The Alien Hunters

"It was a normal day. Completely normal. Or so we thought."

One death can transform the universe

“This was the day everything changed. Not just how we acted and lived but how everyone acted and lived, how the world was.”


7. Chapter Six

Adi’s point of view

We caught him. Finally, after all these years of searching, we had him.

Caleb was in front of me, Bertie and Irene were behind. Caleb jumped on Nehtar Moc.

Yes, now he couldn’t escape.

Then I see it, blood pooling around them.

Who is bleeding?

“Is that……….?” Irene asks.

I look at her, she’s pale and she looks like she could vomit, so could I.

“Blood.” Bertie says, nodding and putting her arm around Irene.

“Caleb,” I say uncertainly. “Whose blood is that?”

Caleb rolls off Nehtar Moc to revel a knife sticking out of his stomach.

“No.” I hear Irene say softly.

Nehtar Moc lets out a vicious laugh. That’s it. I’m not letting him hurt anymore of my friends. I lunge forward to grab him. He pulls out his gun, aims it at me. I freeze. I hear it go off and close my eyes.

I don’t feel anything. Is this what dying is like?

I hear a scream. Maybe, I’m not dead yet. I open my eyes and see Bertie on the ground.

Irene is sobbing behind me.

I pull out my gun, set it to stun and shoot Nehtar Moc in the face, I’ll deal with him later.

Then I crouch down beside Bertie.

“Why would you jump in front of me?” I ask her.

“Because if you died that would leave me and Irene, we wouldn’t be able to kill him.” She says, weakly nodding in Nehtar Moc’s direction.

And just like that she dies in my arms, her eyes staring hauntingly up at me. I close her eyes, stand up and walk to Caleb.

“Silly boy.” I say. I meant to sound strong but my voice catches in my throat. “Why did you have to go and get stabbed?”

He smiles up at me.

Why is it that when people die they get funny or happy?

“At least now I can tell Trina the truth.” He says.

“What? No. You’re not going to die, I won’t let you.”

He smiles weakly. “Oh, Adi. Remember always think positive.”

His eyes close and I let out a small scream.

Then I feel something on my head.

“Time to die, fiery girl. Time to die.”

I slowly turn and find Nehtar Moc holding a gun against my head.

“GO AHEAD,” I yell. “You’ve killed 3 of my best friends.”

“Yes, I have.” He says, smiling wickedly.

“Shoot me.” I say again.

“Patience, why are you so eager to die?” He says smugly.

I hear movement behind me.

 “What do I have to live for?” I reply.

“ME.” Irene says fiercely. “SCREW YOU, NEHTAR MOC.”

I hear a gunshot and Nehtar Moc falls to the ground.

I turn around and Irene is standing there with Bertie’s gun in her hand, pointing it at where Nehtar Moc was just standing.

Her hand shakes, then she drops the gun and bursts into tears.

I stand there, looking at her.

How could she have killed him?

Irene was the sweet one, how could she be the one who killed him?

I always pictured it would be me or Caleb, with Bertie telling us the perfect angle to shoot from and Irene not watching because of her love of life.

Well, I guess that couldn’t have happen seeing as Caleb and Bertie are both dead.

I walk over and pull Irene into my arms.

“We have to stay strong, we are the last two left from the awesome five.” I say, weakly smiling through my tears.

Irene smiles at me. “You mean weird five.” She says with a little laugh. “They will always take care of us from where ever they are.”

“Yeah.” I agree.

It’s over, nothing is the same but it’s finally over.

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