The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


19. ch 19

We rode to my house with Orin holding my waist. We rode in a nice gallop and stopped just short of the small tavern that my brother and I built for the small farm that we raised up from nothing. The morning sun peaked over the trees in a glistening performance. I was glad that we were about to get home but one thing was still practically eating me alive as I could hear and felt the thump of the book that I held tightly over my chest as I started to ponder on what to do next and what to hide this book in.
I slid down from Jasmin’s back after Orin got off. I quietly took Jasmin to the stable and was worried since I have still no ideas of where Camren is and I was getting nervous that what I saw last night was not a bit true. But as I started to think of ways to ask around the town but how else am I going to get the information I so Desperately  need because I can start to hear the tick tock of a clock inside my head as latched my horse in her tinny stall and gave her some oats to munch on.
I quietly came outside to hear the chirping of birds and think that this would be an awesome day to strain some information out of someone. I felt the grass brush against my ankles and squeak as I walk as I realized that these men clothes would not help me at all since I was not used to walking around in pants at all. I went back inside the barn because I thought I forgotten something and I wasn’t sure how the men did it at all but if I had something a little more dress like or bigger then it shouldn’t be that bad when it came to walking around.

I quickly pushed the thought aside knowing that I need to focus on what in the mission is instead of what is happening right now. I start to wonder if I should study up at the library or something but I highly doubt that I will find useful information.

Jasmin nudged me when I came back to her in her stall as if she knew what I had to do as I turned and started to stroke a soft nuzzle. I could see that she was trying to read me like a book again wile I started to wonder what to do and how to concur it. I start to feed my darling workhorse with some fresh wheat grains left over from the mill that they give to some of the farmers as payment instead of waste them in the bins themselves.

“Jasmin!” I laughed while I can tell that she was trying to tell me something but then she went to her water troth and stuck her nose inside. It sparked something inside of me that I if I can carefully ask around the tavern for answers that I need to know because of the book that I had on hand isn’t giving me much.  “Jasmin you are a genius!” I exclaimed as the clouds in my mind started to part and I can see a crazy stunt fall in place in my head but as soon as I let my beautiful tan horse go she immediately went back to the water trough to tell me to refill it. I shook my head to focus on taking care of Jasmin for the moment.

Alter I finished up with her I raced across the grass and could see it now of me being in the tavern and swindle every man with my looks, charm and negotiation skills Which all I have is looks and charms so I think it shouldn’t be too bad that I didn’t have the third one.

I burst through the door and Orin immediately stood up quickly. “What’s wrong?” He gasped as he launched himself out of the chair. I can see the shock on his face that looked like he was in extreme horror.

“Nothing I just now know how to get some answers about this book!” I exclaimed and rushed to the landing of my stairway and stopped there to talk to him while my heart pounded with excitement. I figured that the plan was quite simple go in, get the attention and ask around to where I get my answer then to get out and find my brother to where it will work and that might being the end to this worry of mine to where I can still train with the creed while Camren can finally accept me.

“And that is?” Orin asked as I could tell that he did not like this and I didn’t care since my curiosity was getting the best of me again on how this was going to turn out while I started to back up the steps slowly.

“Going to the tavern and asking around what this book is since it is the only thing we have on showing where my brother is.” I said and started to run up the steps with him right behind me. I can hear the thumps of our feet as we ran across the hardwood flooring.

“I don’t think we should do that since you don’t have any training in this sort of task plus you just got your mark and I think I should look at that book first.” He noted. I agreed on the fact that I did just get my marking and that I had absolutely have no clue what I am doing but I didn’t think that meant backing down and giving him my book. “I can do this Orin. I need to learn sometime and I do not want you to have this book!” I started to snap at him and he return the favor.

“But you have no idea on what you are doing Silva I have seen many things and I know what might happen if this goes wrong!” He yelled and slapped me aside the face making me lose my balance and landing in my bed making a huge dust cloud when I landed since I had not been up here a while. He stormed down the steps in a huff as I started to get off my bed and start to pledge to make him regret slapping me. I can feel the sting of where his palm met my cheek  as I made it to my wardrobe in silence and scurried through my clothing.

  I pulled out a black and red laced dress that had buttons along the sides where the corset slips through the holes. The skirt was short to where if I had to I could run easily while the other one was bright blue that would easily been seen in the dim room plus if I needed to I could hide my dagger in the strings that would make the bow in the back. I studied my options carefully as I screeched down the steps. “At least I am not making you wear the dress or getting undercover with me!”

I chose the black dress for that it would be the more mysterious and hat it would draw anyone in and I had that happen to me before while wearing this dress. I started to put away my assassin uniform and go downstairs then I remembered that I might need something to hide my pen dagger as I realized the only way I could hide it in my sleeve but that might be a little risky as I can see myself accidently cutting my arm to where it obviously says that I have a weapon on me instead of a lonely women looking for her brother. I looked around and found a nice square basket and found out that it dose fit my pen dagger and my book plus a nice cloth.

The cloth that hid my items was a bright blue and almost like a picnic type of pattern and snugly pushed to fit my items perfectly as I smiled widely because of my success.  I can feel that I was about to go into a complete camouflage to the tough girl that I wanted to become as I changed to my new black and red uniform.

I looked around the room hoping that this would work. I can feel the emptiness of what was growing inside of me on hopes that I will return to my abode with Orin and my brother unharmed.

Then I noticed how horrible I had treated Orin and the conversation before and I wouldn’t be surprised that he had left me because of being furious of me, I wanted to go apologize to him that I was wrong for doing what I did while I felt some tears run down my cheek .

I started to grab my basket and started to go downstairs thinking that I was doing the right thing. I slowly went down step by step wondering what to say to him if he was still down stairs. I was careful not to make much noise and kept my composure as I can see him and I was ecstatic to see him. I walked down the steps as I can tell that my dress might be already drenched in sweet because of how nervous I was. Orin was quietly staring out of the nearest window in deep thought of something from where he was sitting by the wooden wall.

“Orin?” I called and he turned his head and his eyes were wide as if he was stunned that I looked this way when I want to be. “How do I look?” I said and he paused for a moment and then he gleamed out.

“You look stunning and like a powerful woman that any man would come to.” He complemented as he stood up in shock. I smiled and did a quick spin for him while I held my basket outward during it.

“Excellent that is what I was going for!” I exclaimed and then I remembered what I was being there for. “”Orin I’m sorry about earlier I was out of line.” I said and looked away and started to take out the book that I got from Mekin.

“Don’t I was out of line myself,  even though I don’t think you should go with this I think this would be the most atrocious idea that you have come up with thus far but I am just going to state that I will support you in your decision.” He said and I scowled at him thinking that he had a right to say what he did although he did not have to be so rude about it.

“I understand. “ Was all I could say. “But I wonder if I am doing too much I mean I only have one shot at this and if I get caught what do I do?” I shuddered. I reared back at the fact that I was showing fear like I never had before or if I did I managed to shrink it into nothing in my memory.

“Do not worry Silva I know that if you need help you can call me and I will be there for a good brawl.” Orin smiled as he said the sentence that made me uneasy about his statement and wondered if he was making an honest promise or sending me to my grave but I trusted him and this might be my last adventure and he had saved my life before.

“I know but I had never set foot in a tavern before and I know how rough the place is.” I quivered in worry.  I gripped the basket tightly and then Orin nodded reassuring that my idea was something that he accepted but he still was cautionary about it.

“Get a grip I have heard you kill with grace before and you have the gumption to do it or so I thought?” He said with a voice that made the comment more like a question then anything.

“I have killed swiftly before.”  I whispered to where only we can hear it and I was not sure why I did just that other than that I was trying to suppress my fear of betraying the creed by doing this plan.

“Are you sure you can woo them with your charm Silva?”  Orin asked as I can tell that I had put doubt back in him as well that or he is trying to save me as well as what Camren tried to do before he was kidnapped.

“I think I can.”  I said louder this time as I can feel the confidence build up inside me as I start to look for the small hand mirror that Camren and I have. I scurried through the small table shelf and couldn’t locate it. I remembered that I left it on top of my nightstand in my room and found the mirror.

“What are you doing?” Orin exclaimed as I started to pin my hair up to a bun after I set the mirror to where I could see my pale white face and bright red hair.

“Looking the part of a beautiful woman.” I sassed as I turned and found every last wisp that had eluded me. I can see Orin in the background where his cuts were quite visible from when I found him. Orin staggered behind me and put a hand on my shoulder that made me jump and send a chill down my spine.

 “You have got to get rid of the part of beauty Silver it can make you distracted.”  Oren peached and I was a little mad at him for calling me a beauty type of person when this was the first time I really made sure that my looks were perfect.

“I will Orin. Like we have already chatted about I am going undercover and that means taking care of myself for the moment. There.” I explained as I pined the last bit of my hair back and turned around and showed him what I had done.

“Well I don’t think they are going to be able to dodge you now. We better get going we had waited enough time.” Orin said and I whisked passed him to scurry down the steps and grasped a hold of my basket to reach the outside till Orin tackled me to the ground. I fell with a thud to where I landed harshly while I was sandwiched between my mentor and the grassy, hard ground under me. I was bummed that I worked on my hair and now was worth nothing but a sacrifice to time itself while I slowly got to my feet.

“What was that FOR? I had worked hard on getting myself ready for my first undercover work.” I tried to keep myself from yelling and getting out of character.

“You were not acting like a lady Silver. I had to stop you rush somehow.” He explained with a sheepish grin that went ear to ear across his face. I shook my head and pulled the rest of the pins out of my hair and worked it into a simple weave. I was not happy with him but I understood that I was rash and unacceptable to what I was supposed to be. I can see he barn and thought that we might need an escape route that was better than just fighting or running away.  I came across the grass thinking that I just retired poor Jasmin to her stall and I thought that she would be displeased if she was called to work again but this time as a escape goat other than a quick ride to market.

“Don’t.” I hear behind me and I was glad that Orin was seeing the very same thing as I am. “She had done well she needs rest.” I nodded in agreement that we did need to let poor Jasmin stay as we went to the town to put my plan into action.

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