The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


22. ch 22

I was happy to see my brother again but something made us grow farther apart from our time being separated like the trust between us had been broken sometime while we were separated. I can feel the rift every time any one of the two of us was near each other especially Orin and Camren while my master actually made me feel better when we are separated from Cam for a moment even though we are all in the same captive square that had become our little home for now.
Orin started teaching me makeshift weapons to hide in our clothing if we need to and Camren just stood there and glared at us coldly like I can’t learn something that is close to a survival skill since my life had been set for at least a few days now.
“Ok now you just take this long strand and wrap it and tear.” Orin said and I double knotted my clump of hey that will become more of a tinny spear that can pierce skin. I was proud of my work as I showed Orin how good I made my makeshift dagger but he clumped it more together at the top and tied them together to where it came more to a point. Then he gave it back to me and nodded that I have done something that was good in his eyes. 
Just then the door swung open and several guards were standing in the doorway. “It is time prisoners.” The biggest one said as he let his brown hood of his cloak fall of his face to show his painted face of red and black that showed a silhouette of an eagle in flight on his darkened face.
The others that were fallowing him were wearing several different markings or scars on their faces as they too started to pull down their own hoods. I swiftly hid my makeshift dagger inside my sleeve just before our hands were tied again in the same itchy and horrible burlap rope that we entered in with and I wanted to get untied right then and there as we stumbled in a death march to the leader’s room whoever he or she is.
We walked along the hallowed out path for a while now. I start scanning over to  Camren's and Orin's faces and they had the similar looks of calm and collected with a touch of  them about to go after each other.
I could see a bright light glow at the very end of the tunnel that it seemed that we were walking through. The soft light that either meant freedom or death  for the three of us. I started to feel anxious for whatever we were about to get ourselves into in this place of what I think was the throne room. 
The well lit room looked vast and like a kings on the other side of the world, the rug with their marking of the assassins laid brilliantly on the floor in front of the wooden chair that loomed like two men could possibly fit if they were skinny enough. But I started to wonder where all the people were or their head leader. While we were forced inside a little further in wait for the leader to come soon.
" I thought you were looking for me." I hear a familiar voice behind me and I turned around to see Evel standing in the doorway. He stood there with his new shinny boots as he stepped into the lit room. His brown coat matched the same stile as the common mans. His hair was still the same as he slowly got across the room like a ghost just silently gliding across the floor to his throne.   "I am glad you can come and see the downfall of The Creed." he snickered. "I know you are shocked to see me especially you, Orin."  I can feel the hatred radiate off of Orin while Camren looked calm in this position , way to calm for my likening.

I glanced into Evel's eyes as he passed through us to his throne.  His sure stature made him look like he owned the place. His eyed looked powerful as he passed us all and the walk was with confidence and hiding something. 

"What are you doing here Evel? We are being hunted!!!!" Orin warned as Evel came to the throne and served in front of it like it belonged to him. His voice boomed like he was an emperor or a high king that was addressing a crowd instead of the three of us.

"I know Orin. I know that quite well" he sneered looking at Cam dead in the eyes. I was wondering why he was acting so suspiciously till I Saw him slide into his seat like a glove then he positioned his legs over one of the arm rests. Then it all made since that HE was the leader of the mercenaries.

"Traitor!" Orin yelled and a smirk greased across Evil’s face looking like the evil person that is his name. Evel made a scowl that could bring flames to the whole room. I was mad that Evel would do such a thing by betraying the creed.

“You have no right to call me such a thing!” He said as he slowly stood from his throne and started to come towards us with every step like he was in slow motion. “Besides, I am only doing this for something far more perfect.” He got his own knife out and scraped the dull end against my neck. He slowly put the cold end on my neck to lift it up slowly as if to examine me. We made eye contact and I felt hot sparks come between us with darkness falling in the room between us. He started to laugh an evil laugh that I think was meant to scare us as it was low and dark with a silly smirk that looked off to me.

“Like what?” Orin snapped and I knew he didn’t like the way that Evel was handling me as I could hear the soft cutting sound of Orin’s makeshift dagger against the ropes that bounded is hands.  The slow scrapping sound was almost to where I couldn’t hear it at all as he turned to Orin and did the same thing to me with his knife.

“Oh I don’t know money.” Evel snickered as if this was a joke to him and he only glanced at Camren like he was looking at him for approval while he went on to where he was back messing with me as I stood my ground by showing no fear and no emotion to him or to anyone else in the room. ‘Besides, assassins are supposed to be hit men. Right Orin?” he snapped coldly as he was bouncing back and forth between me and Orin with the occasional glance over to Camren that still looked quite suspicious to me that he would do such a thing in till he went on with his ramble. “Or how about my headmaster?” Evil was looking at Camren now like he was searching hard for direction from Cam now and it confused me.

“Headmaster? What is he talking about?” I whispered to cam when Evel finally came back to his throne. Camren didn’t answer me keeping me in confusion on what he was hiding as I traded glances between Cam and Evel. 

“Besides you should be celebrating, both of you.” Evel said as he got to the throne and turned to talk directly to us. My heart dropped that we were in trouble and possibly die right here and the creed would be no more. Evel excused the guards for some reason making me unsure on what was happening.

“Why we should be celebrating something truly evil Evel?” Orin asked while I can see some of the rope break apart on his wrists. And I was glad that he had a plan because I was out of ideas at the moment.

“I don’t know Orin maybe because you are the last two remaining family members of the creed. I don’t count The Old Elders since they are suborning about accepting outsiders. But in that exclamation aside since I have the last two remaining members of the creed, you both shall die.” Evel said and started to come towards me like he desperately wanted to kill me as fear settled into me and I wanted to run into the dark of the tunnels to find the way out now but I hear Cam yell at Evel and bring me back to reality.

“That was not part of the deal Evel!” I can hear Cam’s voice boom in the echoes of the room as Cam’s face looked furious at Evel like he just severely messed up in his mind wit this sort of deal that those two had made that I am now clearly confused about and my curiosity had taken over me and want to know more about it. “I um, have a special way I want to torment her.” Cam shuddered and Evel just went on without missing a beat and disregarding the confusion and the fact that my own brother is trying to save me.

Evil raised an eyebrow like Camren just misspoke to him and they both looked like that they were enemies in an instant as Evel turned his attention to him. “I’m sorry, I must had been mistaken the contract or order whichever term you prefer headmaster. I have the last two remaining family members of the creed here in front of me and you don’t want me to get rid of them like you had said to.” Evel said leaving Camren speechless and scrambling for a resin that might save us all or at least me as I still didn’t know what this deal was supposed to be. Evel quickly turned to me and spun me around quickly and lifted my sleeve where my marking was as I squirmed in refusal. I can feel a cold hand stop me with my back facing where Camren stood and my sleeve quickly hoisted to my elbow to show my marking after he painfully twisted both of my arms to do so. “Which she is, she has the marking which means she is whom she is. I cannot save her.” He sadly said and then shoved me away to where I stumbled from the force to where I tripped over my own two feet to land on the hard dirt ground as he just looked at me sternly for only a second as if to give me chills or scare me. “Just because my headmaster tells me to save her I have to fallow the order since an order is an order.  You should know that both of you.” He said and I quickly rushed to Cam and Orin for safety.

“Cam, Orin I’m scared.” I shuddered as I could see Orin was finishing up on the last few strands of the thick and itchy rope that he had around his wrists.

“Don’t be Silver it is only a big misunderstanding.” Cam said to me which didn’t settle my fears at all. As I can practically see Orin ready to fight with Evel as the last strand fell to his feet and he held his hands behind his back to not show to Evel that he had cut his hands free. “Right Evel? She is not one of them.”

“But you would love to see Orin gone right, and the assassin among you?” Orin asked still ignoring the fact that he said not to kill me.

“She supposed to not be dead you know that!!” Cam said and Evel laughed an evil laugh that I was wondering why he was laughing at something that wasn’t funny at all. I wanted to smack Evel right then since he was being rude to not only me but to Camren as well whom for some odd way he kept calling headmaster that still confused me and I knew that I wouldn’t get any  answers now out of any of them.

“Open your eyes my once friends. Just open them, wide and see who your sis had truly become. Just like him.” Evel said and pointed his knife to where Orin was standing and then he quickly put away his weapon in its holster with the knife sighing like it wanted blood but Evil wouldn’t let it.

“No she is not like me.” Orin said and put Evel in a tizzy that Orin hasn’t spoken till now as he was just quietly standing there taking the whole situation in. I started to think that he was just trying to throw Evel off of me and put the attention onto him while I can tell that Orin desperately wanted to put his own opinion in the mix of this deadly situation.

“Finally the traitor speaks! Evil said and threw his hands up in the air like he was waiting for Orin to say something since we were brought in here. Evil stepped to him and this time he got his knife out again and you could hear the knife hiss out in glee that it is going to be used for what he was supposed to be used for.  He placed the knife like he will slice his throat wide open to a waterfall reveal itself. “Do you have any last words?” He hissed hatefully at Orin as they both are now showing their weapons as Orin let his quickly slide from his wrists to his hand.

“You pour shame on the creed!” Orin hissed back as he reminded me of a rattlesnake about to strike Evil. I was happy that Orin was ready for battle because I was hesitant but as I looked at Camren he looked calm when I think he should be somewhat like me to be my own brother,

“I’ve done that years ago and you wonder why Deen is now gone and you are all right here.” Evil said and Orin looked like he had gotten the worse news of his life and I can tell that he was getting angry at Evel. “I see rage in your face my old friend.” Evil snickered as he started to walk a few steps to the wall away for us that I knew was all for show.

“Orin what are you doing?” I asked as I was surprised that Orin hadn’t attacked just yet but I can see that he was restraining to attack him with full force as he was fiddling with his makeshift dagger in his hands which told me that he was just waiting for the right moment to strike.

“Watching and holding myself for the right moment.” Orin whispered to me as Evel had his back to us but in knew that Orin can’t hold in his anger much longer.  Evel got really close into Orin’s face as if he wanted for him to remember his face clear as day.

“Although I should have the pleaser of killing all of you right now since that sounds pretty good.” Evil said and I knew that he was talking mostly to me and Orin caught what he was saying and went after him with only a hay woven dagger that was tightly made versus a knife.

Orin and Evil hit each other weapons and I was instantly feeling like I cannot do a thing and I knew I didn’t make my makeshift hay dagger like Orin did to make a me worth a lick in this battle so I divided to be a coward for a moment and ran behind the throne as the two men duked it out. Evil lunged at Orin but he managed to flip him on his back on the ground and surged after him but Evel being in the same training sessions as he had rolled out of the way leaving Orin to land on the ground hard but quickly got up. They started to square off again and I knew that I couldn’t just sit here and let my master fall while I sit and I start to figure out a way to get my hands free as I start to turn and use my own makeshift dagger and quickly start cutting the rope and started to make progress while I looked outside to see Orin on top of Evel and can see that he had gotten injured a little.

I went back and started to rub faster as I can see Camren doing the same thing with his ropes and I just start to worry about how everything might turn out if Camren wins first. I can feel my hands get loose as one by one as the ends start to chip away but I knew I couldn’t finish in time and had to get another way as I could see that Camren had his loose and starting to grab something that I didn’t see from his back pocket but I did not care at all for my safety or my life as I ran out there and got in the middle with Evil’s swings that cut the rest of my rope in one of his massive swings. It felt grate to just to sing my hands freely but I could only celebrate for only an instant as a knife went at me and I had to block it with excellent accuracy which I kind of did as he started to put his entire wait on top of me and I started to stumble backwards and I can see that there was hatred in his eyes knowing that I will not back down now as I tried to make him back off but I can tell that Orin got a jump on him and they started to fight each other again as he went flying into the wall and making a little bit of it fall off of the ceiling around all of us as I can see the creature I have to stop and the person I had to at least help to save battling it again while I am in complete dismay on what to do since I have something that I can’t really fight with in this situation.

I can see and hear them tumble on the wall as if both of them were kids a side of a hill banging each other harshly on the walls. I look over and I see Camren out of the corner of my eyes aiming his gun that he had hidden from us so well that Orin and I didn’t know that it was with him and I knew Evel didn’t know that it was there since during one of the flips he stared right past me to Camren.  His eyes opened widely and started to say something to Orin but one of Orin’s punches landed harshly into his chest making him quiet as they both turned one more time to where Evil was on top. I looked away as I can hear something solid hitting flesh and I could see and hear a click of the gun that I knew was Camren trying to shoot the gun as I was lost in my own world as time started to slow as I grabbed Evil off of onion and onto me know using my makeshift dagger to defend Evel’s knife as he switched his attention to me. I can see the wholes of darkness rage into his eyes like there was nothing less than the want of someone dead in his eyes of either me or Orin.

I felt the power of the swing of his knife come towards me and I managed to have my makeshift dagger block it as his knife landed and bent some of the hay but to my surprise I made it well as I did but Evil noticed how well I was doing as I readjusted my footing and pushed my way to counter his. I used my strength to push him back as he stumbled backward. I lead him to the wall next to Orin whom I can tell was still passed out from Evil’s rage.

I can hear every crack and the want to brake in my hay made dagger and I can see an evil smile cream across his face as fear and worry came into my mind. “What’s wrong little assassin scared?” He hissed at me as I heard a gunshot and his eyes read the fear that I used to feel as I could see him go backwards to the wall.

“I am not anymore Evel.” I said as I came up to him. I can tell that he was slowly dying as I spotted a blood pool starting to from little rivers. I could tell that the fear was transferring from me to him and for some resin I was liking it a little bit while I watched I felt like I was having an out of body experience and just watching the event occur from a distance.

“You should Silva, since the threat is still alive.” Evil snickered and I was confused by his words since I thought he was the true threat as he started to prepare to leave this world and go into another.

“Why did you do all this?” I said and I can hear Orin get up next to me and I looked at him but he said nothing as Camren joined next to us. The three of us against the one mercenary leader I can see the odds in our favor now once I realized that fact a little too late.

“The creed had to die to see the evil in someone’s plan that was right in front of you Silver.”  Evil whispered and he turned to my brother slowly like life didn’t want him to do that at all as I started to gather his warning but can’t understand what it was. “I am sorry headmaster I had failed you.”

I glance quickly at Cam for guidance but all he did was nod to Evil. Evil seemed to be at ease as he turned to Orin. Orin was stern in the face as Evel looked like he would leave on us at any minute. “My friend I know I have done wrong at least let me now that I have preserved part of the creed.” he asked and Orin had his makeshift dagger out but he didn’t have to use it as Evil seemed to have read his once friend’s mind. “I know that I have done wrong and this is the perfect time to make it right my fellow assassins but the enemy is right…” he whispered as his time and life started to dwindle quickly on him. At his last moments of his vary life he grasped his knife weekly which made my heart race a little and just let it land in front of my brother as he expired. All was silent as all three of us were looking at each other as you could hear the knife finish its ringing sound through the tunnels.  

Camren was the first out of all of us to move as he stood up and brushed off his legs that had dirt on them as I did the same to my small, back dress.  “We should be going.” He said with a sad tone in his voice and I agreed. As we walked away I looked back at Evil’s lifeless body and sighed that I couldn’t feel what it was like to take the life although I had already felt something like a simple thing as in taking a soul but just watching it leave and not sure if it truly was gone unless you check the neck or the red trail.

I knew I couldn’t look back and just move forward as Camren put a hand on my shoulder and forced my head to look at the road in front of me. “It’s ok Silver; he isn’t going to bother us anymore.” He said and all I felt was that he was forcing me to do something that I didn’t want to do and treat me as my younger self.

“Camren its ok I have gotten stronger.” I said as we went down the tunnels and it felt odd that the tunnels were bare and full of echoes as Camren took the lead for some odd way.

 “Look I think I should take the lead.” Orin suggested and Camren pointed the empty gun at him. I got my broken makeshift dagger ready just in case those two got in a tussle and I had to break it up.

“I know this place well a little too well for being in here.” Camren said and I started to look around seeing that brown hoods of the mercenaries were acting strange now that we were free and I thought we had clearly having them on the ropes that we are two assassins and a brother that has an something close to a good shot.

“Very well.” Orin sighed and we kept on going. We went through the tunnels and everywhere I looked there were other mercenaries every hall that was just standing there in a daze possibly debating whether to approach or not.  Every single one of their faces looked desperate for someone that was here with us. Every face was looking at us in till one of us was glancing that way but for only a second and then the mercenary would turn or run away swiftly and cleanly like all of us killers was taught.

“I do not think this is right Orin all the mercenaries are dodging us.” I said as we walked behind Cam at a good distance to where he knew we were still there but far enough away if we kept our voices hushed he wouldn’t hear a word. 

“I know it strange that they are as if one of us isn’t who they say they are.” Orin whispered as he pointed to my brother and I started to put things together. If the mercenaries were dodging us because of what Evil said about someone being the headmaster and the only one that I know that hasn’t been around with me is my brother.

I put it all together but I am absolutely stunned but I still was in denial that my brother would do such a thing as in make a pact to hunt my kind as well as gain his way to the top of a mercenary group. The whole thing sounded crazy to me but it was the whole story that could make complete sense if the story was true but I didn’t want to think about it now while we didn’t speak at all in till we were in the weapons storage room surprisingly safe and without worry of being hunted or in haste taking as much time as we needed.

I felt my marking to be sure that I remember that I have already committed myself to the creed. I knew that if everything was true I had only one choice to save everything that I have done. I started to feel scared but I knew and I prepared myself because if my brother answers one thing wrong I knew that I have to kill my own brother.

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