The Alien Hunters

"It was a normal day. Completely normal. Or so we thought."

One death can transform the universe

“This was the day everything changed. Not just how we acted and lived but how everyone acted and lived, how the world was.”


3. Chapter Two

Caleb’s point of view

Her funeral was the worst day of my life.

I wish I could go back and tell her the truth, that I was in love with her. Even now, when she is gone, I still love her.

Irene, sweet, innocent Irene was crying her eyes out. She had given up wiping them away and just let them fall.

Adi, who was so fierce and strong, and Bertie, so intelligent and calm, were both crying.

My friends’ tears got to me. I sobbed and the lady sitting beside me glared. I glared back.

I had a right to be sobbing. The love of my life was dead.

“And now a few words will be spoken by Trina’s friend Adira.” The priest said.

Adi stood up and walked over to the stand.

“Trina was brave and smart and funny. Even when she died she was still making jokes.”

I choked on a sob.

“She knew how to make people feel better and I will find the thing that killed her and I will make it suffer.”

The priest walked over and shooed her away, probably thinking it was inappropriate to discuss torturing an alien at a funeral.

It probably was.

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