The Mistakes We've Made

Savannah and Jake were best friends since they were just babies. Until one night... Jake was no longer with them.... put it that way. Serena and Jason were out to get them and... well I guess you'll have to find out!


4. Starbucks

It's Saturday!! FINALLY!! I get out of bed, and go take my morning shower. The feeling of the steaming hot water just calms me down, yet wakes me up so much !   


I get out, and change into a tank top and shorts. I mean, it's not like I'm going to school !   I hop downstairs, into the kitchen. Hmmm… what should I eat? French Toast? Nah too hard... Eggs? Too lazy to crack an egg... I'll just have some toast with Nutella ! I notice a note on the fridge:        

 Hey sweetie! Jeremy called     

this morning, he wants to    

come home. I think you     

should give him a call...  

 I had to leave for work, I'll    

be home by 7:00. Love you    

lots! xo MOM xo      

(P.S. we ran out of toast and Nutella! Sorry)


'xo MOM xo'.... well.. that's something different. Wait hold on... are you serious now I can't eat breakfast! No, I'm NOT making eggs !   Ooh Char texted me!       


 Savannah, sry didnt txt u last nite.  mum took my phone. can we meet sumwhere 2day mayb bucks mAde frm stars? (starbucks) let me kno thx.  xo Char


 no prob. let me get dressed nd ill meet u there in 10? xo Savannah.           


k. c ya. xo Char      


I run up to my bedroom, put on my pink infinity sweatshirt, slip on a pair of jeans, wear my Converse and head out the door.    


 Since Starbucks is right in between my house and Char's house, we usually meet up there. I mean, it's so convenient!

I finally get there and Char is already waiting in line.We both order I order a Cotton Candy Frappe, and Char orders a Triple Chocolate Frappe.


"...and what are your names?" the lady, Miranda, asks. Of course we give her fake names...

"I'm Buffy, and she's Willow" I tell her. Yeah, we're big Buffy fans!

"Hey, weren't you girls Elena and Bonnie 2 days ago?..." she's onto us...

"Sweetie, I think you're watching too much Vampire Diaries..." Char says. Yeah, we're also big fans of Vampire Diaries.

"Whatever..." Miranda rolls her eyes. Me and Char look at each other smiling. We high five each other from the side so no one sees. We're good...

We grab our drinks and walk to Char's.


"Hey Char, I'm gonna call Jeremy, he's coming home and his flight is in 2 hours. You don't mind right?" I take out my phone slowly from my purse. 

"Go ahead!" she goes and turns on the tv.


I finish talking on the phone with Jeremy, and watch Tom and Jerry with Char.... and there goes the doorbell. I look at Char all confused... :/ We open the door and there's a note... along with a picture of... Jake.

"Savannah...?" Char slowly turns her head so she's facing me.

"Yeah...?" we look at each other, then the note, then each other, then the note. This goes on for what seems like forever, until I break the silence.

"Well, we can't stand out here all day! Let's read it!" 



Dearest Char and Savannah,

I'm so sorry about what happened! Even though it WAS your fault! 

Don't think it's anyone's fault but yours! We didn't do anything. Just 

seriously, start telling people the truth. Because we WILL make your life

M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. Oh and F.Y.I Jakey told me about your fight Savannah! 

Oh, OOPS Char wasn't supposed to know about it! I'll leave

you two to talk about it.


Kisses! Serena



Char and I stare at the note blankly. 

"What... did we just.. read...?" the words struggle to come out. I grab the picture and hold it to my chest. Char tries comforting me, but honestly I just block out all her words. I can't help but break down into tears. Serena can't do this.

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