You're the apple to my pie (a One Direction fanfiction)

A One Direction fanfiction


6. Chapter 6

Chapter six:


A/N: this is a short chapter and it’s from nobody’s point of view.

This chapter is dedicated to Nanna R ;)


Niall was sitting on a chair in the waiting room next to a man with glasses and brown hair, the man was wearing a suit, next to the man in the suit were a man with brown hair, he was also wearing a suit they looked really alike.

A doctor came out of the room where Mackenzie Jones was in “is she alright?” Niall had hope in his eyes, but when he saw the doctor’s face the hope disappeared “I’m sorry Mr. Horan there’s nothing we can do” Niall started crying, the man next to him said “everything is going to be alright son” Niall shook his head “no it’s my fault”

“I also blamed myself for the murder of my own parents, but it wasn't” the other man in the suit joined the conversation “both of my parents died too, they saved me before they passed away” Niall was about to answer when he heard a siren, “I’m sorry kiddo I gotta go, I’m Bruce Wayne by the way” the man shook Niall’s hand “Niall” and then he ran of “and I’m Clark Kent” Clark took his jacket off, and started unbuttoning his shirt “wow dude, I don’t swing that way” Niall said and covered his eyes, he removed his hands from his eyes when he heard Clark laugh.

Clark was now wearing a blue spandex with a red cape and a red S on his chest.

“You’re not supposed to look” Clark complained, “maybe you do swing that way” he hissed under his breath. “You-you’re-you’re SUPERMAN, OH MY GOD I’M SUCH A HUGE FAN” Niall yelled “I know, please be quiet” Superman shushed, Niall nodded. “I gotta go Niall, it was nice to meet you” and then Superman ran off to save the city with Bruce Wayne whoever he was.


A/N: Thank you so much for reading my fanfiction, I really hope you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it. :D




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