The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


28. ch 28

I can feel the wind get colder on my tattered skin that I had exposed like my arms sine the sleeves only went to my elbows. I can hear my boots thud in step of her canter as I started to slip a little holster but I had Jasmin slow down a bit when we made it to the hillsides.

I can hear crickets and now frogs that had joined the blissful songs.  I can see the torchlights flicker their lights all over me as the scene was extremely nice but still did not completely erase the worry that I might have to search day after day for Orin when I just want to go with him and see my new horizon.  I became more choosy to detail while Jasmin and I scaled hill after hill.

“I hope that the painting is true Jasmin.”  I mumbled more to myself then my horse while I start to worry that I had missed him but as we went across the final hill along the wrapped around river I see it. The tree was at the top of the smallest hill where the elevation was just so the river could just so that it could climb it like I could with Jasmin. I start to get off of her and gently tie her to a low branch loosely since we were out and in the open and I did not figure on staying vary long.

I tried to sneak up behind him slowly trying to show that I have the skills. I can feel the grass under my hands but I realized it was childish and started to just calmly go to Orin and sat down next to him on the silver, prickly grass. I can feel the breeze go through us while I let out the rest of the air of my lungs.

“I had been waiting for you Silver where have you been?” He asked as if he was extremely tired while he voice was soft and had a kind tone was to cover it up. His eyes looked like he had been rubbing them to either for him to stop crying or in a rampage of worry.

“Your clues were a little harder that what they should be.” I said as I smiled a happy one thinking that I am starting something wonderful and continuous even when I am gone the creed would live on and I had become a part of history as the first outsider to join the creed and its savior because Evel was right Orin and I were going to be the last generation to be a part of the  creed but there were others that might had answered the call and The Elder and his Wife might be able to train then as Orin did me.

“They were only meant for you and only you my new apprentice but the creed is nothing to just go into.” Orin said and I sighed thinking that by now he should know that I had been wanting to do this since I had heard about the creed. I can feel the rage boil up inside me like a pot of water going over as quick as it could and then I burst out what I was feeling.

“I want to be in it but I had the notion that I was in it already!” I shouted and he looked at me for the first time since I arrived here. He had been staring at the moonlight and stars above the both of us.  I must have brought him out of his daydream and into reality while he shook his head quietly and then looked straight at me.

“What happened to you Silva?” He asked as he started to push some of my long hair out of the way and I felt embarrassed while I scurried to the river and looked in. the ash had completely taken over my face and some of my clothing to where they are bow disgusting as well as disgraceful to be in n front of my mentor and friend.

I quickly splashed some water on my face as wiped it off with my sleeve. I noticed it was silly of me to leave my face and myself a filthy as I did. I went back to where I was sitting as I could feel my cheeks get red hot because I was quite embarrassed of how I acted in front of Orin.  I looked at him and he looked at me in confusion on what I did and I scrabbled for a way out.

“Nothing horrible if that is what you could possibly think.” I laughed trying to throw off the sent but Orin calmly put a hand on my shoulder as he tilted his head a little like he was using his body that it was ok to talk and he knows that something was bugging me.  “Ok my house caught on fire with me inside.” I mumbled spilling the reason why I was covered in ash, soot and debridement that had gathered on my clothing and the rest of my body that I had yet to jump in the river to clean.

“I did not know. I am sorry to hear that Silva.” Orin sighed as if he had no other words to gather and say to me as he only glanced at me for only a second and then turned back to where he was hiding something. I knew at that we had just switched sides and I became the mentor for the moment at this time and Orin is now the student and apprentice. I knew that I had to be confident but gentle in my voice in the next statement to make.

“It’s all right it just shows me that I have to move on and I have nothing else to lose.” I said with a sincere tone of my voice as I tried to hide the true feelings that were roaring inside me. I started to look up at the moonlight and I started to hear the sounds of the night as well as his voice.

“I know but you are so young Silver. It would hurt your parents if you join the creed?”  Orin said and I had never thought of that before that I would disgrace them but I think their generation had passed so this one might had to just take on the future of their steps besides I had already destroyed two logs and my own caretaker plus my own brother.  So all and all I didn’t want to lose what I had already have and that is Orin and the creed.

“No they would be disappointed but I know that they would have expected it.” I looked at my marking in wonder if my parents would have accepted me. I pushed the thought aside as I traced my creed marking.  I started to become confident in my decision and wanted to just say it out but I wanted to be confident. “Besides, I rather focus on what I have right now because if you have not noticed I have lost almost everything in the past few days.”

“What do you mean you have lost almost everything?” Orin said as a lightning bug landed on my ash covered pants and the glowing bulb looked like it was on the last leg and about to extinguish the light. I noticed that the little bug was me since winter was near but this little torchlight bug managed to stay and stay alive just like me the only difference was that we weren’t done yet we are both just tired of our long story.

“I have lost my house and my brother as well as people I have known because of this.” I breathed still having my eyes watch the little bug slowly dwindle till the light blinked again. It was trying to tell me to stay strong as I started to question my existence.  The light of it going on and off like my confidence  in the creed but I knew I was in it the whole way though it is just the tactics and the days that will question my choice to become one with the creed but now was not the time to do any of that If I want to take my place.

“Oh but it isn’t too late to change.” Orin said and I looked at him sternly.  I couldn’t believe that he, my own mentor, is trying to allude me to the wrong way and out of what I believe is my destiny now since I know where I belong and want to be here.

“It is.” I said sternly. I was the one that was reassuring him now that I am stronger then he might think since I have tasted a vital fruit and all honesty I want more if it and the only way is go along the path that I have been taking.  I wanted it into my mouth and have enough to last in till I die. This was my life as I started to mentally recite bits and peace of the creed that I had seen so many times that I had memorized it but Orin interrupted me.

“Then if it your will then, I guess you do have the right mindset for the true creed although you always had.”  Orin complemented me and I felt accepted for the first time or maybe was the second time if I was including the time I got my marking.  The days started to blend on me while I was doing this as days became weeks in a flash while this was only possibly a few hours.

“Thank you, master Orin.” I said and we traded happiness that was shared by both of us. It felt good that we were both becoming friends at this moment but one thing was eating me a little was why he was here in the first place so I asked him and he went back to watching the sky in bright eyes like a child looking at something that he wants.

“I was here for a rest. We assassins don’t get much so we have to take it whenever we can” He said as he still has his eyes glued to the sky and I think he was trying to remember something that was important. I started to wonder if he was sad that I  have chosen the path that  seems like everyone wants me to stray but he is right that if I do take this then time will steal from me when I leave here but when dose it not with everyday life.

“Really, but why are you looking at the starts?” I asked as I found that I wanted to stay here in this place for as long as I could. The night was alive but we both were silent and becoming a family. A family that might last though many generations that I don’t know what in the world  this world is going to be but when I have right now and it is becoming a wonderful. Just me and Orin underneath a moment in time worth looking back and seeing that our lives are not so bad.

“To see some reason that we are here because I have lost my chance to get out of the creed so this is one of those times Silver that I like to look at what I have done but I know that I had failed at one thing was that I was supposed to be secrete. The creed was supposed to be secrete and I blabbed it to you to where here you are and you are not heeding any warning.” Orin rambled to where I almost didn’t get most of what he said but I understood what he meant that my curiosity had done it once again for me to fall into something desperately horrible, like my brother said, and I am now going to live with my consequences.

“You haven’t failed Orin you have me in the creed but you also are not the last person on this end of the creed.  It won’t die. the creed will live. Besides we shouldn’t dwell on what we don’t have. We should dell on what we have and me is the creed which includes you.” I said as I fallowed his gaze to the sky after I noticed that he was still looking at it with the same eyes of wonder but I can tell that I had made it dwindle to something that was more of a disgrace. I can still see the bandage on his arm looks like it was close to dripping in his blood but mostly it looked frozen in time. We sat there in silence and took the moment him as the night made the songs that it came natural to it.

“We have to move before sunrise if you are coming with me.” Orin said as he slowly stood and wondered to Jasmin leaving me to my thoughts and own feelings to ponder if this last chance of going with him or staying right here and live a normal life which I had never pondered truly over in till now. I wondered if this was something that I should go into normalcy. I looked up to the moon for any answered but it brought me to a sense of wonder like it always had.

I can see me living that way a normal life. It felt silly to me waiting day by day for another adventure with all I have is just this one marking to remember where in the world where I was and what I  had done but if the town ever finds out I will surely be hanged. But then again living a normal life might become something that my parents would like. I almost stayed since I was finely seeing what everyone was talking about me not joining the creed and telling me to stay out because sometimes the best thing about having a normal life is an extraordinary one. But then my eyes scurried down to my marking of a promise of a sacrifice that I had done because I had offered my service but I have promised even my life to this and I cannot betray something that I don’t know or even see and yet I feel attached to it to where I feel that if I do betray it the creed might hurt me by whatever I might do besides the creed is always there. I shook my head quickly and knew what I was doing was right. I was going to be the first and last outsider to join the creed. The liking of blood and the feel of the life dwindle out and I knew I can satisfy the craving with a chicken or marry a butcher but what I experience was something different and dark to where I can’t explain a word to anyone without being called crazy.

“Orin!” I yelled as I ran up to him I was glad that he was patiently waiting for me. He was already on Jasmin and looking as if he would ride off without me if I took too long. I cannot even think of what I would do if he left other than look for Orin.  I knew I would be in search for him everywhere that I could and work on my charms and the stroke of death that I would put upon the enemies that would come across my path and I knew that I would become the assassin that Orin wants instead of the slightly hesitant one he has at the moment but I know where I belong I hope but I will pull through all the obstacles that I will have in my way since the light is bright inside me to where I knew this was my home forever.

I came to him and he looked at first like he was ashamed of what I am about to say but quite happy at the same time. I wanted to calm him and say that I am passionate and incredibly sure about my choice of becoming The Creed. “I had decided my fate and it is with The Creed.” I said and he looked at me with questionable eyes and he helped me on Jasmin’s back.  I sat directly behind him and I wrapped my arms to his waist to stay on Jasmin and not fall off.

“Why have you chosen something that is so dark instead of the normal life?” He said as he turned my horse around and we started to ride away. Into the darkness of the night and as we started to go into the darkness where the moonlight was out only light source the way I like it as I held on to Orin’s waist as tight as I could as I heard the light sound of hooves on the dirt and I just leaned my head down to where my body became an outline of Orin’s back and once again I started to wonder about what he said about being normal.

“Normal life might be nice but I like killing way too much to fit in now.” I said as we were already on the path to ride away from our pasts and then I realized there will be a time when new things must be reborn or tested. Someday a generation will stray and return while another might preach and then finally run to where the creed will become no more like I will be one day. I will pass but before I do I will teach the way of the creed the way I am supposed to and keep only the true family to have the opportunity to become head of the group and pass our ways to one to the next generation. I can see myself remembered for years to come till of course what I said before when the Creed becomes no more. There will be a time for an end to where people can leave without it and be free but that will not be this generation.

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