how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


4. chapter 4

We don’t know, it was missing when the surgeon operated' Niall says looking down to his feet 'I’m sorry'

I get up and walk over to Niall, he looks at me and I see more then pain in his eyes 'Niall, who were you talking about before?'

'oh uh. no one' I embrace him and he pulls my head into his chest. At first we stood there in silence but then I heard the sorrow filled sobs come from his perfect mouth

'Niall whats wrong?' he pulls away roughly and I feel like I did something wrong

'NOTHING, just get back into bed'

'oh okay' I say walking over to my bed and sitting down. He walks out and I feel like my family left with him.

I lay down, resting my head on the hard white pillow that was given and before I knew it I was asleep dreaming about harry


'hey babe?' harry asked pulling me into a hug from behind

'harry' I giggled 'I’m cooking dinner'

'DINNER?' Niall yelled running into the kitchen

'yes Niall dinner. Wait, when did you get here I thought you went out on a date' I asked turning around as harry let me go

'oh uh yea' he fidgeted with the bottom of his shirt 'she broke up with me'

'what!?! why?' I walk over to Niall and put a caring hand on his arm

'after she got front page she told me that her friends had made a bet'

'and that was....'

'that she could get on the front page of 'gossip girl'. She got $1 000' all I could do was pull Niall into a hug and stroke his hair as he sobs slightly putting his head in my hair 'So babe what do you want to go on now?' he asks amusement in his voice and when I open my eyes we were at a theme park

'oh wow. Can we go on the giant drop?' I ask taking in the loving scene, the kids were laughing, the rides where loud- full of screaming people and I instantly saw millions of people hugging, kissing and caring.

'well you know I’m afraid of heights but as long as you hold my hand I'll be alright' I grab his hand and pull him over to the line, after waiting a few minutes we arrive at the front

'you two together?' the uninterested man at the both asks

'yea' Niall reply placing a caring peck on my cheek

'go on through'

We take our seats and Niall is practically breaking my hand 'Uh Niall. That hurts'

'Oh My God sorry babe' he says placing a hand on my knee and looking straight into my eyes, we go up to the very top and I see the whole world at our feet but Niall's eyes never leave mine even when we fall back at 200 k/ph

'Babe?' he asks while we stop

'yea' I say unbuckling my seat belt but he just pulls me back down

'never leave me okay?'

'okay. Can we go now?' I ask pulling him up and when he stands he hugs me to him and leans down placing his lips on mine and I feel like I betrayed someone but I don’t know who 'Niall? Niall. NIALL' I yell as he fades from me

_______Dream End__________

'shh its okay, I’m here for you' I open my eyes and feel someone brushing my hair out of my eyes 'it was just a bad dream'

'what happened?' I ask still half asleep

'when I walked in you where tossing and turning yelling my name' I feel his arms around me hugging me into a ball on his lap, I was a fair amount smaller then Harry and I liked it that way,

'Harry?' I ask looking into his eyes but when my eyes cleared they weren’t the stunning green I was hoping for they were a calming blue but I didn't know which was better. The eyes flick away and I feel awkward

'who's harry?' Niall whispers

'oh umm.' what was Harry to me, He wasn't my boyfriend, he wasn't 'just a guy' he was much more then that but if I said that to Niall I don’t think he would forgive me 'Hes Sam's cousin' coming to the conclusion that it was the most unobjectionable thing to say

'and who's Sam?'

'He took me in when my abusive foster mother kicked me out, my best friend kissed my best guy friend and I couldn’t go anywhere else' I really do admire everything he has done for me.

'oh I’m so sorry' Niall pulls me into another one of his award winning hugs 'shit whats the time?' he pulls out his phone and checks it, 'crap we have to go'

He pulls me out into the white hall where we see a small cart with a trunk 'get into the the trunk'

'what, wa--' I try but voices pick up and Niall pushes me into the trunk. It was small, dark and when we started moving it got bumpy especially in this cramped space 'Niall take it easy' I hissed

'shh be quiet'

We go over a speed bump and I bump my head 'ugghh'

'Hey Niall whats in the trunk?' a girly voice asks

'uh hi Aphrodite, just dead body'

'what did it say on the clipboard?'

'inside-out plus the aid of Telekinesis'

'shit. Can I see?' she says in a flirtatious voice

'No Aphrodite I know you have a weak stomach' Niall is starting to sound bored

'aw baby, you know me so well' I could practically see her batting her eyelashes and touching his arm, I feel my teeth grind together in rage

'uggghhhhh' I do my best zombie groan but hold back my laugh

'aahhhhhh' Aphrodite screams "Its alive kill it! KILL ITTT!!!. Niallllll' she complains the last

'oh ahh I have to get going can you just clear me?'

'yea, yea whatever just get that thing out of HERE'

we continue driving and the escape was easier then it seemed. We drove for about an hour until we stopped and Niall opened the small space

'that was terrible, funny but terrible' he giggled grabbing my hand and pulling me out

'I couldn’t help myself, shes soo annoying' I say dusting the rust off my clothes finally feeling the cold I shiver and Niall takes his white coat off handing it to me

I put it on and he ruffles his hair like Harry does 'Try having to work with her. She has a pretty big crush on me'

'I noticed..... Aw baby you know me so well' I say mimicking her

'you do it so much better' he pulls me into his arms and dips me (yes actual dippage) while at the lowest point he bends and kisses me (yes actual kissage). Taken away in the moment I kiss back hugging him to me and embracing his smell, he smelt like spices and food, Instantly regretting what I did I pull away and he takes this as a sign to pull me up

'why does this always end in you pulling away?' he says almost frustrated

'thing is, I don’t know what Harry and I are' I say finally letting lose

'What do you mean?' I realize Niall had a very short temper but was the most caring guy I know

'He admitted that he liked me in the hospital and didn’t really ask me out but we are definitely more then just friends' Niall grabs my hand and looks into my eyes

'It was you' He says tightening his grip

'what was me?'

'the girl that I was talking about back in your square' My square. What the hell was 'My square

'oh uh yea' I say looking down, how could I forget? that was the most obvious thing.

'just give me a chance. Please?' Niall pulls me into his arms and holds me 'Please I can give you so much more just give me a chance?'

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