The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


17. ch 17

 I must had fallen asleep making the cross stich as I glanced around the  room and I heard a sound of snoring echo in the house to wonder how and why someone would make an horrible racket unless they don’t realize that they are doing it.
I smiled when I realized that Orin was the culprit of the noise and I started to wonder if he had gotten into trouble by night because of the freight train sound that was coming from his gullet. I returned to my stitching in till I saw the book that I killed Mikin and I almost lost my life for.
I can see the cover glimmer in the moonlight and the curiosity of what is inside the pages of a lost soul that is now gone away to his maker or a sacrifice to The Creed . The snake like eyes of the cover was something that I wanted ever so slowly open the cover and see through Mekin’s eyes of the world he lead.
I couldn’t wait any longer and quietly reached for the book but I heard Orin stir and I reared back only to find him falling back asleep. I looked around and listened in for what would be anyone else in the household other than Deen whom left after the meal that Orin said he usually dose since he lives nearby and comes for the meal since he had another mission to go on..
I figured that it was clear and everyone is asleep in their places. I decided to continue what I was doing. I quickly snatched the book from the shelf and held it in my hands. I had almost everything that I need I just have to look into the contents and I can find almost everything about the enemy.
I slowly opened the cover and read the first page which was nothing of what I needed. I scanned the pages quickly in till one word I wanted to see Camren. His picture was posted right in the page where the captives were but then I turned to the members and there he was in blue ink. I slammed the book shut.
“Didn’t like what you see?” I heard Orin. I hadn’t realized that he was staring right at me as I put my hands and my head to work on the template since now I want to show my worth to The Creed . I looked up after seeing a few mismatched stiches and tarring them out to be put back in a better way that would be appealing to the eyes. “I knew you wouldn’t like it to where denial would be your guide. This is why you must abandon curiosity.” Orin said and I just kept on stitching trying to ignore him so I can become this family and come into the lifestyle that now has my brother.
“He did the same thing I did.” I said “But it was me that decided my fate before I even knew what this world you are in has and now, Camren is the same way but forced and it is my entire fault.” I blabbed and wiped away tears that were starting to run down my cheeks. 
“The Creed calls all that it needs to.” Orin said and I stopped everything right then and there to stare at him coldly. My eyes felt hot with anger now at his remark that he would suggest a horrible thing like that.
“Are you telling me that I have to kill Camren?” I said with an annoyance in my voice that he would suggest such a thing! I felt that I was in a scam that it was not funny at all and I looked at Orin for an answer. I can tell that my anger had enlightened my fire behind my eyes while my hand was starting to reach for my dagger to hush him.
“If you have to in order to save The Creed which you are going into, then it dose since we had all had lost and gained family and relationships over the years.” Orin said as he started to look away from my eyes telling me that I am going to do my worst fear.

“This can’t happen!” I tried to retaliate with my dagger out but then I noticed that I had over stepped my bounds while Orin stood and had his hand plastered on my wrist to where I knew I was acting dishonorably.
Just then we hear a knock at the door that sounded like someone was trying to pound the door in. I immediately acted like I was asleep while Orin went to the door. He looked in the little seeing out hole and quickly slammed it shut.
Another man was at the door that Evil had opened to. His tall and muscular appearance made it obvious to me that he was related to The Old Elder. He let down his hood to show his white skin that had a scar that led down his cheek. He held Deen’s gun and holster up with him with some symbol that I recognized and held the book name down for less suspicion. “Evel! I expected you in more moonlights!” Orin rambled as Evel stepped in. “What happened to Deen?”
“He had been killed by them he would be the second one this month that they found and killed.” Evel whispered looking sad that another member had been lost. His green eyes glowed through his short hair as he came to me. I knew I had to do something and then I looked down at my stitching to hopefully Evel wouldn’t notice me but he did.
“What is she doing here I thought I killed her when...” Evel started and then he spotted me on the couch. “Who is she?” He asked and I smiled in kindness of another assassin.
“Hello, I’m Silver.” I used my real name to try to throw him off that I am Camren’s sister. I can see that Evel was still with suspicion with me and then he reared back like he just connected something in his mind and I can see myself gone in just a moment of time and I will be seeing my mother and father.
“She is one of them!” My notion was to hide from him, somewhat, than just the next best thing of saying that I am Camren’s sister. I wasn’t sure what he meant by one of them but I did not like were this was going and I couldn’t detain myself any longer.
“I am not!” I yelled and Orin whispered something into his ear but I couldn’t hear what it was. The chatter lasted a few munities and I knew it was all over my life in the creed thus far. I heard the pounding of my heartbeat in my ears. I started to gaze around the room thinking that the golden yellow colored wallpaper would make a nice touch on my room wherever the afterlife takes me.
“Really, all that?” he sounded astonished and I just quickly nodded yes in agreement. “Then she needs to be eliminated.” He said finishing up the conversation and I changed my answer quickly to no.
“Can I get a brake of my life not being in jeopardy?” I whispered to myself and grabbed the cloth for negotiation.  I sighed when I felt the cloth slide through my fingers for a moment before I got a good grasp at it.
“She had saved my life.” Orin said as I can hear a cane clump behind me knowing that we had woken up The Old Elders. I looked down and started to take out my bookmark. I know that I had made this with my two hands with determination and reminder that I am in this for the long hall that is my life.

I couldn’t believe that they were arguing still that I am supposed to be out of the creed like they were little kids arguing on whom to get on the train first when the disigion  was and still is technically mine still.  I had to figure out how to get those two to quit arguing over me and let me take over my life.
“She is not a part of The Creed!” Evel Argued and I had enough of the arguments as I pulled up my stitched bookmark and shouted.
“I have given my life to The Creed  now and forever. I have killed, saved and served my kind while taking the forever oath that I will fallow its ways and pass on the ways of The Creed  to the next generation and beyond!” I shouted out loud and I heard the clapping of The Old Elder behind me. I turned and smiled at my accomplishment while I tried to catch my breath.
“You are ready for The Creed .” The Old Elder said and I couldn’t be much happier that I had worked for this and now they trust me.

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