how could I forget? (sequel to last minute love)

'she's been under for a while now.' the voice says but drops to a whisper when they say 'She shouldn’t be alive'
'how?' my foster mum asks. She took me in after my other foster mother abused me and kicked me out, she wasn't too bad but she didn't cook so when I was hungry I would have to walk into town and by my own.
'we don’t know, its a miracle'
I should be dead. I cant be alive. I remember slipping from life into death. I WATCHED HARRY'S TEARS FALL TO MY FACE AND RUN DOWN AS IF THEY WERE MY OWN.


1. chapter 1

Harry’s P.O.V

'are those for your girlfriend?' I hear Tara ask skeptically

'she's not my girlfriend yet but I hope she will be soon' I say smiling to myself and I see Tara look down

'well I hope she likes arrogance and asshole if she does she's gunna love you' I feel shamed and broken, my eyes well up and a tear falls silently down my cheek making my way to my chin. I get up from my chair stopping when I stand just to hear Sam say 'Tara Melody Hawks'

'no she's right' I say walking out of the room. The rest of the tears that had been building up finally break and I feel every worry fall out of my through my eyes.

A hand rest's on my shoulder and I start to calm 'it's okay cuz' I hear Sam's soft voice say

'she hates me' I barely get out

'no she just doesn't want to admit it' I turn around to see Sam's deep green eyes and straight blond hair, I really wish I was him because he just looks so amazing and gorgeous, standing right in front of me

'She can do better then me'

'seriously, your saying THAT?. YOUR HARRY FUCKING STYLES' I wince at his words 'you are worth a million of the best girls in the world'

'no. I’m not' I whisper. Turning around I see Tara running towards me and a car heading towards her! 'TARA NO!!!' I push Sam out of the way mouthing 'sorry'.

As our eyes meet the car collides pushing her an inch from where she was standing before she hits the ground. I run to her and rest her head on my lap 'come on Tara stay with me' I say pushing her hair out of her eyes, I see her them getting distant.

A tear escapes my eye and lands on her cheek as blood runs down from the side of her head and falls onto my hand I run a hand through my hair as I often do when I am angry or scared or even happy, she laughed her angel laugh and I knew that we were going to be together forever but she coughed interrupting my thoughts. 'sorry' she mumbles to me and closes her eyes telling me that was it, she was dead but I didn't want to accept it...

'NO, NO YOU CAN'T BE DEAD. I LOVE YOU. what happened?'

'Harry, shes gone.'

'but I love her'

'I know but there’s nothing we can do'

'FUCK OFF SAM, no one wants you here' I feel Sam retreat back to his car. I sit there crying and thinking about how we had only meet yesterday morning and I was in love with her, when I first saw her and she had the nerve to slap me I knew she would be an important part of my life.

When I finally pick her up she is limp in my arms and her head lolls from side to side as I walk. The automatic doors swing open and when I walk in the room goes quiet for a second until the nurse is yelling into he comm unit that she needs a doctor on 'the floor', which I guess she means in the waiting room, someone comes and try’s to take Tara from my arms but I just fend them off until I feel a sharp pain in my arm and my vision blurs.

The doctors catch Tara as I fall to the floor painfully.


'she's stable but in a coma' I hear someone say

'but how? we saw her die, he felt her go limp' Obviously Sam

'we don’t know. It's a miracle to us all'

'how's the guy in the car?'

'he's fine just a broken nose from the air bag'

'hopefully Harry will be okay' I heard hope in Sam's voice

'what did you give him anyway?'

'ohh just some regulation drug that can keep down an elephant for a day'

'oh. wow' When I open my eyes I didn't see Sam or the doctor just a curtain hanging from a wire

'Hello?' I ask, my voice scratchy like I hadn't used it in years 'is anyone here?' A hand pull back the curtain and standing on the other side of it was Sam, a doctor with a white mustache, Sam's mum and dad and my cat 'surprise!' they all shout at once

'for what?' I ask

'because everyone is okay' Sam's mum says

'but Tara is in a coma'

'and no one is sadder than we are' Sam dad said as a tear escaped his eye 'but we are just all so happy that she's alive'

As Sam starts to walk towards me I ask 'can I see her?'

'yes, but she cant respond. We believe that she can hear and understand though' the doctor with the white mustache says I start to get up and everyone rushes to my side, I must have gotten up to fast because my head started spinning like crazy, they continue to pull me up by my hands and hold me up by placing a caring hand on my back.

I knew I would never have a more loving family than this, Mary (Sam's mum), James (Sam's dad) and Sam. But someone was missing I felt as though I would never be complete. 'Are you okay?' Sam asks

'Yea' I answer cringing at the pounding in my head 'just take me to T'

'sure' we start moving through the Hospital until we reach her room

'number 117?' I ask

'yea, that’s the one. we'll just wait out here'

'alright' when I walk in I gasp she looked a mess her hair partly shave from where the had to stitch up her head because of the fall and her dressing gown had blood stain all through it from where they had cut her open. 'I’m so sorry, I should have told you that I love you right away' I lift my hand and put it to her face, the sun peaks through the clouds and falls across her face illuminating her small nose almond eyes and full coral lips and at that moment all I wanted to do was kiss her

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