Tick tock tick tock RING schools out summer had just beginning, and the biggest adventure of these the kids lives!
This book is being written by me and my bestie nikki09nikki (: hope you like it.


6. Emma's P.O.V

Emma's P.O.V


"Babe! your time is up!" Eli yells to Lizzy

Liz huffs, then scootches to him, which only leaves Me, Makaylah, Bella, and Lucy...... and then of course the one and only Tyler Dawson comes and bothers us!

"Hey pretty lady." Tyler winks at me.

"Hey," i peck him on the lips

"What are you guys talking about?" Tyler asks

"None of your business." I giggle

"Do you think your funny?" Tyler asks

"Kinda." i retort

"Really?Because i don't think so"

Tyler tackles me and we fall on the floor, he starts to tickle me, and i start laughing like crazy, and at one point, i end up snorting.

"Stop, Stop! Please Stop!!"


The limo stops and Tyler gets up, and walks out of the limo. When he stops at the door of the limo and waits for Cody, i jump on his back.

"wee! piggy back ride!" I yell, and Tyler just laughs.

"Whoa!" Cody yells as we bump into him and knock him over.

"Somebody's a little over excited!" Cody jokes.

"WHO ISN'T!" the twins yell.

"Wow, i should get some friends that aren't nut jobs!" Cody laughs.

"TO NARNIA!" Lizzy yells.

"Well actually the vets but i like saying that any ways....... ok can someone else please talk? cuz this is awkward." Lizzy says and starts fiddling with her thumbs.

Every one is silent for a few seconds, but then we all burst out laughing.

Cody hands his bags to the butler and gets in the limo, so Tyler and i join him.

When we get to the vet, Lizzy and i go to get padfoot, i bring lucky along too so he can see padfoot.

"Hello, how may i help you?" the lady behind the counter asks.

"Hi, i'm here to pick up my dog padfoot, my name is Lizzy Parker," Lizzy reply's

"Ok, i'll go get him now." 

The lady leaves and we wait patiently. A few minutes later the lady comes back with padfoot, and lucky is prancing around like a puppy.

"Here he is." The lady hands Lizzy padfoot.

"Thank you." Lizzy reply's

"Ma'am, you'll have to sign this first."

"Hey Liz, ill take padfoot and lucky outside to play and well, you know, do their business."


Hey so this is the end of the chapter, plzz plzz plzz comment and let us know if its good or not because we really need feedback!! thxx

stay coolio, peace out

Nikkyy & Ginny88







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