Apocolypse : Sequel to Destroyed

In the last book Sirena and Jazon finally got married and Sirena dropped the plot twist of the mythological century, she was pregnant with Jazon's child. A child of the two most powerful beings on Earth. What will this child do, what will its powers be, and will it be Evil or Good?


1. The Twins



Some may remember the battle that happened so many years before. Some may have already forgotten in their old age, a side affect of the immortality spell I cast when Jazon fell into amnesia and his coma. For twenty three years we've lived deep in the Amazon secretly. I have given birth to twins; both girls. I have named them Christiana and Dahlia.  Dahlia was born with flaming red hair, and Christiana was born with the lightest shade of blonde. Together we believe they could bring a fate worse than death to the world. Therefore we must teach them the way of the Light and not the Darkness. We must keep their existence a secret for if they were to be kidnapped it could mean world wide chaos.They are the heirs to the throne, or well a make shift throne. Although the battle long won, we have not yet built our kingdom to what it should be. We still live in our tents, cabins really. Jazon does not wish to disrupt this beautiful place for our own benefits, how you might ask then will we build our kingdom? Jazon traveled to his birthplace and his father had left him the castle in his will. 


We were travelling there soon, to be in Scotland will be amazing. Finally a change in scenery. I watched my children play in the lake with the mermaids, Natalia sat on the beach still unable to regain the tail she lost for the mistake she made twenty three year ago. Dahlia's red hair reminded me of lava, but on a little pixie instead of well me, a bad ass mythological warrior Queen, or so I'm told. 


"Momma, Momma! Dahlia burned me with her fire hands."


"Christiana, use the water to heal you, like I showed you."


"Aren't you going to punish her Momma?"


"Yes Christiana, now go heal. Dahlia Nicole!" Dahlia emerged from the water and Natalia walked to Christi to help her. 


"Yes Momma?"


"Did you hurt Christi on purpose?"


"No momma, why would I hurt her? If she feels pain, I feel pain Momma."


"Dahlia are you proposing that Christi hurt herself?"


"Well yes Momma. I wouldn't want to hurt her, not ever." Dahlia looked at me with innocent eyes; I couldn't detect guilt in her voice so I sent her on her way. My girls were a handful if I wanted to be truthful I would say I would've wished I had a son. 


"Girls, its time to go home." Dahlia and Christiana came to me in their own ways, one flew and the other skipped. Red haired and fair skinned Dahlia wrapped her arms around my neck and Christiana held my hand. I bid good day to Natalia, my last remaining friend. I walked with the twins to the make shift castle and Jazon met me at the door. The girls saw their father and abanoned me to hug their father.




"How was swimming?"


"Amazing! Oh Daddy you should've come with us!"


"Well I had things to do. Twins only turn three once."


"Twice daddy. There's two of us. So technically we're turning three, twice."


"Dahlia when did you become so smart?"


"I don't know. I like to read." I came into the room and laughed.

"She's definitely your daughter." Jazon wrapped me up in his arms,


"And they are definitely both your's. The similarities are astonishing."


"You flatter me too much Jazon; what did you do? Burn the kitchen down?"


"Something like that." I groaned and went towards the kitchen. The sight that met my eyes made me want to faint. I snapped my fingers and the mess was gone and instead of cake on the ceiling and odds and ends on every surface the kitchen was clean, and a three tiered caked sat on the island, and the presents were neatly wrapped on the table. "What would I do without you?"


"Starve." I laughed and he wrapped his arms around me waist. "I love you Jaz."


"I love you too Serena."

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