The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


21. ch 21

I can hear the scuffling of mine and Orin’s shoes on the dirt floor. The knots on my hands were really starting to bug me since they were starting to turn numb and my shoulders were seizing up in an awful way since they decided to pull my arms as far back as they could go and they had to of double checked the knots.
 “Untie me this instant! This is definitely no way to treat a lady! HE is my escort to the next town! Please let me GO!” I screamed and moved about as we kept on walking in the cellar. I glanced at Orin for approval and he looked pleased at my attempt to have us freed.
 I started to wonder how much farther we had to walk in this prison to see where we are going to live for a while. All I could see was the bleak walls of dirt with reinforced beams that I had been seeing throughout this place.

I made one of the guards trip and luckily was carrying my basket and spilled the contents all over the floor. I saw that I had made Orin fall as well as he slowly got up but he had something in his hands as he slowly squished it up and was smiling like he had planned it all this time or he was surprised that it worked so well. Orin was immediately got detained and we got on our way.

We came to a prison with iron bars and I could see someone next door to us but the blackness of the cell didn’t let me look inside. I felt a shove behind me as I squealed as I stumbled my way into the cell but I fell on the ground at Orin’s feet I looked up to see the saddened face of my master in front of me.
“Turn.” He ordered and I obeyed. Orin managed to untie me in an instant since the men that brought us in might have thought he would be the better one of the two of us to untie since I tried my best to bite one of them and the burst of outrage a few seconds ago.
“Now what?” I asked as I started to think that this might be the end of both of us. I can see the tunnels as I hold the bars that in closed us inside. The musty smell wafted in my nose as I figured that since we were underground was completely normal.
“Already on it Silva.” Orin said like he was already working on something like an escape as I turned to see him working on the lock that he could reach through the bars  with a clump of tied up stiff sticks of hey that was in the corner of our cell that was meant to be as a bed but then I heard something when he was messing with the lock like my older brother as well as the scraping of the inside of the lock.
“Orin wait!” I blurred out and Orin turned and looked at me cautiously. As I got excited that I might had found my brother here in the most uncommon place that I could think of. But at the same time even more random things had happened in my life before the whole wonder in the world of The Creed accord.
“What is it?” He asked in an intensive voice like he was lashing out on me for distracting him at what he was doing.  Orin looked at me like I only had one shot to explain myself and to be sure that I was right,
“Listen.” I said as we both got so quiet that we could hear a pin quietly drop in the room. As we both listened to see if there was something that I was hearing or that I was making it up because even I wasn’t correct  if I was right on the noise.
“Hello! Anyone there?” I can hear something like my brother’s voice next to us that was quieted by the walls that separated us. I ran to the wall and placed my ear to it and carefully listened in for an answer.
“There is who are you?” I called out in hope that it was him and the next few words confirmed what I thought was true.  I felt my heart skip a beat as I tried to contain the fact that I had found him as he said the next few words.
“Silva? Silver? Is that you little sis?” Camren’s voice rang in the empty cells. I was overjoyed that I had just found him in the spot that I thought I would have to escape. I couldn’t see him but the sound of his lovely kid like voice gave me so much hope that we can be together again and just live on like normal. I can picture in my mind’s eye that same person that I had grew up with and loved.
“It’s me Cam. It’s me!” I squeaked as I can feel happy and hopeful tears stream down my cheeks in strait rivers.  My breathing started to become jagged since I am now practically crying my eyes out and I know I shouldn’t at all be doing that and be keeping my head in line.
“Don’t try to get out sis! I have tried myself and they almost killed me for it!”  I can hear Camren call out and Orin threw his makeshift lock pick on the ground in more of realization then in hatred that my brother was right on one thing that we needed to find whomever was behind this hunt. Those meant staying here and wait till they call us to the master of the group. 
“Are you sure he isn’t one of them, Silva? Orin said to me and I shuffled back a bit from the cage and I knew Cam sounded way too strong for being here a few days than supposedly a little hesitant on his words when he spoke but I knew Camren as the strongest person I know so I nodded no as my answer.
We waited a few moments when we heard the scuffling of shoes come to our cells. At first I thought they might let us go but they only came to open Camren’s cage. He had grew a smite then when I last saw him and looked quite well then what I would say a man that you would think had just been sitting and rotting in prison.
He walked with a slight limp down the halls as he got smaller and smaller out of my vision. I wanted to run to him but I decided to hold my tongue for calling him to come back instead letting my tongue fly for the sake of curiosity. I can see that Orin’s eyes were burring into me for asking such a thing but I couldn’t help but asking since I knew this might be the last time I might be able to hear let alone see Camren alive.
“Excuse me sir but where are you taking him? I would like to know so I can prepare for what It is to come for me and my escort here in this establishment.” I asked in the most polite tone I could muster up. The guard looked at me presently while I messed with my hair to where it would soon lay flat again.
“Certainly miss. He is heading for a word with the headmaster so he can see what his fate would be and hopefully you can watch it as well as the rest of us since we have many options of death here as you can see.” The guard explained and then he left without a word. I gulped and hoped that his sentence wouldn’t be too bad for what mine might become since I have their blood on my hand with the friend of The Creed although I have no idea of what his journey has been since I discovered him missing that horrible day.
I started to huddle in the corner and Orin put his assassin jacket around me. It felt nice to me that at least I will have him to look up to and help me though the ways I have committed myself to.  He started to hold me and I felt like I was in my father’s or Camren’s arms instead of Orin’s when I needed to be calmed down
“Don’t worry Silva. We get to see him again one more time, remember The Creed.” Orin said and I looked at him with worry since my cloth bookmark was in my basket that they had taken when they bound us.
“The bookmark! They know who we are!” I whispered and he calmly pushed my red hair out of my eyes but instead of being scared I felt a warm feeling of him becoming a friend and someone that I trust as a spread of calmness was being passed between us.
“You mean this bookmark that I had swiped when they weren’t looking.” Orin said and I squealed at the surprise that Orin did have my bookmark. I was astatic that he had my bookmark as I started to cry a small tear stroll down my cheek. I had no words to say what I wanted to say but I did squeak out a thank you to him
I hear the door open behind me and Camren stumbled into the door. I quickly untied the rope on his hands with some difficulty as the door slammed behind him. I hugged him as soon as the ropes made it to the floor.
“It is wonderful to see you again Silver.” He said as he returned my hug. It felt wonderful that he hasn’t changed a bit while I had changed a lot during the time we haven’t seen each other.
“Same brother.” I said but then when we were arms with apart from each other the moment ended right then since he had spotted my mark of The Creed. His face went from happy to see me too he wanted to know every last bit of my private life and that includes what I got myself into.
“What’s that Silva?” He asked as he held my wrist and it reminded me of the tavern scene. I started to become scared of him but I stayed strong as I explained what I had done. HE quickly pulled down my sleeve to where we could hear the strain of threads almost braking like I am inside thinking that now my brother will never except me and I am now have become forbidden to come back to my own home forever.
“The Creed Cam. I joined them to do well I even got the markings of their leader!” I said as I prepared myself for the worse as my mind started to quicken on all the options that he had to do so. He pushed me aside and pointed to Orin with a scowl on his face that was different than the happiness that we were sharing earlier.
“You made her join?” Camren scowled and came towards Orin and pushed him to the wall and made a huge thud sound when both men hit. I can see bits of dust shatter from the ceiling and scatter onto them and to the floor.
“It was her choice!” Orin argued. I was disgusted by Camren’s outrage against the creed but I knew he has to except the assassin in the family sooner or later since this was my goal from the begging of hearing about it.
“It was my choice Cam, Just being the leader part I was chosen.” I said as I carefully chose my words with him now since I could see the smoke come out of his ears and the battle continued as more dirt fell on all of us and I was starting to worry about a collapse that might happen any moment.  But as soon as I let my words sink in Camren was calm for a moment as he turned to me and let his grip slip a little that he had on Orin.
“Is that true sis? You chose this life as an assassin a life with this creed?” he asked as he got face to face with me and for some reason I felt nervous when he did that but I didn’t show my worry for being on the safe side and stood my ground on my choice about the creed.
“Like I said earlier Camren, I joined The Creed to save you. I said and stayed strong in meaning every word to him as he still was stunned that I had done so. I kept my eyes directly into his soul

“I didn’t need saving I am safe here.” Camren said and I wondered what he meant by the statement. I was confused about that he felt safe here that he was in a underground jail cell.

“How?” I asked and I stared to wonder what he meant as I started to want complete answers than the run around than I had been getting. Cam looked saddened by something that I felt like I needed to know but he was hiding from me as he completely let go of Orin and went to the bars and hung his head as I immediately knew something had to be wrong,

“There are many things that you wouldn’t understand Silver.”  Camren whispered as I can see that he was trying to hold back his emotions from something.

“Try me I have done things that I have no clue about.” I whispered to him and this time I was the one that was comforting someone instead of someone comforting me. I looked in his eyes and I can tell that he was fighting his inner demons.

“I have done something that I know I am going to regret and I know I cannot tell you what I had done.” Camren wined as a tear scurried down his cheek making me know that he wasn’t trying to scare me but instead was trying to put the words I’m sorry and we are all in grave danger together in one complete sentence.

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