how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


3. chapter 3

when I finally wake my room is empty, no Harry, no Sam, not even another bed 'Hello?'

'Nice to see your awake. I’m prof. Oak' a man walks in with a brown beard and graying hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. 'and your very lucky to be here' when he smile his wrinkles scrunch up at his eye to make him seem much older then he already is.

'here? where is here?'

'oh we're still in the Hospital. by here I mean, not alive exactly but, in this world. kinda'

'what do you mean'

'here let me show you' he pulls the stethoscope from his neck and places the ear buds in my ears and the plate on my heart

'I don’t hear anything' I didn’t think that was a bad thing, no heart murmur, no squelching. Nothing

'exactly. Nothing'

'what do you mean'

'you don’t have a heart beat' but the prof. said it in the most casual way


'I don’t know' he ruined his hand over his head slicking back any loose strands 'when you got hit by that car you died but when Harry brought you in your muscles were working and everything was fine, including the heart beat but since you have woken up. BAMB nothing'

I jumped at his words 'but how does that work?

'we're here to find out' he picks up an object that looks like a sharp knife 'lets see whats inside' while walking over I see the knife is a scoupel

'no. NO. NOO!' but my vision fades out again leaving me breathless with pain


'looks like shes awake' A strange voice says

when I open my eyes I’m greeted with a 'hey there' from a boy with short blond hair grabbing my hand I notice he was pretty hot; he had shimmering blue eyes with flecks of green attracted to the irises, braces although they were clear, an amazing Irish accent and he was wearing a faded green polo and black baggy jeans with a white cloak over the top

'where am I?' I ask looking into the blue eyes and I feel as though I’m drowning in them

'your at a research facility' I look over to see a woman in her early thirty’s

'why am I here'

'did the surgeon explain that you didn't have a heart beat?' the boy asks


'then that’s why' he explains

'alright I'll leave you to it Niall' the woman says heading towards the door

'oh.. okay' the boy says a picture of pure untouched innocence

'Niall?' I ask as soon as the lady leaves

'yea?' he looks down to his clipboard

'when do I leave here?' tears were in my eyes and I notice how many times I have cried ever since I met Harry, but I guess he got through my wall

'I’m not sure' Niall looks into my teary eyes and I see the pity he feels for me 'but hopefully you'll get out of here sometime'

'what do you mean?'

'not many people get to leave here'

'and where is here?'

'I....I cant say' He looks down at his feet putting the clipboard on the table beside me

'Niall I’m scared' the tears break through and run fast down my cheeks but Niall puts a hand on my face brushing my tears away with his thumb

'don’t be. I’m here, I'll keep you safe'

'p..promise' I hadn't asked anyone to make a promise since Eric but I felt comfortable with Niall

he looks into my eyes 'promise' he says closing the distance between us until I feel his warm lips brush against mine and he deepens the kiss. The kiss was passionate but still more forceful then harry was.

I pull away and look down, Niall looks away and says something under his breath 'I... I’m sorry' I say looking up to see him pacing back and forth

'no... no, its not your fault.' he sighs 'I shouldn't have feeling like this for her' it looks as though he was talking to himself

'like what?' I ask a little intrigued

'oh..uh nothing don’t worry' he waved his hand as if his magic was making me forget

I get up and walk over to him 'Niall' I put my hand against his chest, feeling his racing heart, and make him look at me 'whats wrong?'

'you know how you like someone that you know you shouldn't? and it hurts, but its a good hurt. You know?. Well I think... I think I'm falling for a subject' he says looking down

'subject?' I ask

'yea, the things we research, like you.. umm... just for example though'

'how?' I ask simply curious

'when she came in I looked straight past her faults and fell for her instantly, she just looked so peaceful while she was out and you... I mean she, makes me feel like I have a family again'

Did he just talk about me?. No. Well possibly, that lady at the hospital showed me that anything is possible 'Niall, can you get me out of here?' I say hopefully able to change the subject

He looks down and I feel my heart sink 'maybe, but don’t get your hopes up this is going to be difficult'

I feel as though I can do anything, the same feeling I had when the lady told me Harry was talking about me. I run up to Niall and hug him squeezing him as hard as I can 'thank you, thank you, thank you'

He laughs and hugs me back, his embrace was warm and reminded me of sitting by the fire on a winter night back at Sam's house, 'Whats your name?' Niall asks

'oh.. right. My names.... umm, Tara I think but my friends call me T' I say, for a second I forgot my name

'did you forget your name?'

'uh. yea for a second'

'hmm' Niall walked over to his clipboard and wrote something down

'whats that for?'

'just research' he said smiling. I walk over to him and look over his shoulder only to see three word that could never be unseen.

I stumble back and sit on my bed in shock, wind shuddering through my nightgown making me shiver 'how is that possible?'



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