiously, revealing his grey eyes and flame. “I sought after help from Thorn Vance Noble and Autumn Spencer, who in the beginning seemed genuine friends, but our false trust has resulted in a stab wound within my back. Scarlett visited me, wanting knowledge of how to cure Serge of his rebellion, at first I refused to help her, not wanting her to be hurt but after a while I selfishly agreed to help her, intending only to help myself. We had to trick you all into thinking we’d come here for some sort of hiking holiday when really, we’d been deceiving you all along. I’d even been deceiving her. She didn’t even know I was a rebel. I would surely understand if you attempt to murder me about now but I told you this to warn you, if we don’t get all 6 stones and all six maps together, before they do. We’re all dead.”

Scar sat silently, astounded. Everyone turned to look at her and then back to Tobias.

“Well I suppose, we’re going Rock hunting.” Alicia said. “ I’m not happy you didn’t tell us all this before, especially you Scar but I can excuse it all if it means keeping us all safe and having possession of the Ice lance, instead of Thorn.”

“I gave them four fake stones; the real four rocks are locked with in the safe behind the painting of the boat.” Tobias told them. They all nodded and began to talk tactics. Scarlett stepped outside into the fresh out-door air. Miles walked out behind her, wrapping his arms around her.

“I thought you could trust me,” He whispered into her hair.

“ I do...I tried to…I couldn’t trust anyone, my desire for the lance had blinded my judgement and ruined my mentality and compassion wasn’t even an option; I haven’t slept in weeks. I was cursed by it all and distanced myself from humanity, and now I’ve endangered us all.” She sobbed, inaudibly.

“Don’t blame yourself it’s his fault. I just wished you’d all come clean earlier then I wouldn’t fear for you’re safety as much as I do,” He reassured her, kissing her on the lips tenderly. They stood there for several moments, hand in hand, silently. They didn’t need to words or even actions to express the same emotion. They were both scared. They were scared of losing everything.

“Scar, Can I talk to you for a moment?” Tobias asked, standing at the door anxiously. She nodded, letting go of Miles’ hand and watching him walk away. “Scar. I…”

“You used me. You said you wanted to help me! And now look at the mess were in! I never should have trusted you. and now I find out your not even…like me. You’re a traitor Tobias North and I wish I’d never asked for your help because I could’ve done a damn better job by myself.” She spat. He slumped down onto the floor.

“I only did all this for you. I saw how happy you were and how much Miles cared for you and I couldn’t help wonder what might make you…It was stupid because you didn’t even know I was like this, but I just thought maybe if I did, cure myself something would change. And look where it’s got me, absolutely, no where.” He paused for a moment, “ Scarlett, ever since the moment I lay eyes on you, I fell deeper and deeper in love with you but it was also in that moment that I realised you were way to good for me and you don’t deserve the mess I have become.” She locked her eyes onto him. It took her a while to process the information that was meanwhile being heavily thrown at her. All those little thoughts she had so desperately pushed into the back of her mind had all been true.

“Please say something?” He said, very quietly.

 “I….I have nothing to say….words cannot express my thoughts at the moment…..” She said, walking back into the cabin, leaving Tobias once again on the porch. He rested his head in his hands, wiping away the tears that escaped from his olive coloured eyes. He could go back to Thorn, be on their side but that frightened even him so he decided to ultimately stay loyal to his…friends.

Alec, Alicia and Noah sat perched around a table.

“I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so,” Noah sighed, shaking his head. The others nodded their heads. “She is young and brave; something like this was bound to happen.”

“She comes from a strong ancestry, one prepared for justice and valour.” Alicia agreed. “We should have been wearier especially with the current revolt and I fear a battle may commence soon.”

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