The Alien Hunters

"It was a normal day. Completely normal. Or so we thought."

One death can transform the universe

“This was the day everything changed. Not just how we acted and lived but how everyone acted and lived, how the world was.”


4. Chapter Three

5 years later

Irene’s point of view

“I FOUND IT!!!” Bertie screamed.

“Calm down, we’re in the same room as you.” Caleb said as he walked over.

“What did you find Bertie?” I said, trying to be calm. I knew exactly what she had found. The thing we had been searching for all these years.

“I found him!” Bertie said excitedly.

“Wow Bertie, I haven’t seen you this excited since they added a new section to the non-fiction books in the school library.” Adi said.

“Stop it Ads.” Caleb said seriously. “Where is he?”

“Nehtar Moc.” Bertie said loudly, “Species, Orthorian from the planet, Malantur.”

“Oh no.” I said before I could stop myself.

“Irene, just because you don’t want to kill anyone doesn’t mean you can be all upset that he is going to die.” Adi said, glaring at me.

“It’s not that, I’ve researched the Orthorian’s. They are very hard to kill and stop at nothing to achieve their goals.”

Caleb put his arm around me. “It’s ok, we can kill him. He might want to take over the galaxy but we have motivation.”

“Which is?” Bertie questioned.

“He killed Trina.” Caleb said calmly.

I’d never seen him that calm when talking about Trina’s death. He loved her, we all knew it, well, except the two of them and he never quite got over her.

“Bertie, where is he?” Adi said.

Bertie looked up. “You sure you’re ready to do this?”

“Bertina Radford, tell me this instant!” Adi said furiously.

“OOO, Bertie got full named.” Caleb said teasingly.

That was a painful reminder that we are still children. Yeah, we might be 21 but we never really got to finish our teenage years. We hunted and killed instead of going to parties and worrying about whether our hair looked good.

“He is on Dor od Nuru.” Bertie said.

And so it begins.

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