The Mistakes We've Made

Savannah and Jake were best friends since they were just babies. Until one night... Jake was no longer with them.... put it that way. Serena and Jason were out to get them and... well I guess you'll have to find out!


1. Serena *-*

"Jake! No!!" The flashback of that night came back.

"Savannah, can you explain to the class what I just said?" I look up to see Mr. Dean standing over me. I completely freeze, clueless of what was going on.

"Exactly! Pay attention Savannah!" everyone stares at me. Gosh I HATE history...

My best friend, Char, leans over and whispers, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, just another flashback," I assure her I was fine.

When the bell rings for lunch, Char and I sit alone. That's when Serena Mallock comes up to us....

"So, Sweet Savannah spaced out in class. Thinking about poor Jakey again?" Ok! I've had enough of her... I get up, look her in the eye, and slap that smirk RIGHT off her face! Of course now I have detention for a week, but hey! it was worth it.

Serena Mallock has been "little miss perfect" since kindergarten. I mean, we all used to be the best of friends, but she got jealous of me when her biggest crush was my best friend... She's always getting on my nerves, or getting me in trouble. She's been out to get me since... that night... um.... ok moving on.

Before lunch ended, I called my brother, Jeremy, who was visiting Israel. I call him every Wednesday to see how's doing. He tells me whats going on in his life and I tell him whats going on in mine. Jeremy is probably the best little brother you could ever ask for!!

When I got home with Char, my mom ordered Chinese! Yay! I love it when we order Chinese!!

"Thanks so much, Danielle!" Char thanked my mom.

"Please Char, call me mom. It's been long enough!" my mom insists. I guess you can call Char my sister. After all, we are the same person!

After dinner me and Char study for our Math quiz on Monday, and she goes home.

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