how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


9. chapter 9

'Hi Leo' I say looking him in the eyes

'uh, hi' he sounds kinda shy but I can tell he's normally the outgoing one

'how are you?' I find Leo quite calming as well as the fact he reached out and put his hand on my leg, IM GUNNA GET OTTA HERE, I smile at Leo and from what I can tell he smiles back

'I'm good, you?' he asks now the original outgoing boy he should be

'I'm good considering Liam is gunna crash through that wall telling me I should go see some Niall kid. I ran away and he was yelling it as I left'

'you know Li Li and Ni Ni?' he whispers to me looking at the other two men that are here

'uh yea, I think' I look at the other two as well, one was playing with his belly button and the other was drinking a beer while watching TV 'and I don't think they'll be bothering us' I smile again

'Tango, Barb, I'm taking her first' Leo says

'Fine but save the fight for us' “Tango” yells back from watching TV

'get up and walk into this room.. please' Leo asks me so I do as I'm old and continue into 'the room'

't'sup?' I ask him as he closes the door

'umm, I know you don't know me yet but I'm...'

'your Leo' I smile at how stupid I'm being, maybe if I continue I can get out of here

'No, I'm Louis' he pulls off his mask and I see a quite remarkable boy, he looked like a kid and an adult at the same time

'LOU!!' I yell and jump onto him

'Uh, Hi there' he laughs as I snuggle into him

'hmmm' I say getting off of him, I furrow my eyebrows and look crossly at him

'what?' he asks putting a hand on my arm

'why did you guys kidnap me?' I was pacing around the room now, my eyes not leaving his

'um.. that's a good question, I uhh.........' he strokes his chin as if he had a beard 'well..'

'just tell me the truth and I won't hurt you' I threaten him

'whoa, okay, we like to kidnap people and.. well, yea'

my mouth drops 'why would you need to do that, you look pretty damn cute to me' I kinda blush and look away. When I look back he is as red as a tomato


Niall's P.O.V


she really had been acting weird, the passing out, the constant sleeping,not wanting to stay with Liam.. the list could go on and on but not having a heart does that, I guess

'Niall, Liam's here to see you' My mother calls from downstairs

'coming' I yell back, I throw on a shirt and run out of my room hoping to see Tara again. I miss her so much 'Hey Liam' Liam walks into the living room and sits down on a couch, I look around waiting to see Tara but I can't find her

'she's been kidnapped' Liam says shifting in his seat

the words didn't hit until a few minutes after 'SHE WHAT' I yell 'I TRUSTED HER WITH YOU AND YOU LOSE HER?!?!'

'I didn't lose her she ran away and then someone took her, she called for help, she called for Harry..' he looks at me like I was going to break down, and I kinda want to, but I need to find her she trusted me and I left her 'she didn't remember you, she ran away when I told her that I was going to take her to you, she wanted to meet Lou but I wouldn't let her. It's all my fault' Liam buried his face into his hands

'calm down Liam, this isn't your fault. I shouldn't of taken her from the facility, her condition is getting worse' I pace back and forth trying to figure out what's going to happen

'what do you mean?' Liam looks as though I'm talking crazy

'soon she will deteriorate' I feel empty saying it that way

'she's gunna DIE?' he gets up in anger

'No she's already dead, her body won't hold up' my pace quickens and I try to think where someone would take her

'but how are we gunna get her back?'

'where did you last see her?'


'are you sure she was here last?' I ask, I didn't seem like Tara to run off like that

'yea, she was wearing my shirt and a pair of my boxers' Liam turns bright red

'why was she wearing your clothes?' If he did anything to her I swear....

'she fell asleep, oh and you were right she does sing that song while she sleeps, and when I put her to bed her clothes looked really uncomfortable. She was tossing and turning in them so I changed them for her... I didn't look just so you know. Anyways she got up me for it the next morning' Liam did look sorry, so I forgave him for that mistake.

'do you think that's why she got kidnapped?' I ask in the most sarcastic voice I could muster

'crap, I didn't think of it like that...' Liam paced back to the hotel and I followed hoping we would be able to find her from the 52nd floor suit


Louis' P.O.V


'Yo Leo, do you want to grab a pizza?' barb offered, pizza was a code word for people... yes I know its weird that I like to kidnap people but that's the only way for me to have sex and not get hate about it, but ever since Niall disappeared we seemed to have lost half our fanbase.

'yea, sure just make sure we don't get a dodgy one like last time. Okay?' Barb was into the hookers but I prefer people that look like they deserve it, like if they leave the house in a pair of shorts and a gym bra they deserve it.

'Tango you coming?' Barb asked him while he put on his way to small shirt... these guys need to go on a diet, seriously, they were really big and I knew they lost a lot while they chased but that didn't help when they spend the rest of their time on the couch and drinking beer

'yea, might as well. You need to get your own this time, last time we shared it was pretty awkward' Tango fixed the mask that covered his entire head as if it was a sack but it looked more like a sombrero but it covered his face as well

'fine but I'm not helping you with yours again, you really have to get into shape like us' Barb gestures between me and him even though he would way 15x my own weight. I usually let the argue by themselves but today I had a headache

'guys, shut the fuck up. Are we gunna do this or what?' I say heading for the door, we didn't know each others real names just the code names we gave ourselves.


we walked up and down the street looking for some hoes to take and Barb had already gone home with his 'hey Leo, come check this one out' he called over to me

'what is it?' when I got to him I could only see the back end of a girl running away from us in boxers and a baggy shirt 'close enough' I say to myself. She was calling out to someone but not for help, she was running away from that person not us!

'Leo go to the front of her and I'll approach from the side' Barb was pretty good at trapping them but I still had to carry them.

I sneak around in the crowd even though I still couldn't see her face, I see barb approach and run to the girls side. She was out before she could even make a sound, Barb had a talent and always made it look as though she had fallen asleep 'Smith!' I call to him using the same lines as we always do 'did you get to her okay, I'm sorry but she hasn't had he pills today' I yell it from the other side of the crowd just so everyone could hear and dismiss it like they always did

'I know, lets just get her home. Okay?' his smile was fake and no one could tell but me..


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