Pretty Damn Reckless.

Have you ever wondered if they are real? the monsters under your bed? demons that roam the world? vampires,werewolf's,ghosts,witches?. Arianna and her friends didn't believed either. Until they came face to face with the monsters at the night. But will they survive?


1. Start of Life.

  Blood dripped from her neck quickly , as she stumbled up from the ground. The gloomy woods surrounded her , not remembering what had happened or why she was here. the pain getting more greater in her body. trying to walk was like running a marathon blindfolded,but at the same time she felt like she was being watched. Suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind and chuck her to the ground. The pain grew as her body ached everywhere. laughter echoed through her ears, as her eyes closed. the pain moved from her body and into a deep sleep.

  Arianna woke up shaking in her own bed. phew she thought just a dream. it was the first time that any dream to Arianna felt that real , but she knew that was the nerves. today was a new term. the day she started collage with her four friends. A collage that wasn't far away from her own home. surrounded by the countryside. the only collage what would let all her friends in.

"It's about time" dani shouted through the car window. Arianna pushed her suitcase cramming it in the boot with the others. She jumped in the back and straight away she notice how excited everyone was. "Let's go!" Sophie shouted from the back. Dani nodded and instantly the car roared with power and there were off. " what do you think it will be like?" Natalie asked "nice I hope" Lilly snapped back. Not even noticing Dani had parked the car already."were..." Without finishing , al the girls were out of the car in a instant. Leaving dani to get out last. There all stared and gazed at the building , a old building. It looked like a old church they all thought. There were three buildings in total. The middle one being the biggest looked like a chapel with its dome roof. The other two were either side , both of them shaped like match boxes. But the first thing they notice was how busy it was. The car park was full of different cars. Old and new. Loads of people filled the field."come on" Dani instructed taking the lead. There all followed pulling there suitcases behind them,as she made her way to the main room. But only to be stuck in a big line what stretched right outside. "Great" Arianna said under her breath. "The line will go quick I hope" Sophie said a big smile stretching across her face. An hour went by and the girls were finally there. A woman was sat behind a desk. A woman with jet black silky long hair. Her face all plastered with sweat of how hot it was and all the stress from the first term day. " names." She instructed her voice all quiet. "Arianna jones" "Dani Moore" "Sophie Kingsley "Lilly Castile " and Natalie bears" there all said tired from standing up. The woman grabbed out her big clipboard full of names and checked if there were on the list , she nodded as she turned herself around where there was a board , full of keys. She grabbed two keys off there hangers and handed them to Dani. " rooms 54 and 55 in the building on the left on the secound floor you'll find it" she said looking down at her desk. All the girls nodded and swiftly moved out of lines. as there made there way to the building. The doors glistened in the sunlight as it were made of glass. Arianna grabbed the Handle and pulled it open. The stairs looked old. They notice the wood was rearing away. The walked to the staircase as they awkwardly pushed there suitcases up. There were endless hallways on the secound floor. It started at 45 and finished at 60. "Right , who's together again?" Lilly asked. The girls wanted a room they were all in , but there only allowed 3 in one room. "Me and Arianna " Sophie snapped straight away " and you three" they all nodded and moved down the hallway. Looking at the numbers on the door 53,54,55. There doors were next to each other both painted a burgandy red. all excited they grabbed the keys and quickly unlocked there doors. There rooms were mostly all the same , except Dani's room had three beds instead of two.There were two wardrobes , one desk , a bathroom with a shower and a tv. The wallpaper were both a cream colour while the floor was a dark wood. "I can't believe were in collage" Lilly smiled. But then they all noticed. There was a white piece of paper all on there beds. Arianna noticed it first and grabbed it off

her bed straight away. It read " new term party tonight at 8 o clock be there" in black bold writing. " ooh our first party" Sophie said dancing around the room. But Arianna could fell something not right about this nothing at all.

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