how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


14. chapter 13

I look down at my screen and check out the map that travels from here once I know where to go I start running. A bell rings and I openly groan 'I'm gunna be late!' I yell at myself, I push through an orange door about a minute later. From what I caught when I got in the room was big and full of voices.

I grab my knees and pant after running so far 'Ah, nice to see you're here..' I look up to see a fit man, around 21 maybe, with bright orange hair. He looks at me with questioning eyes and that when I remember he was asking for my name, I guess a lot of people change their names once they get here
'I'm Louis, Lou for short' I smile at him still mildly out of breath

'good to see you Louis, I'm Ed' he smiles, he had a nice smile and he seemed friendly 'I'll need to see you after class to see where you're at.. Physically at least' he laughs and I blush 'just do whatever for now, other then the pool, and I'll see you when possible' he walks off to see someone that was holding a blue flag

'oh look who it is' I hear a sweet voice say, I groan and let my head fall 'looks like I get another turn to crush you' she laughs and I smile

'that's funny considering that I beat the crap outta you last time' I turn and look down at her, I was standing close enough to tower over her

'well, I'm top of this class. Don't think you can beat me there' she saunters of and I silently thank God that she didn't want to fight again because I know Liam hasn't got me now

“oh I always got your back girl” I hear a sassy Liam's voice in my head and I openly laugh. People looked at me like I was crazy because I was laughing at her back but they went on their way when I walked over to a treadmill and started it.

I run on the machine until my lungs burned and I pushed a little longer until I was completely out of breath. I turned it off like anyone else would and I headed to the archery section where there were a few other people but there were quite a few lanes. I set up, putting on my arm guard and testing my bow before there was a red light and everyone set down their bow. I quickly put mine down in case it was my fault that happened until I see the light turn yellow and people filed out to grab their arrows. I stand there like it was nothing with a few people whispering around me. The light turns blue a few seconds after everyone filed back to their posts.

I pick up my bow again and shoot an arrow, it flies straight and hits almost dead center. I almost fly backwards with amazement 'how the fuck did I make that!? Holey shit' Liam? I say in my head “nope, that wasn't me T.. Or should I call you Lou?” I hear him laughing and I wonder how stupid he looks at the moment “I never look stupid T, only you do” I giggle to myself and draw back another arrow and fire again, it hits the target around the same spot as the other one 'this is awesome!' I call, people look at me but I keep shooting until the red light sounds and I was left with one arrow.

I wait for the yellow light until I walk on the field, I collect all 9 of my arrows and walk back, I wanted to try something different now. I stand ready and the green light flicks on. I draw and fire instantly, pulling another arrow out of the bag I repeat the process as quickly as I can. I wasn't even focusing on the targets or where my arrows were hitting, I was just breathing along with the whip of the string and working my arm to finish the 10 arrows that I had collected.

I reach back and feel nothing, I guess I've run out of arrows.

I look over to the other people in lanes and they were eying me 'what?' I say and the look away 'whatever' I smile to myself and wait... and wait, and wait. How long until the bloody light changed?! 'ugh' I say as the light changes and I lay my bow down, when the light turns yellow I walk out and pull all my arrows from the yellow rings with a huff.

I stomp back and wait for the others until I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see the boy with the orange hair towering over me 'hey there, I see you have a talent with bows' he winks 'how long have you been practicing outside?'

'I haven't, this is the first time I've picked up a bow' I say motioning to what felt like an extension of my own arm

'really? You- you have to be yanking my chain' he laughs but I shake my head and he leans in slowly 'is that why you're here? Because you pick up talents?' he whispers

I lean in more and so does he, thinking it was a big secret 'No' I whisper and pull back laughing

'you're a douche!' Ed laughs with me

'But it's so funny!' I stand up again with a smile on my face

'it really wasn't that funny' he looks at me smirking 'anyway, so you really haven't handled a bow and arrow before? Like ever?' I shake my head, I wasn't lying. Trust me, I'm as shocked as he is

'nope, I che--' I was just about to tell him about Liam being my guardian but I stopped myself 'checked with my foster carers and they told me I've never been to any lessons for anything' I fixed my error and hoped that he didn't notice

'oh? Well, how about I verse you? One on one, first person to 40 wins' I nod, knowing that I would definitely give it my best shot.

We wait for a few seconds until this round was over and then he picks up his own bow and 10 arrows 'here' he throws me half of another quiver and I chuckle while I place them in my own 'on the count of 3' he presses a few buttons on the bench and a timer lights up with a bright red number 3 on it, it counts down and I draw my first arrow faster then him sending it straight into the bulls eye, I smile and pull out another quickly.

I send one after the other until I had 5 arrows stuck in the board and someone called 'checked!' and Ed sets his bow down

'what does that mean?' I look around at the crowd that had gathered around us and they looked like gasping fish, I giggle but hide it with a cough. I look over to Ed and see him shaking his head in disbelief 'what?' I say

He looks up with a spark in his eyes 'you beat me' he laughs 'you actually beat me.. and in like 10 seconds'

I look at my target and see 3 arrows in the center and 2 just outside it 'huh? How?'

'you really are new to this.. center ring is 10 points and the next one out is 9. You just got 48 points' He looks at his own 'I only got 26!' he laughs

'what? Really!?' I was getting more and more excited, I can't believe I did this! OMG! 'wait, are you usually good at this?' if was actually bad and he was shitting me I would have slapped some poor kid or Tammie... I actually don't know what Tammie look-a-like's name was..

'yeah! I'm good at all sports, that why I was elected class rep.' he says as we move away from the shooting range

'oh, wow' I say lowering my head and shuffling along beside him

'so that isn't why you're here?' I shake my head again and he sighs 'I'm gunna have to ask aren't I? Why are you here Lou' I'm soo not use to being called Lou!

'It doesn't matter anymore, I'm fixed' I rub my arm trying to ward off the chill that the memory brings me

'oh, If you want me to drop it I will' Ed said in a low voice

'please' I say looking up to him..


Ed's P.O.V (I know there hasn't been a change of view for a while)


She looked at me with such pleading eyes, I couldn't do anything but nod. I knew it was none of my business but I asked anyway, I was always so awkward like that.

Lou looked and acted like a normal girl, I don't get what could be wrong with her. Why would she end up here?

'what was that whole thing with Becky when you came in?' I wanted to change the subject so she didn't look so sad, I never liked it when people were sad.

'Becky? Which one was she?' so she didn't know Becky

'The one with the blond hair, you talked to her when you came in' she looked up at me with sly eyes

'oh, her' she said drearily 'yeah, I kinda bashed her up. Now she wants “revenge” or somthin like that' she says rolling her eyes

'you bashed Becky up? Wow, didn't think you had it in you' I nudge her with my elbow and she sighs

'Yeah, I think I got some help though.. I have pretty good luck' She laughs and looks down, what did she mean by that? Was that why she was here-- Never mind, I really should stop butting into peoples personal life.

'yeah, you would need some luck to defeat her. She is highest in the class, physically I mean, but she ain’t so smart' we laugh together

'she doesn't seem like someone to be like that' I look at her and her eyes pull me under the cover smile and into the darkness that laid beneath, she was like.. I don't know.. a swirling sea that carried the winds in the currents, pulling stray bubbles of air to the surface that you could only see when paying attention.

It was gorgeous really. The way she moved like it didn't matter and that her eyes portrayed the most of her without the use of her mouth.

And I knew that whoever had the heart of this girl was someone special.

'she's not that bad, she can actually be pretty funny.. When she's not threatened by other people' I open the gate to the pool where a few people were swimming laps, thats all they ever did here

'sooo, never' she says walking through the gate behind me 'is this all that happens here? No one plays Marko Polo?' she says to herself but I caught the faint whisper.

I smile as an idea pops into my head 'why don't you change into your sweats' I tell her and point to the change room

'sweats? Sorry I don't have any' Man..

'I'll lend you some from the storage, you don't mind if they're pink right?' I walk out the fence and hear her grumble something. I open the door to the storage and turn the lights on, everything was covered in dust! I cough and wave my arm around trying to get rid of the grim entering my lungs 'bloody hell' I go over to the size 14's I assume that she was that size but I decide to get one bigger and smaller just in case.

I jog back and see her sitting with her legs crossed and her head down, probably thinking of home, that's what I did when I first got here...

'hey! Here' I throw her the clothes and she practically drowns in the three sets of sweats.

She hold them up 'where's the top?' she was stretching the sports bra and I couldn't help but laugh at her

'that is the top' Has she even ever worked out before? Like ever?

'really!? This wont even fit across my boobs!' her eyes widen 'oops, sorry' she says scrambling up and running off to the changing rooms

'she's a weirdo!' I say to myself and shake my head 'but what can I do about it?' I laugh

I was looking around at the room that surrounded me and I see everyone going about their work, although something was different. Each bench press was timed, every breath was a perfectly executed puff of carbon dioxide and there wasn't a single sound that messed up the rhythmic beat of machinery.

What was happening? It all looked the same but yet so different, I was use to this. Although by now I would be working the treadmill. I look over to the treadmill I would usually be in and it was empty, the people around it were the same. All the eyes held the same emotion that they always had, determination. Although what it was over was a completely different story.

Some determined to get out of here, others to get to the next Km. But for me, it was to see my family and take whoever owned this place down. I thought I was happy here, until I realized that we were being played like clockwork. Our thoughts are not our own, Our dreams are cut from templates and we don't want to escape the paradise that holds us captive..

'how is this a shirt?!' I turn around and see Lou standing in a pair of pink and black yoga pants with a matching sports bra, she didn't look half bad in them. She wasn't the most toned person but her “pudge” is pretty cute and there was only a little bit of it 'This is clearly a plain bra, I think there's a fault in the dress code here' she says walking over to me with her arms crossed 'is there anything else I could wear? Anything at all??'

'fine' My shirt was gunna get wet anyway.

I pull my gray shirt over my head and throw it at her, she catches it and looks at me with her eyebrows raised 'okayyyy then' she turns and covers what skin was showing with a soft gray fabric 'much better, buuut what about you?' She doesn't even turn to look at me when she asks, she was also playing with her arms a littlee, I hope the fabric wasn't itchy.. Well, it's not on me.

'meh, all I'm gunna do is this' I say with a smile, I run at her picking her up and throwing her over my shoulder before I lunge into the pool. She screams before we go under and when we do she lashes about in my arms, I laugh and watch as bubbles of air escape my mouth. I let her go and she throws me under while pushing off me to get up to the surface, my lungs start to hurt so I rush up and when my head breaks the surface I hear complete and utter silence. No one moved, no one spoke, no one looked away from the “fun” that we had.

'whats up with everyone?' Lou slowly looks at me

'I have no idea' I whisper to her, but my voice echoes off the walls and surrounds me as a cold reminder of the silence

'did-- did you just do that-- WITH HER!?' Becky yelled and everyone turned their head in what seemed like unison.

'Do what?' Lou says to me, I look at Becky and she turns red

'I swear to god I will stab you!!' Becky storms off and people start to get uninterested in us and more interested on Becky pounding her fists into a punching bag

'what was that all about?' Lou looks up to where Becky was standing seconds ago and shrugs 'whatever. Why you gotta be a douche!?' she looks to me and shoves my arm

'what do you mean milady?' I half bow and she pushes my head under the surface of the water 'hey!!' I call

'well, now it's even' She smiles and swims over to the edge of the pool. She was halfway out of the pool when I grab her around the waist and pull her back with me. I thought I saw something on her arm, like a piece of string or something but I couldn't really make out what it was. She yelps and elbows me in the stomach. I double over around her and her -well my- shirt flips in our faces and I could hardly tell which way was up. I was half suffocating when I feel someone grab my wrist and pull me above the water 'dude! I had to ditch the shirt so neither of us would drown' I look back to Lou and see her shiver a little before she glares at me 'I'm glad I elbowed you'

'well, soorryy' I say and I roll my eyes behind her back

'you should be' She climbs out of the pool cautiously, thinking that I was gunna do that all again.

I grab my shirt and follow behind her. When I stand I look down to her and see that her pink gym bra had fallen a bit low... 'Lou?' I say pointing to her breasts, I guess I'm glad I gave her the shirt because I would have been worse without it

'oh shit!' she pulls up her soaking bra and blushes furiously. It's not like I saw anything too bad, just skin. Plus, I have seen boobs before

'it's fine Lou, I've seen it all before' I wink at her and her cheeks get redder

'not on me you haven't' she rubbed her arms and I saw the red. She's cut her wrists..

It was probably before she came here because there's nothing sharp here and no one would let her get that close to mentally wanting to do that to herself.

I catch a full eyefull of them and wince,they looked red, fresh and painful. She looks at me slightly concerned before she crosses her arms and sighs, I hear a wobble in her voice and I look into her eyes finding them glazed over with tears.

She looks at me a second longer before she starts running off.

'Lou!' she doesn't stop 'Lou you—' I didn't know what to say, how could I say anything? I've never dealt with things like this before. 'you left your clothes in the change room' I say weakly as she jogs away in soaking wet sweat clothes.

I hope she's going to be okay here..

I figure getting her clothes is the first thing to do. So I walk to the change rooms and go through the open ones hoping to find Lou's jeans and her Panda jumper. I find them in the very back of the last changing rooms, along with the other sweats.

I run out to look for Lou but I couldn't find her, I look in the archery range but she still wasn't there, so I continue to walk around. I see Becky walking towards me and I groan, I cant even walk away from her, she's already seen me and put on the biggest flirty smile her tiny face could hold.

'hey sweety' she purrs to me and lays a hand on my arm before I could walk by 'Were you finally able to get rid of that leach?'

'piss off Becky and stay the fuck away from Lou' I know that Louis doesn't need Becky to make it harder for her.

Becky looked completely shocked, I've never talked to anyone that way before, I just kinda feel like Lou needs me more than Becky right now. In fact I kinda know she does, Becky's always gotten it pretty easy compared to the others here.

'Fine!' She turns on her heel and stomps off to her “friends”. You would not believe how judgmental they are, it's like high school all over again!

I continue to walk around until I see a shivering girl on a treadmill, water was falling from Louis' hair and landing on the rotating belt that traveled underneath her.

In that moment I felt like a dad, or a brother, or something, she just looked so helpless and I really just wanted to take her in under my wing and feed her cookies and hot chocolate.

'Louis, I'm sorry.. I don't know what to say' I run a hand through my hair and she stops the machine

'It's nothing, trust me' she flashes a smile and grabs her clothes from my hands

'Lou, it's not nothing' I push the stop button on her treadmill and she quickly gets off. I maneuver around Lou and grab her arm 'please. Just tell me'

'I can't Ed. It really is nothing' She smiles to me but it doesn't reach her eyes

'just don't think like that anymore, please'

'yeah' Louis' answer was simple but it was enough.


heyo! :) 

Sorry it's been taking so long for me to update; Like I've said before I don't have a routine update, I just try to finish the chapter as soon as I can.

My writing's probably shit because recently I haven't been getting much sleep..

Everyday I've woken up before 7 am and last night I didn't get any sleep at all. With the addition of High school, My brother moving out, My mother being hysterical, chemical face burns and my physiotherapy.

I have been extremely tired...

Anyyways, Byee!


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