The Alien Hunters

"It was a normal day. Completely normal. Or so we thought."

One death can transform the universe

“This was the day everything changed. Not just how we acted and lived but how everyone acted and lived, how the world was.”


5. Chapter Four

Bertie’s Point of View

I always thought killing was so wrong and seeing Trina die did not change that. Maybe I was mad, maybe I went crazy seeing blood pour out of my best friend, but for some reason it made me want revenge.

5 years of killing aliens did not prepare me for this. They tried to conquer other planets and they killed innocent species so we either locked them up or they died. I always felt guilty about the ones we killed.

I was not prepared to feel happiness at killing someone.

Nehtar Moc killed Trina, Nehtar Moc killed my best friend, this is why I want to kill him, and this is why I don’t feel guilt.

Is it though? Or have I just become immune after killing for so long?

I walk into the cockpit.

“How long till we get there Ads?” I ask impatiently.

“About 5 minutes less then since you last asked, Bertie.” She replies, oddly calm.

Fighting, killing, hunting. That’s Adi’s element. She was born a fighter, I was born reading a science book.

I walk out before she can give me a pep talk about how we are going to torture Nehtar Moc.

“Miss Bertie, do you need assistance?” said Nuro.

“No, I’m fine Nuro.”

Nuro is our robot. I invented him. He isn’t like the fancy ones that the government have but he is loyal and is pretty awesome for a robot.

I also designed our spaceship, with some help from Irene. Fastest in the galaxy, way faster than the stupid government issue ones. Apparently, I’m a genius and a great inventor, Irene just makes my inventions look good.

We are the best alien hunters in the universe and that’s because we do things our own way and for justice not revenge. Well, normally not for revenge.

“Bertie, are you sure we can do this?”

I jumped.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Irene said. “I interrupted your thoughts.”

“No, it’s ok Irene. Am I sure we can do what?” I tell her.

She looks at me, her gentle, kind eyes, large and full of fear.

“Are you sure we can kill him?”

“We have killed lots of aliens before.”

“Yes, but none of them like this.” She says, her eyes still looking into mine, “This is a revenge mission, not a justice mission.”

“It will be fine.” I hope.

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