Pretty Damn Reckless.

Have you ever wondered if they are real? the monsters under your bed? demons that roam the world? vampires,werewolf's,ghosts,witches?. Arianna and her friends didn't believed either. Until they came face to face with the monsters at the night. But will they survive?


3. Messed Up

The night had got colder and music got louder. Something's not right Ariana kept thinking over and over. "Your new here aren't you" Luke asked. Arianna nodded " I'm sorry but have you seen a girl about 5 foot 3 long blonde hair and a nose ring in." Arianna asked changing the subject completely as she remembered Sophie, who could be really drunk and dying right now. "Oh no sorry but I can help you look for her if you want?" He asked surprised. Well he could help more Arianna thought to herself. " yeah if you want" she said smiling.

"So I'm guessing she's a party animal huh?" He chuckled. " yeah she absolutely loves parties , me and my friends always lose her but.." "Your in collage and something bad could happen?" Luke continued. " well no I just, feel something's not right. " oh... You have a feeling" he said trying so hard not to laugh. " hey! I'm being serious" she said hitting his back. He burst out with laughter."I know sorry". Arianna followed Luke, looking everywhere but no sign. Then Luke thought of somewhere. " well there is only one place to look but trust me , you won't like what you see" he said his voice sounding serious. " if it helps me find Sophie then, lead the way". There was no way he could get her out of this. He leaded the way out of the campus. Into the woods. " where are we going" Arianna asked. Worrying. But Luke didn't have to answer as there were here. Different music was played. More hardcore. The place was full of people. Making out. Eee. Everywhere she looked she could see kissing,snogging even people stripping. " is that your friend?" Luke asked pointing to a girl who was all over a guy , her blonde hair drop to her bum. At first Arianna knew it couldn't be her, but then she turned around. Full with anger Arianna marched up to her. " Sophie what are you doing?" Arianna shouted. Sophie jumped as she heard Arianna stern , angry voice. " chill, Arianna I'm just having some fun" she said laughing to herself. " no, your drunk , the first day and your already making out wow" Ariana said. Luke couldn't help but giggle but when he saw who she was making out with he stopped. "Jacob?" He asked concerned. Arianna turned to him" you know him?" She asked " not exactly" he answered. Arianna knew straight away that not exactly meant were enemies."come one Sophie, were going" Arianna said grabbing her arm. Sophie tried to resist but Arianna pulled even harder. " come on! We were just halving fun" Jacob shouted as he watched them walk off. " is that the one?"someone asked who was next to him. A boy." Yep " he said a evil smirk crossed his face.

Arianna dragged Sophie up the stairs to there room , while look tagged along. " you don't have to do this you know" Arianna said as Luke helped lift Sophie , who looked like she was fall asleep any minute. " nope , helping driven classmates are my specialty" He smirked. " this is it" Arianna added. Grabbing the key out her jacket pocket. Luke grabbed hold of Sophie as she unlocked the door. Gently Luke lowered Sophie on the bed. She groaned as she pathetically climbed into bed. " thanks for the help " Arianna said , feeling the stressed being lift of her. " no problem , I had fun anyways" he said as she walked him out the door. "Wait " he said before she closed the door. " at least can I have your number?" He asked looking down embrasset. Usually Arianna would say no , but Arianna felt different. She liked him. " yeah it's 0772384569 " she said remembering it at the top of her head. He grabbed his phone straightaway and typed it in. " bye " he said. "Bye " she answered closing the door. For some reason Arianna had butterflies in her stomach, she felt as hot as ever and as if her smile was glued to her face. Was this love? She thought herself. She liked this feeling. She never wanted it to go away.

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