how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


12. chapter 11

'NIALL! CALM DOWN' someone yells across me but I cant see him

'but Harry.. she needs to wake up' HARRY, WAS HARRY HERE!? his hand cups my cheek and he tilts my head towards him, he looks horrible and my heart breaks

'No, she needs to be okay' he says while looking in my eyes 'and she needs to come back to me' he whispers only to me

'NO, SHE NEEDS TO GET HER ASS BACK HOME!' I hear someone say with sobs in their voice

'Sam, calm down, she's back now and she'll be better soon' Harry says and strokes my hair 'at least I hope so' Harry was full of doubts and I could understand why, I've been giving him trouble from the day we met.

'well it's not that easy, she's still missing her heart and I don't know how to put another one in. She needs her old one back but no one at the facility knew how to fix it so she could be fully experimented on without the chance of her dying'

Harry looked shocked 'experimented on?! you mean they killed people there? And how is she missing her heart?' he yelled at Niall. Harry was furious.

'look! I don't know who you are but can you kindly shut the fuck up?!' Niall turned away and fiddled with some things 'I don't want her to die either, I care about her to much to let her die!' Harry looks into my eyes and a tear slips from his eye, I should have been able to feel the wetness on my skin but I couldn't feel anything.

Why couldn’t I feel anything? Why couldn't I move? What was wrong with me!? Harry? Harry tell me whats going on!? Please Harry help me! But Harry didn't move, he stayed there looking into my eyes without hearing my cries for help.

But then I feel something, it was a pinch on my arm.. I could feel my arm twitching and moving but I couldn't control it 'whats going on Niall?' Harry says surprised and looking over me and to my right

'I'm trying to see if her muscles are still working' Niall made my arm twitch again and I mentally wince 'I wanted to see how far degenerated she was'

'can you help her?' Harry asked

'should be able to, with the right instruments and her heart, but we didn't get it when we were there and we need anouther heart A.S.A.P' I could just imagine him with glasses on, he would be so adorable, he'd push them up the bridge of his nose every time he looked down...

'thanks Niall, I know you don't remember me but we were really close' Harry smiled and all I could stare at were his lovely dimples. They were so deep and his eyes were so bright, I could just see the life radiating from him and I don't know how he look so gorgeous and so rough at the same time.. well I guess this is Harry Styles.

'I'm kinda getting my memories back, one piece at a time.. like the cliché' he laughed and poke me in the ribs accidentally, I giggled and moved myself away from Niall and his awkwardness

'did you see that Ni?' Harry looked at me with hope in his eyes and I tried to show him something but he just continued looked at me 'she moved! When you poked her, she moved. Do it again Niall' Niall does it and I curve around his finger trying to protect myself

'maybe she can be fixed' Niall says in happily, he pokes me again and I laugh harder. Harry's eyes were sparkling as he leans down and kisses me softly on my lips.

I feel my body shake and my eyes roll back into my head, what was going on? I could feel every muscle in my body trembling and knotting together, maybe this was the end.. maybe it was time. But I don't want to leave Harry, I want to grow up with him, I want to show him off to everyone I know, I want to live in a big old house and cuddle with him until the day we die--

'WHATS HAPPENING?!' Harry yells

'I-Idon't know' Niall was panicking

'poke her again!' Harry demands but when Niall does it I don't react the way I was. I arch my back and slam my hands on the bench 'stop it! Niall stop it!'

'I don't know how to!' Niall yells back to Harry and back slams down then arches again, my back was repeatedly banging on the table when someone pulls my hands to the sides and slaps me in the face

'WAKE THE FUCK UP TARA' Sam babbled 'I need you to stop!, we need you to stop' his body collapses on mine and I feel tears slipping down my neck.

I needed to stop, I needed to get back to Sam.. I needed to tell Harry that I love him so much and I need to figure things out with Niall.

I search through the fog that fills my brain and a pain flows from my head to my toes, I pull back to reality and it disappears. Fuck, this was gunna be hard..

I push again and I feel something stab me in the chest but I keep swimming through the dark dense fog and the pain flows from my heart into every nerve all over my body. I can feel myself shaking and people were still yelling over the top of me and it definitely wasn't helping. I push an arm up and the voices go quiet, I lay it across my chest and I feel a ghost of what was once there. I feel the slow rhythmic beating that I use to hold in my chest but it soon fades away. I search through my memories, looking for the feel of a heart beat and I remember Harry's hand in mine while I was in a coma and the little pulse in his wrist but the thump was doubled. I could feel the two hearts in his hand.


all I could think of right now is.. and now the fog has lifted I see the lighttttt! (from Tangled)

thats all :)


It hits me and my eyes shoot open 'he held my heart in his hands' I whisper 'Harry?! What happened? How did you-- what?' I look at him and sit up, Sam was sitting at the edge of my bed, crying into his hands and Niall was sitting by a very sad and rough Harry How long was I searching for?

'Tara?!' he says breathless 'are you really back?' he stands up and walks over to me

'I-I don't know' I look down at my hands and thy were trembling, I still couldn't feel anything but I could move 'I don't think I have much time' a tear falls down my face and I remember what I figured out 'H-Harry, come here' I pull him closer and hold his hand, I rub my thumb over his palm and smile.

He looks at me with a confused face 'what-' he stops talking and I watch my hands turn blue 'Niall, whats happening?' Harry turns away and I lift his hand closer to my chest

'she's dying' he sighs and his eyes start to water 'I didn't know how to help her and now she's dying' he throws his arms over his head and starts to cry louder

I try to push my hand closer to my heart but my muscles refuse 'Harry, help' I say in a raspy voice and look up to him I feel my brain aging and my muscles weakening 'please-' I sigh and try to pull his hand up further.

He lays a hand on my heart and I smile, I feel light flow into me and I lean in to kiss him.

My chest fills and it feels whole again, I feel whole again, I felt the familiar thumping in my chest and my lips warm against Harry's 'TARA' Sam calls and he pulls me to him, his crying getting louder. Harry pulls away and smiles to me.

'you're back' he pushes his head into my neck, I smile, I close my eyes and he lifts me into his arms 'I missed you, I looked for you. And when I got that call from Louis I came as soon as I could' he kisses my collar bone and all up my neck 'I was so afraid' he breaths, as if he was breathing out his fear.

Someone coughs and I look up to an uncomfortable Niall 'I guess this is Harry?' he says quietly

'um, yeah, I'm sorry Niall' I let go of Harry and walk over to him 'I was confused and then you saved me and I felt like I actually had a chance at life and.. I don't know, I really like you and if Harry wasn't here then you would be the one that.. the one that I loved' I look over to Harry, I basically told him I loved him and I didn't know how he would react, when I look into his eyes they looked like they were full of good intentions. 'I really don't know how to work this out' I look back to Niall and he looked heartbroken

'it's okay. I just hope that you can forgive me' he says through gritted teeth

'what for' I try to see what he was thinking but I can't see past the tears that threatened to spill over

'this' he lunges for a scouple and takes a stab at Harry in a flash, Harry was soon on the ground trying to fight off Niall 'I'm sorry but I love her so much' he whispers to Harry

'I do to lad' and with that Harry flips Niall onto his back and slams his arms either side of him, the scouple falls from Niall's hand and I quickly pick it up.

'Niall stop it' tears fall from my eyes, we had already been this unfortunate, I don't want to see anyone else getting hurt or taken away 'please' I look into his eyes and I see confusion, the decision between what to do, does he keep fighting and take his princess by force or does he live a life full of lost hope for the girl he loved so much?

And the instant he decided his eyes cleared and I knew the answer 'Harry let him go' I lay a hand on his shoulder

'what?' he looks up at me and I see the barbaric reaction to a threat from where I am, but he sees the objective to protect his loved one and I guess they are one in the same (A/N that's a saying if you thought it was just a jumble of words that doesn't makes sense.. :)

'just.. let him go' I pull my hand away and Harry climbs to his feet 'thanks' I look to the the ground that Niall was laying on and I feel his sadness so I sit next to him 'I'm sorry' I cry and hug him to me 'I'm so sorry' his arms circle around me and I cling to his shirt, I'm sure we looked like a bundle of awkward sadness but I didn't really care at this point in time

'No, I'm sorry, I should have just helped you get out and then went my separate way' he looks me in the eyes and feigns a smile

'but then you wouldn't of found your life before that place' I smile back and I see a glitch of sadness appear, I stroke his cheek with my thumb and a tear slips onto it 'you wouldn't of found your mum of your bestfriends or even your fans, they'll be so happy you're back' he looks at me confused 'you're in a boyband called One Direction, these are your band mates' I say as I point to them 'Louis, Liam, Harry and umm' I look around and Louie point's to the door 'Zayn' I say as a tall dark man appears in the door with tear stained cheeks

'Niall? Lad?' he rushes over and almost throws me out of the way 'where have you been?' he asks while hugging a confused Niall 'what took you so long to get back?' Zayn sounded like he was crying.. I would be too if I lost one of my bestfriends for over 3 years

'um?' he looks at me and I shift, what did he want me to do?

'Zayn, he can't remember anything' Liam chirped up and walked over to me, he lays a hand on my shoulder and I remember the dream

'Liam we need to talk' I turn to him

'oh, yeah' he takes my arm and leads me outside

'could you see what I was doing after you sat down?' I bite my lip nervously, hoping he didn't hear or see what I did with the blade and the fact that I contemplated using it.

'I saw.. all of it, you really have a nice voice, especially when you're singing to someone who means a lot to you' he placed a gentle hand on my arm 'I'm glad you found her before you did that' he looks me in the eyes and I feel mine water over

'I want to know where she is do you know where she is? Do you know how to find her?' just as I ask that someone knocks at the hotel door 'wh-who is it'

'house keeping' a gentle voice calls from the other side of the door, I look to Liam says something that I couldn't hear, smirks and walks into the other room. Where from what I could see Zayn was explaining what happened to Niall. I look back to the door and look through the peephole, what I saw shocked me.

'm-mum?' I smile and open the door, I throw myself into her arms and cry into her neck 'oh mum! I'm so glad you're alive, I didn't know where you were, why did you leave me? It doesn't matter anymore' I squeeze her tighter and she clears her throat

'boys?' she tries to move but I couldn't tell my muscles to let go, soon I'm getting ripped from her 'is this the girl?' I look over to see two big hulking guys holding me back

'yup' one says and they start to pull me away 'go find the other one, I'll keep this one in check' one says an the other lets go of me, I was still in shock when I realized what was going on.. they were taking us back to the facility

'NIALL, RUN, THEY'RE COMING. HARRY, GET AWAY AND PLEASE, please, be safe' I call and the man looks down at me and I see.. something... run under his skin, it was like a black slug that hid under his bones 'wha-' I try to say before he covers my mouth and I hear clashing, I mumble into the guys hand 'please be okay!' soon I see the other big guy carrying out a very still Sam. I start to panic, what if he was dead? What are they going to do to him, I know why they want me and Niall but no one else is a part of this so why were they taking him?

'I couldn't get to him but I got this one, maybe he will suffice' Both their voices sounded exactly the same and I saw that black slug crawl around his neck too, it looked like it was doing laps. Pacing under his skin.

Our eyes meet but I couldn't see anything under those big black tinted glasses and I wonder what this man really is.


sorry this chapter is short, I'm just a tad busy and I though this would be a good spot to end it for a little ;)


Jenty_blue XD

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