how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


15. chapter 14)

Liam's P.O.V


Tara. She's... I don't know.

When I talked to her about cutting, I felt- I felt like she needed better. I knew that she deserved it but when that came up. She broke me.

But I'll always

'hey, Liam, we're getting something to eat. You coming?' Niall poked his head into my hotel room

'um, I don't think I'm in the mood Niall. Thanks though' I look over to him and smile, he looked so different. His hair had grown back to it's natural color, he wore glasses and his casual clothes were swapped for dress shirts and pressed pants.

'C'mon Liam, I'm trying to get to know you all.. Again. Least you could do is give me time to ask questions' Niall walked over and sat on the couch seat next to me 'please?' He looked so adorable, but I really wasn't hungry, all I wanted to do was watch a movie and sleep.. Hopefully Tara doesn't need me.

'Sorry Ni, I just really don't want to' I turn back to the t.v, thinking he was going to walk back to the rest of the boys. Where he belonged.

'Fine, I'll stay here with you. The best of both options' (I was gunna say the best of both worlds.. seriously, who wouldn't think of Hannah Montana)

'Niall.. Fine, but I'm only watching movies and stuff' Niall whips his phone out and texts the boys, probably telling them that we both weren't going. I grab the remote off the coffee table and flick through the channels first before giving up and leaving it on dodgy cartoons

'can I raid your cupboards?' I look at Niall, even when so much has changed his apatite is still as big as ever.

'you should of gone with them, I don't have much food' His smile falters but he picks it back up

'okie, we'll grab some from mine' He jumps up

'I'll help you but are you sure Zayn won't mind?' Zayn has claimed Niall as his teddy because he missed out on the “drama” and was the last one to know that Niall was back, or even alive.

'he buys extra' Niall was definitely settling into his old habits, and we were all fine with that.

'good' I smile and walk to the front door with Niall in tow.

I walk to the door at the end of the corridor 'you guys are in here aren't you?' I turn to Niall who pulls out his card key

'yup' He swipes us in and rushes to the pantry 'I've been waiting to eat this for like ages!' I spot a box of Oreo's in his hands

'you haven't eaten that yet?' I can't believe that. Niall usually eats everything in sight

'No, I thought I’d save them for movie night, but Zaynie had to cancel on me' he pouted 'but it's okay because now I get to spend time with you Li Li' His eyes lit up and I smile.

This is what I missed about Niall. When Niall was happy so was everyone else, if there was something wrong we all knew about it. 'Li Li? You haven't called me that since you left.. Niall, are you remembering?'

Niall looks up in thought 'Um, when I think about it I know a few more things then I did... I don't know. Lets go back and watch a movie' He turns and grabs loads more food and hands me a few things to carry back to my hotel room.

'Alright Niall, got everything?' I laugh at how much food he has in his arms

'Hmmmm, one more thing... I'll meet you at the door to your hotel' He smiles and starts pushing me out the door

'Get changed too Niall, jeans aren't very comfortable to watch a movie in'

He looks down and laughs 'Yeah, didn't think so. I'll be there in a sec, just don't close the door on me, I don't have a key'

'Okay Niall' I call while walking out his door. I walk into my room and lay the food onto the side that I didn't use, while walking out I notice my phone on the coffee table. Looks like I have a message, I grab it and check it as I get back to the entry.

I see Niall in his Pajamas carrying what looked like a bear and loads more food, thats more like Niall 'need help?' I walk over to him and take a few boxes from the top

'thanks Liam' Niall shuffles his arms and smiles

'what are friends for' Niall blushes and looks down


When we get back to the hotel room I let him into my room and he drops everything onto my bed with a huff 'Damn that stuff's hard to carry'

I smile to him and motion to the red bear that he was still holding onto 'who's this lad?' Niall tries to keep him out of view and I laugh 'C'mon Niall, I wont tell'


Niall's P.O.V


The truth is that I wanted Liam to ask about my bear, that's why I brought him along. I was just scared of what he'll say 'Umm, he... I don't know how to say this without seeming like a coward' I hold onto him tighter

'Niall, I told you, I'm not going to tell anyone. You can trust me. Look, I won't even judge' Liam smiles

'thanks Li' I sit on the bed next to my food, Liam's probably gunna have to help me with all this. I may have a big appetite but it's not this big 'Well, this bears been with me from the start. Although I don't remember how I got him or how I got to where I was, I knew that this bear ment something to me' an image of Tara flashes through my head. I see her laying on the operation table and I see the pain on her face, I hope we can get her out of there. Harry's been tracking everything that might be related to her.

Today was actually the first time they've gone out since she was taken, along with Sam. Harry want to find Sam almost as much as he wants to find Tara.

'Niall?' I look up at Liam who had a hand on my arm 'are you okay? You spaced out a little'

'yeah, I'm fine'

'C'mon Ni Ni, lets pick a movie' He smiles and grabs my hand 'we'll have a good night tonight' He gives it a reassuring squeeze before he drops it and I stand up.

I move the food around the bed until it was sitting around both Liam and I 'you want some?' I look over to him and he shakes his head

'Not at the moment but maybe later' his smile was tight on his lips and I notice that he was trying to concentrate

'what's up Liam?'

'huh? Oh, nothing' he picks up the remote and starts flicking through movies 'you got anything in particular you want to watch?'

'no, not really' I try to smile at him but he hardly noticed


Liam's P.O.V


Tara wasn't answering me. I tried to get through to her but there was nothing. I hated that I was here and safe (for now at least) with Niall while Tara was stuck in that place.

I was thinking about the first time I saw her, it killed me to think about what she had done with the knife. Why would she think like that? She's always been a pretty upbeat kind of girl and I get that it's been hard for her but..

But would she really go that far?

I ignore the feelings and move onto the task at hand. When I found her she was.. Laying on the floor with the razor in hand.

Tara shouldn't be able to get into the meeting place if I'm not watching over her so how was she in the room?

I try to reach her again and I feel something burn my life force, what happened?

I look over to Niall and I smile at how effortlessly he can sit and watch a movie with a smile on his face, I hope he wouldn't mind if I visit Bethany for a second.

I close my eyes and when I open them I'm in the walkway, I grew up walking through this walkway so I automatically knew where to go. Bethany's apartment was the third door on the left and she was almost always at home.

Bethany wasn't a guardian like me but she did look over us, along with others, and they try to help us with any questions we have. She use to be a guardian but her child grew up and she lost a contract with him. She wouldn't tell us what happened to make her lose a contract.

I knock on her door and see her sitting behind her desk 'hey Beth' I smile and sit across from her 'not getting many questions these days?'

'no, not really Liam' she looked bored behind the stacks of paper

'so.. I have a question about Tara'

She smiles 'mm, do you regret signing her contract?'

'no, not at all. It's just that.. she got into the meeting place without me.' Bethany looks up at me

'how? That shouldn't be possible' She was shocked

'I don't know but I can't reach her anymore, I talked to her sometime earlier, but now I can get in' I drop my head into my hands

'do you think she's stopping you? Would there be any reason she would want to stop you?'

I shake my head 'no, we were on good terms when we last talked'

'hmm, I don't know.... where is she?? why not just drive to her?? or text her?' I saw her touch her forehead and sigh

'are you okay Beth??' I tilt my head and raise my hand to her cheek, she was getting a tad old. She's the daughter of an original and her parents are getting crumbly.

Beth's got part human too, that's why she's aging differently to us.

'I'm fine'

'your face is hot' I stand up and go to her kitchen, I grab a glass from her cupboard and fill it with cold water from her fridge 'drink this'

She takes a sip and sighs 'thanks, but I'm fine'

'Anyway, Beth, can you check up on this? Can you ask the elders please??' I sigh 'I can't do anything for her. She's been taken and that's the only contact that the boys and I can get'

'alright, I'll try' Beth smiled at me and I lay a hand on her arm

'thank you so much Beth, you're the best' I smile and stand up, I look back at her one last time before I left. It's probably just old age that's making her feel down, it's not like angels can get sick.



heyyaaa, sorry for the late update. Stuffs been happening with life.. 

I hope you're all doing fine and being happy :) I'm also really sorry that this chapter is really short, I just thought that it's been so long I might as well put up what I've got written soooo.....

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Anyway, I love you alllll From Jenty_blue XD (A.K.A Jesssss!!!)

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