how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


11. chapter 10

The ride home was longer then it normally was and I could feel a concern stuck in my gut when we got there 'tango, we're home' I yell

'cool cuz I'm done with this one' he pushed the thick girl out of the door and she was still unconscious 'can you get rid of her while I tie this one up?' he asks me with a smirk on his face

'fine, but don't touch her until I get back. I want her first' he puts up his hands in defense


I pull the motionless body out to the car and load her into the back seat, we take a drive to a little park not to far away from the hotel Tango picked her up from.

'are you sure she was here last?' I hear a voice yell from across the road

'yea, she was wearing my shirt and a pair of my boxers' I gasp when I hear Liam's recognizable voice, I walk across the road and hide behind a wall that sits close to the hotels quad

'why was she wearing your clothes?' was that Niall?! It's been so long, when did he get back? Where was he? Why was he gone? All of the questions leave my mind when Liam starts talking again

'she fell asleep, oh and you were right she does sing that song while she sleeps' what song? What girl? 'and when I put her to bed her clothes looked really uncomfortable. She was tossing and turning in them so I changed them for her... I didn't look just so you know. Anyways she got up me for it the next morning'

I look around the wall and see Niall with his hair almost completely grown out of the bleach blond that he had left us with

'don't you think that's why she got kidnapped!?' I look across the road and the girl was starting to move, I should go soon, but I can stay a bit longer, I mean she wont recognize me I messed up my hair and I'm not wearing any stripes (I miss my stripes!!)

'what are you saying Niall? That I deliberately di—' the girl became conscious and she literally screamed because she didn't know here she was. Liam and Niall turn to look across the road 'was that her?' Niall starts sprinting towards me and I run around the corner and back to the flat that we take the girls to, I got home and the girl was tied up and had a dirty rag over her head.

''we got a nice piece of ass with this one, I checked it out while she was sitting down and I must day I am a fan' Barb winked and laughed with Tango

'yea but I like her rack too' Tango replied as he walked up to her side, he reached out to stroke her breast but stopped when Barb spoke up

'ohh so your a boob man?' Tango and Barb didn't know that I was Louis Tomlinson or that I was in One Direction because if they did.. that would cause a huge problem.

I was staring out to space until Tango said something 'huh?' I look at him and he laughs

'imagining what you could do with her aye? Anyway, I just asked if you were an ass or a boob man' ass and boob? I don't know, I just fuck them thats all! But what do I do about this one.. she could be the girl they're looking for.

'umm, I'll have whatever I can get!' I said and the boys let out an evil laugh but I cringed at the greyness of my words, I silently pray that if it is the girl Niall wants, he wont get too pissed at me for taking her.

'HAHA, YOU MOTHER FUCKER. NOW GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE' she was brave alright and I loved her spirit but I know her fighting will just turn the boys on more, they're fat, yes, but they love girls that put up a fight.

'OI, shut the fuck up' Barb yelled back and I mentally face palmed myself, I just need of get her out of here before she gets hurt too bad

'THEN GET THIS THING OFF MY FACE' she shifted in her seat and tried to wiggle out of the chair, probably trying to loosen the ropes, that's what I would be doing if this happened to me.

Barb pulls the mask off of her and she looks disgusted, she was so beautiful, her nose small and perfectly placed above her plump lips that were a smooth pinkish colour, her eyes were the perfect shade of blue, ones that fooled you and made you think you were at the beach, her hair was messed up from the bag and it looked lifeless but I guess no ones perfect. I was actually shocked by her beauty, I though we had caught some girl with tons of makeup on for her boyfriend and that pranced around in hardly anything but this was far from my imagination.

'well hey there mister penguin' she says acting like a six year old... I officially love her, I smirk at the face that Barb makes, his mask was a penguin so I could understand the nickname

'don't fucking talk to me like that you corner whore' Barb says

'the term is prostitute' like I said before, she was brave for a little girl.

'you really are crazy' Barb murmured

'maybe we should throw her out' Tango answers 'Leo? You've been really quiet, whats up?' I walk forward from behind the boys and just stare at her

'Hi Leo' her ocean eyes ripple and pull me towards her.

'uh, hi' she had turned me shy and it was unnatural for me to be acting this way, I'm ment to be the outgoing one!!!

'how are you?' I try to calm her and tell her that I'll help her get out, I just hope she got the right message.

'I'm good, you?' I try to get my confidence back and it worked a little but I wasn't fully prepared for what she said..

'I'm good considering Liam is gunna crash through that wall telling me I should go see some Niall kid. He got kinda angry at me when I was running away' she smiles and leans closer 'he kinda reminds me of the hulk' her laughter filled the room 'except from the “turning green” thing' I guess that answers my question, the boys really are looking for her.

'you know Li Li and Ni Ni?' I ask

'uh yea, I think' how could she forget the most famous boys in the UK but she just smiles at me, I look at the boys and the smirk back at me

'Tango, Barb, I'm taking her first' I tug at the ropes until they fall to the ground

'get up and walk into this room.. please' I pull her up, putting up a performance for the boys

'Fine but save the fight for us' Tango yells to me as I shut the door

'sup?' she was as calm as a sea cucumber... I never really understood that saying but it seems appropriate for this situation

'umm, I know you don't know me yet but I'm...'

'your Leo' she cuts me off, was she stupid?

'No, I'm Louis' I take off my mask and put it down on the rickety old bed

'LOU!!' she jumps at me and clings onto my chest... that's the strangest reaction yet. No screaming? No yelling? weird

'Uh, Hi there' I whisper as she pushes her head into the crook of my neck and I can hear her breath in, have I already said that I love her? Because I really, really do.

'hmmm' she sets her feet on the ground and she puts on a face that was ment to be mad but only looked cute

'what?' maybe it was something I said

'why did you guys kidnap me?' oh no the question that I never thought about, she lays her hands on her hips while I shuffle trying to think of something to say.

'um.. that's a good question, I uhh......... well..' I didn't want to seem like a bad person but I was, there was no excuse for this

'just tell me the truth and I won't hurt you' she crosses her arms

'whoa, okay, we like to kidnap people and.. well, yea' I try to joke around but it finishes on a low note. I rub the back of my neck, I never really knew why I did this.. I guess I just like to have sex like any other person, instead of people throwing themselves at me and being like “Lou! Lou! Take me now!” and then getting hate for it later.

'why would you need to do that, you look pretty damn cute to me' I shift and she looks away, I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. Did she really think I was cute?, I mean, I've heard it from millions of fans, that and “Louie show us your bum!!”, but coming from her it was different, it was special... maybe all the boys felt like this with her because I could clearly see the pain on Niall face when he was looking for her. She's deffinetly a keeper for anyone. I wonder if she has a boyfriend, maybe she's dating Niall. I don't know, I should get her back anyway.

'thanks' I say running a hand through my hair 'but we need to get out of here..'

'ohhh' she smiles wickedly 'time to goooo' she almost yelled. Her mood can really change sometimes

'we can call Liam and Niall when we get out of here'

'who's Neil?' she doesn't remember Niall? Maybe this isn't the girl they were talking about. I look down at her clothes and sigh, that was the shirt that Harry gave Liam when we were still on the x factor, and I could only assume they were a pair of Liam's boxers

'kay, but we need to get you out that window, it's the only way out' I point to a window that lay opposite the “bed”, the bed was just a couple of mattresses piled up on top of each other, the window had bars on the outside but they were pretty well rusted 'I need you to make.... you know..' she tilted her head like a confused animal 'sex noises' I give up on her, she was a bit too slow

'ohhhh, okay' she smiled innocently at me. She continued to make.. kinda disturbing sex noises as I work on breaking the bars, there was a fire escape on the next window so we could climb there if we could get these damn bars off *SNAP* one comes lose and falls down to the ground below with a crash. I climb out the window first and start to help her out when I take over making the noises, someone would notice we were gone soon but I rather make “soon” after we leave.

'are we safe yet?' we had gone down a couple of flights of steps and I don't think the boys had noticed yet

'THAT FUCKING BITCH, WHERE ARE THEY?' I hear Tango call from the door of the room, it wouldn't be too long until he looked out the window and found us

'quick in here' I pull her in a window of what seemed to be a child's room

'we can't be in here, we don't live here' she try to climb out the window but I pull her to me and she falls into my chest, she looks up at me and I tighten my arms around her. Her face flushed as I gaze into her never ending blue eyes, I lean in and close the distance between us but she pushes away 'Harry, I'm sorry' she runs out the window and I follow after her.

Did she just call me Harry? I stand there for a second, was she talking about our Harry?, she must be from Australia because that’s where we heard Harry was last.... Although I did get a call from him the other night and it sounded pretty distressing, was this the girl he was crying over? Why is everyone obsessing over this girl?

Luckily when we got out the boys had already gone inside, probably to run down the stairs and after us. This girl could definitely be a handful at times, she continues to run down the stairs and I follow after her trying to catch up 'wait up!' I yell

she looks back at me and her eyes go wide 'stay away from me' she yells and starts running faster just as I start to catch up, what was wrong with her? She must be mad! But if the boys are missing her then I guess I have to take her to them. I follow her down the fire escape and into the streets she was running and running and I have no clue why.


Tara P.O.V


I run and run, trying to get away but the man kept following me, I was helpless. But he looked like a pretty decent guy, why would he be chasing me? Maybe he's not.

I stop and stand still, hopefully he wont try to hurt me 'hey wait up!' he yells and I hear him panting, how long had he been chasing me?

'why?' I turn around and death stare him

'well, I am taking you to Liam' who's Liam? who's he? Why am I trusting him? Ugh, I hate not being able to remember.

'who?' I search my brain for what was just happening but I cant remember, like I was in a dream.

'Liam and Niall.. don't you remember?' he takes a step closer to me and I back off

'no, who are you?' I look from his feet up to his head

'I'm Louis.. Leo? Louie Tomlinson? Nothing? How could you not remember me, we met like 5 minutes ago' I look at the ground and look through my brain again but nothing comes back to me, I just feel this thick fog set over my mind and I can't even swim through it

'I don't know' I look into his eyes and feel like I can trust him 'okay, I'm going to go with you, only because I don't know where I am. I'll need you to remind me that you're a friend and tell me that I'm going to see a family member or something... K? Don't ask why' He sighs and nods his head

'okay, but if you try to run I will chase you.. um wait, whats your name?' he asks me and I try to concentrate again, I guess I'm forgetting things more and more

'um, I don't know.. I remember something that begins with a H, I don't know Harley? Hallie? Ha.. Har.. HARRY!!!' I collapse in on myself and start crying

'Harry? Are you talking about Harry Styles?' I shrug and look up at him with tears still in my eyes, he reminded me of someone but that fog was still there 'what do you mean Harry?' he kneels next to me and holds me in his arms

'I-- I don't know, just say that when you need me though' I try to get up but my muscles work against me 'can you help me up please?' he picks me up and carries me down the ally until we get into a quiet street, I see people looking at him and he hides behind me as if he was hiding from the looks

'whats wrong?' I ask him and he looks into my eyes

'oh, nothing.. I'll just take a sec to call Paul so he can come get us' he gets out his phone and I climb out of his arms 'hey, it's Lou... yup... Umm I don' exactly know where I am but just come pick me up from Liams hotel.. oh and I have a surprise' he waits a sec and then hangs up

'whats the surprise?' I weakly walk in front of him

'oh, nothing' He looks down at me and frowns 'when was the last time you ate?' I shrug and he sighs 'we'll get some food on the way, we have a long walk in front of us' I walk beside him and I can feel myself losing the last seconds I could remember until I was walking next to a complete stranger.

Why was I following him? I'm such a weirdo. I start to walk into the nearest mall when I feel a hand on my arm 'where are you going?' he looked at me with compassion

'pardon? Oh I'm just going to find my friends' I flash him a quick smile and turn back the way I was heading

'your friends? I though we were going to see Li-- Oh' I think this guys trying to pull something on me

'look I'm really flattered but I have to go see my friends now. Plus I think you could get any girl here, why try me?' I smile at him but I don't think he was listening

'baby, don't you remember? I was taking you out to lunch, you canceled on you friends so we could spend some time together' his smile was only full of warmth and its not like I could tell if he was lying, I don't even know where I was going

'oh, sorry, I guess it just slipped my mind' I took a step towards him and kissed his cheek but something felt wrong, I pull back and look into his eyes

'something wrong hun?' he asks but I don't see him as my love, an image flashes through my mind and I fall backwards

'HARRY!? I'M SORRY' I cry his name over and over I miss him so much, I just want him back, where did he go!? Why did he leave?!

'come see him, come see Harry, I'll take you to him but we have to be quick' someone says and I feel them pull me into their arms but I still cry over and over

Why am I crying? Who did this to me? Why am I moving? How am I moving? I open my eyes and see a handsome face and an evening sky 'wh-who are you?' he jumps a little and looks down at me with care

'I'm taking you home' he says and smiles 'but first we need to get some food into you' he carries me into a place where I could smell beautiful smells and hear the bustle of people cooking 'what do you want?' I look around until I see a menu but I can hardly read whats on it so I shrug, I don't really care what I get

'just something simple' I was getting tired out just from opening my eyes so I shut them for a second

'okay' he says something but I don't really hear him, I'm to busy trying to figure out who he was 'here' I open my eyes and he lays a box on my stomach 'eat it' in the box was a few chicken nuggets and I smile.

My favorite.

'thanks' I say and start eating, I wasn't really that hungry but I ate anyway. I could feel him walking as I ate but I was concentrating on eating so much that I forgot we were moving

'LIAM' he calls out 'LIAM HELP' he yells again and he was running

'huh' someone opens a door and I could hear him running too 'Lou? Whats that? Oh My..' I get placed into “Liams” arms and I hear his heart pumping in my ear

'Liam...' I whisper and he sighs

'what happened to you, I thought I lost you' he hugs me and I lift my arms around his neck 'NIALL, SHE'S HERE' He starts running again and I'm still holding onto his neck

'Niall really is here' was the last thing I heard before I blacked out again


I'm sitting in a room, the walls were covered in One Direction things. Albums, posters, tickets, merch, ect. Were layered over each other and competing for the top, competing for my sight.

The Lights overhead are bright and they make the white ground glitter beneath me. I stand up from my simple red chair and turn around, looking at the rest of the room. There was a red door at the other side of the room and I walk towards it.

I didn't have any pending doom kinda feeling so I turned the handle and found that it was locked, I tried again but the handle wouldn't turn any further. I sighed and turned back around, looking for another way out but when I looked back at my chair there were three chairs. I turn back to the door hoping that it would change to but it still looked the same, maybe it wasn't locked anymore, I try the door nob again but it was still firmly locked. I lean forward and rest my forehead against the door. I bang my head a few times and sink to the ground, I pull my knees up against me and cover my eyes with my hands.

Great! A dream that has no meaning. I've heard of them before, you end up sitting in a dream for as long as you sleep and an empty room is one of the last things I want to be stuck in. At the top of my list was a candy factory, to be specific a Gummy Worms factory.. but thats getting off topic. I mights as well go back to my seat, at least now I can play musical chairs, it won't be much fun by myself but it'll still work!

I get up and turn around, my eyes almost pop out of my head when I see three boys in chairs and millions of people sitting behind them, all of them in red chairs. I look around the room to see if anything else has changed, I saw a booth and it had two more people in them. I decided against the big crowed and went up to the booth, I climb the steps and walk in the open door. I see Liam and.. Zayn? I've never seen him in person before but I did recognize him from the posters that Sam had in his room.

All of them were looking out to the crowd and I smile, his is what it would be like for most of the boys. Looking out to he crowd and seeing a million happy faces, but right now was different. I look closer at the crowd and I see familiar faces everywhere, I frown when I see my old foster mum. I see people that I know everywhere, I try to name them, there was Macy Benson, Eric, Zach, Tammie, Mary, James, Sam, Prof. Oak, and even the guy from the car crash! My teachers were there, my class mates.. there were all the people that have had a major impact on my life, in good ways and bad.

I feel an arm slip over my shoulders 'they all care about know in one way or another, whether it be good or bad and some of them feel like you deserve a better life and others think you should rot in hell but everyone here knows you. Well excluding Zayn of course, he's been chilling with his mum ever since Niall left' Liam laughs to my right and I shift under the weight of his arm and he chuckles a me 'you're an important person' he walks away and his arm falls limply from my shoulders.

'I'm not important at all' I mumble

Liam turns to me, his mouth gaping 'you are! You're worth more then you think! No one could be you. No one could replace you!' he yells and I look away from him 'look at all these people! They all know you! I don't even know that many people' he sighs and holds my shoulders 'you know these people because you actually have a life and I just hang around with the boys, the people moved forward are the mutual friends we have and over there' he points out the screen and to the left 'is how many people I know' there were only a few people and I notice one of them as his mum

'it doesn't matter how many people you know, it's how many people matter to you and how many people think that you matter to them' I still look down and I bite my lip 'and I hardly matter to anyone here' I finally glimpse up and he smirks

'you are so humble' he hugs me tightly, my forehead lands on his shoulder but I don't my hands to hug him back 'you mean so much to everyone' I sigh and pull away, looking back out to the crowd of people

'why not ask them?' I lay a hand on the window and the glass is cool on my skin

'I will' Liam walks to the door and down the stairs, I follow closely after and barely believe what he said. How will he ask them?

He walks right up to someone in the first row and it happened to be Eric 'what do you think of the lovely miss Tara Banana?' Liam asked him with a smirk

'you mean Tara Hawks?' Eric said and I was openly surprised that Eric actually talked

'yup thats my girl' he smiled and laughed to me

'where do I start? She's the most amazing girl I know, she's so resilient and beautiful. I pushed her away and now I can't go back because she's doing so well without me, we use to be so close. We were best friends but then something happened and I let her go, I let my social status get the best of me. I wish she would just talk to me know' he said all those things and I just wanted to faint, I didn't know that he wanted me to start talking to him, I just thought that I was a nobody in his eyes so I let him go.

'what did I say?' Liam looked at me and smirked, I shove him and look back at Eric who had now sat back down and looked stoned face

'whatever, he was a friend.. was' I laugh and we walk back to the three boys that we both knew

'you know you have to choose' he breathed in my ear and another chair appeared, he sat down and I looked confused 'choose one of us' they all said in unison

I looked into each of their faces and sighed. I could never choose.

I look at the ground and I saw something metal on the ground off to the right, I walk over to it and see that it was a razor blade. I look over to Liam who looked like all the other boys with their stoned facial expressions and sigh 'what are you suggesting?' I pick up the blade and it dances through my fingers, almost inviting me to pick it. I look into the crowd again and see a face that I don't fully remember, I walk over to the lady that I have to have known 'who are you?' I look at her closer and gasp. Her sapphire blue eyes were only slightly deeper then mine but she looked almost exactly like me.

This was my mother!

I was in shock, I didn't know why my mother left me and I never wondered why, I'm not one to dwell on the past so I just accepted that she didn't want me and she decided to leave. I didn't know how to chose but I know that I wanted her, I curl up in a ball on her lap and throw away the razor. I tuck myself into her arms and lay my head on her chest, It all felt so right and I knew that this is what was ment to happen. I sing my favorite song to her I wanna hide the truth

I wanna shelter you

But with the beast inside

There’s nowhere we can hide

No matter what we breath

We still are made of greed

This is my kingdom come

This is my kingdom come'

---------------------------------------DREAM END-----------------------------------------------------------


The beeping woke me up and I open my eyes to a clean white room 'she's up' I look towards the voice and see a brunet boy with sharp green eyes.. I watch as the green eyes turn blue and the Brown hair turns bleach blond, what was going on here? 'hey, T are you okay?' who's T? What does he want from me? 'T can you hear me?' he asks again and I just stare at him blankly 'T! T can you hear me!' he yells at me and I feel tears fall inside me but nothing happens physically, why?


hello again!, I've finally started writing on this book again. I've finished my other book "Bambi Tomlinson" and I'm soo happy with the outcome, it's gotten over 1000 reads (ER-MER-GERD) and I'm really exited to see how it turned out, i haven't read over all of it and so I'll do that one day-ish but for now I'm just gunna beleive that it's okay ;)

Love you allll, Jenty_blue XD

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